Gearfest 2011: Tracking 1/6 Bass Drum

Gearfest 2011: Tracking 1/6 Bass Drum


Fab and Meredith McCandless track the Will Knox Band in front of 300 people on the Sweetwater theater stage during Gearfest 2011.

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Gearfest 2011 : Recording 1/6

Duration : 00:10:15

This is a real-time shoot of a prototypical tracking session, with no smoke or mirrors. Going from scratch to a rough mix in an hour or so with mic choices and placements, preamp choices and mic swapping for tone shaping. All steps are explained and commented.

Tracked with Avid ProTools HD|Native, full line of Royer Ribbon mics and Mojave Condenser mics, UA 4-710, UA610, Great River MP2NV, Great River EQ1-NV preamps and eqs as well as Dangerous Music Monitor ST, Dangerous Music Summing and Focal speakers.

Part 1:
- Preparing the session
- Kick drum

Part 2:

Part 3:
-Preamp choices and comparisons

Part 4:
- Vocal + Guitar

Part 5:
-Upright bass

Part 6:
-Room Mic
-Tracking the band

This seminar was sponsored by Dangerous, Avid, UA, Great River, Royer, Mojave, and Focal.

Please download the associated files to check out the results on your system. The file is available on the Part 1 page of this series. Just click on the orange square shaped button with a beautiful waveform design on it.

More music from Will Knox here.

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Thanks, I learned heaps.
yep, file acGTR.wav is broken
Subtitulo al español... Serian perfectos..
The acoustic guitar file is broken. I have tried numerous browsers and .zip programs and it still won't unpack. The rest of the files did just fine.
Fabulous Fab
@rattlesnake: not less bleed but more even sounding bleed. I dont remember what I said exactly but my apologies if I said something stupid.
Fab, does a LCM compared to a SCM record more degree and Hz's within that degree for which the mic is designed? So does the pattern of a SCM tend to have more room for error placement.
cool series. fab is a good guy. but why is he wanting to tell us that small-diaphragm condensers (on the kick drum) would have less bleed than large-diaphragm mics? That's pure nonsense. Otherwise a dpa in front of an orchestra would give us a less-bleed-solution compared to a U87, which it quite simply is not...

You can use dynamic mics to get less bleed. Or - as his engineer did it - just put the mic into the kick... that will definitely get rid of most of the bleed, too ;))
Great video series, thank you!
just start watching! i always pay attention to fabs videos! pretty smart! thanks
"Thank You So Much" for posting this!!!

I was able to attend the mixing seminar but missed the tracking session... so this is AWESOME!!!

"Thanks" Fab

"Touch The World"

F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer

111 Entertainment LLC
thanks so much, looking foward to the mixing one. keep that great work and the sense of humor.

Gearfest 2011: Tracking 1/6 Bass Drum