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Learn Everything About Compression
From The Basics to Advanced Techniques

Get 7 of pureMix's best selling compression tutorials

Learn how to master any plugin or hardware compressor! Grammy winner Fab Dupont teaches you dozens of compression tricks and techniques that you can apply to every mix.

Compression Topics Covered

  • Learn what every knob on a compressor does along with easy-to-remember tips that will simplify the process of dialing in your own compressor settings
  • Recognize the sound of compression and understand exactly what’s going on so you can be fully in control over the tone, level, and speed of your tracks
  • Explore all of the lesser-known controls that can leave you puzzled such as Hold, ARC, Look-Ahead, etc.
  • Learn how to set your compressor to gently kiss the peaks or rudely slap around the input signal with dozens of detailed explanations and clear audio examples

  • How to use multiple compressors, in a civilized manner, to get a great compressed tone and level without a smothered sound
  • Learn how to treat compression like an instrument and perform magic on any mix
  • Manage gain staging between the processed and unprocessed signals
  • Hear the tone differences between various compressors being pushed to their limits
  • Give your drums a larger than life depth, punch, buoyancy, and presence
  • Preserve your tracks' irreplaceable transients and dynamic range

  • Learn how to recognize and handle phase issues when working with compressors in parallel
  • Achieve a punchy yet natural drum sound with some simple routing and a compressor (or 3!)
  • Learn the unmistakeable sound of New York Compression (aka parallel compression)
  • Compress vocals using both the classic holy chain of vocal compression chain (1176 into an LA-2A) and a powerful modern day compressor
  • Turn a compressor into a de-esser using the compressor’s sidechain input

  • Learn how to transparently compress a vocal track without ruining the natural sound
  • Get clear about when it is better to use automation vs compression
  • Learn how to stop yourself from destroying mixes and fooling yourself into thinking your mix sounds radio ready when it actually sounds like a pancake
  • Use multiband compression to remove the boominess from an upright bass, fix a poorly recorded singer, and bring a crushed to death mix back to life

Also Includes Downloadable Exercise Files To Practice With

User Comments

"I’ve seen/read quite a few videos/articles about compressors and this is the best explanation Bravo Fab!"

"Fantastic video Fab. Even for those who have been using compressors for a while, it's great to back up for a moment and really get an understanding of what is going on...and you have done a marvelous job once again laying things out in a way that provokes methodical thought. Thank you. I’ve truly deepened by knowledge and changed the way I approach compressors."

"Absolutely BRILLIANT explanation of compression parameters. Thanks Fab!!!!"

"One of the best explanations about compression I've seen. Good job Fab!!!"

"Excellent, magnificent, fantastic!! It is really easy to understand but super practical. I've already learned what is "parallel compression" on another website. This video, however, is totally different. It's not just an explanation of the technique. Fab teaches how to listen to music and what part I need to focus on. And then, he shows the differences with and without parallel compression. Now.... parallel compression is my technique! This video is worth EVERY PENNY! Thanks Fab.."

"Love how you explained the different components of a compressor and what each stands for. And also love the fact you used the compressor that came with the DAW. That way we don't tend to get carried away about the gear but focus more on the concept behind the gear. Thanks."

"Fab, you are the best audio production teacher ever. you give us exactly what we need to know and nothing else! thank you"

"I am astonished by how much difference I can hear already, in only my first attempt to use your technique. I also appreciate how you break things down in a simpler form than most which is very easy to understand. Please keep them coming!"

"You're absolutely hilarious :) Makes learning easier when your laughing at the same time... It’sa nice!"

"Been trying to mix for years and these tutorials opened up some doors in my mind, Well Done Fab. Also love the way you present the information, clear concise and straight to the point."

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