Compression Overview

Compression Overview


How to use an audio & music compressor? Examples on vocal, drums and bass. Compression history, tape machine & fader riding examples.

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How to use a compressor tutorial

Duration : 00:13:35

Fab goes over the history of compression and plays examples of different instruments with and without compression, including laying some drums off to tape.

-Compression principles
-Compression history
-Vocals thru UAD LA2
-Different snare compression sounds
-Bass drum compression
-Full drumset and bass to tape

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What you have to say
yes thats the right way to explain it. more power and God Bless You Fab
The tape machine brought the bass more forward and the snare, a much more "sharp" attack with some crackle on top.
I like the previous suggestion in regards to links that take you to other videos related to same topic. I've been recording since the early 70's and I love your videos. Wish I had them back in the day. I still get excited when I learn new stuff. Thank you Fab.
Nice to get a straight forward explanation, Thanks much!!!!
Awesome - thank you
Great course and great advices embellished with a little bit of philosophy:

1) "... and if you did not hear the difference, that's ok, press Rewind, play it again, and again, until you hear the difference."
2) "I think it is very important to have a vision of what the sound should be like, before we start fidding with the equipment and let that vision dictate the settings, not the other way around."
3) "Ultimately, it's all about taste, and that's the beauty of the whole thing."
i love this tutorial
For what it's worth...I think it would be useful to add links to pages like this that forward to the suggested videos...!...That said...It would be cool if there was a link to the compressor setting video that Fab was suggesting at the end of this vid...!!!
Though of course there is no "one size fits all" concept of the employment of audio/recording/mixing gear, I find Fab's "in your face" ;-), straightforward approach, both entertaining and informative.

I have been in this biz for quite some time now, had a tape based analog 24 trk. studio., and now own and operate a pretty comprehensive (IMHO) digital based one, running Logic Pro 9.1.8. I am always trying to better my skills with the entire record/mix process (and, to a much lesser degree mastering).

In my opinion, job well done!
Liked the simplicity of explaining how our sound evolved and the tonal changes equipment/plug-ins play with not only dynamics but character of the source... Amazing to be a FREE video cause I can see the time & effort taken to setup & produce a thoughtful piece -
The truth about compressors is that it doesn't matter what make you use unless you know how to use 'em at at their best. And while some are flexible enough to be used on different kind of source material, some are exceptional at one task. Personally I'm getting more and more into tape emulations. - A matter of taste.

More of these vids, please.
cool, ça démistifie pas mal de choses...pour moi !
For 15 years I make music and just turned some knows and telling myself I know what I'm doing. Glad it turned out I didn't knew!!!

since I checked this site and subscribed annually, my progress in several easy tips gained.

That being sayed, I hope you Fab, will get more into detail like you say, about all those differences in compressors.

The reason is, there are million different songs out there. Does compressor A meets the best choice to song A or was it better to choose compressor B for song A. Consistancy in this matter thus knowing what to choose seems my failure now-a-days.
Fab Dupont!!! Ce type est vraiment genie!!!
Nice comparison with the Studer!
...since my last post, I purchased the Vocal Compression video and now my question is answered :-)

I would just like to say again what great videos, my mixing has got better and better since finding this website!
Hi Fab

I have purchased a number of DVD's over the years on mixing but I have to say that your video's have given me the most help, they are brilliant...Thank you.
What are your thoughts on automation regarding volume rides on the vocal track as well as compression? There is a particular uk magazine who do a feature on a current commercial track every month and 9 times out of 10, there is lots of automation of volume on a basic vocal track plus 2-3 compressors working their socks off not for any special effect, from you perspective, is it really needed? or needed because of bad recording?
Fab, I gotta say, you have some great videos! I watch a lot of on-line PT/mixing tutorials and you really go beyond what everyone else is doing. You really break things down and do an excellent job of walking the viewer through concepts.

I look forward to more videos from you!
Wow finally a site to learn how this works, thanks for the tips. It's great when someone points you the changes so you can hear it better.
Excellent video.
Wonder what you think of the Kramer MPX Tape plugin. I just bought it, and really like what it added to a mix. Just a subtle something. I see UA has one too.
Excellent video... lots of valuable information.

"Thanks" Fab
"Touch The World"
F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer
111 Entertainment LLC
thanks for this. excellent approach with the visual approach to sound, not showing the settings and forcing viewers to listen, and just plain awesome production aesthetic.

Oh btw, The Beatles records a lot of people love were compressed going in, and via tape, too. read their engineers books - such as the one by Geoff Emerick.
Great video...illuminating and inspiring.Thank you

Compression Overview