Gearfest 2011: Mixing 3/4 Bass/Reverbs/Guitar

Gearfest 2011: Mixing 3/4 Bass/Reverbs/Guitar


Fab mixes the Will Knox Band in front of 300 people at Gearfest 2011. This is the mix of the previously uploaded tracking session.

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Gearfest 2011 : Mixing 3/4

Duration : 00:14:16

This is a real-time shoot of a mixing session, with no smoke or mirrors. Going from rough mix to a final mix in an hour or so, complete with eqs, compression and reverbs. All steps are explained and commented.

Mixed with Dangerous Music Monitor ST, Dangerous Music Summing and Focal speakers, Avid ProTools HD|Native, UAD Satellite Quad, Great River EQ1-NV eqs.

Part 1:
- Preparing the Session
- Analog Summing Description

Part 2:

Part 3:
- Bass
- Reverbs
- Guitar

Part 4:
- Drums
- Violin
- Mix Bus Processing

This seminar was sponsored by Dangerous, Avid, UA, Great River, Royer, Mojave, and Focal.

Please download the associated files to mix this track on your own system. The file is available on the Tracking : Part 1 page of this series. Just click on the orange square shaped button with a beautiful waveform design on it.

More music from Will Knox here.

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Is it possible to buy a download able version Puremix tutorials?
Hi Fad
Great work bro excellent. Just like the vocal.
@Fab I have never found some one that make more sense in a musical way, when we talk about mixing than you, Being from Brazil it is so hard when some one talk to technical to romantic for me, it loses the art of it! The man you're an artist! Learning a lot from here glad I found puremix
Ah, thanks for clearing up about the sends Fab, was about to ask myself until I read that.

Absolutely love these videos, found out about this website through squarecad podcasts, these are top notch.
Well done! ! Very informative!
@ Bibiboucledor . I use sends for all my reverb unless I'm trying to do something really specific like a vintage sounding mono plate on a tambourine for example. It's really a work habit thing, it's not right or wrong. Since I use reverb as sauce I like to spread them on many different tracks, hence the sends. Some early reflection type reverbs are easier to dial when inserted on the track too. It does not happen that often.
Hi Fab,

Great video, very interesting and fun ;)
Just one question : About the "Office", room and Hall reverb : Do you insert them directly on the track, or do you use the "Send" ?
I would say that you're using the Office in insert and the 2 others by Send, but I would like confirmation ;)

Thanks !

GREAT video Fab!!! is one of my favorite sites.

Congratulations on all your success and the many more rewards to come.

"Touch The World"

F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer

111 Entertainment LLC

Gearfest 2011: Mixing 3/4 Bass/Reverbs/Guitar