Gearfest 2011: Mixing 4/4 Drums/Violin/MixBus

Gearfest 2011: Mixing 4/4 Drums/Violin/MixBus

Fab mixes the Will Knox Band in front of 300 people at Gearfest 2011. This is the mix of the previously uploaded tracking session.

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Gearfest 2011: Mixing 4/4

Duration : 00:09:59

This is a real-time shoot of a mixing session, with no smoke or mirrors. Going from rough mix to a final mix in an hour or so, complete with eqs, compression and reverbs. All steps are explained and commented.

Mixed with Dangerous Music Monitor ST, Dangerous Music Summing and Focal speakers, Avid ProTools HD|Native, UAD Satellite Quad, Great River EQ1-NV eqs.

Part 1:
- Preparing the Session
- Analog Summing Description

Part 2:

Part 3:
- Bass
- Reverbs
- Guitar

Part 4:
- Drums
- Violin
- Mix Bus Processing

This seminar was sponsored by Dangerous, Avid, UA, Great River, Royer, Mojave, and Focal.

Please download the associated files to mix this track on your own system. The file is available on the Tracking : Part 1 page of this series. Just click on the orange square shaped button with a beautiful waveform design on it.

More music from Will Knox here.

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This is an amazing series, thanks again!
no room microphone in the mix in the end? :)
Great video. fantastic explanations. For me, it's that old thing that gets lost when watching too many 'how to' videos. A great band, solid equipment, and LISTEN! Job done.
Great :)
la french classe !
These videos are great. Theres a huge difference between being taught the theory behind mixing to actually being shown it live.
I like these videos!!!
Crystal Mixing (and Mastering)
Sweet recording Meredith and nice Mixing Fab!
Thanks for the recordings.

"Thanks" for the AWESOME video series Fab!!!

PureMix is truly AMAZING

Congratulations on all your success and the many more rewards to come.

"Touch The World"

F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer

111 Entertainment LLC

Gearfest 2011: Mixing 4/4 Drums/Violin/MixBus