How To Best Take Advantage of
the Universal Audio Offer

Dear Puremixers,

Universal Audio and pureMix have entered into a partnership where all pureMixers can get $999 dollars worth of FREE UAD Plug-ins when purchasing a new UA interface.

Which UA interface is right for you?

We have been getting emails from you guys wondering which of the UA boxes eligible for the promotion is the best bet. We asked Fab Dupont to chime in:

Apollo Twin Quad

For singer-songwriters or beatmakers who don’t track more than one or two instruments at a time (or travel a lot like I do), the Apollo Twin QUAD would be perfect. Two Unison preamps, one of which can be a DI, great headphone amp, very efficient monitoring section and 4 DSPs (trust me, you’ll use these more than you think, especially with the real time tracking workflow).

Apollo X familiy

If you are still working solo most of the time but need more DSP and don't travel too much, the new Apollo x6 is a really affordable way to get into the Apollo X family’s impressive sound quality and no latency workflow at a lower price point.

If you need more preamps (maybe for drums, or multi-channel hardware synths) the Apollo x8 or Apollo x8p are great choices - we use both of these at Flux Studios. People like to work with these to be able to use real time plugins like Auto-Tune or guitar amp emulations while tracking.

If you are running a full blown studio, tracking bands with lots of inputs or doing extensive analog summing the Apollo x16 is perfect. I use two of these in my room at Flux Studios for 32 IO with 12 DSP in 2 rackspaces. I use mine to connect 32 channels of analog synths straight to Pro Tools with real time plugins on the way in. It’s nice.

Satellite Octo

If you are all set with interfaces, you still can take advantage of this offer by adding UAD DSP to your rig and unlocking access to really great sounding plugins. For Thunderbolt users the Satellite OCTO is very useful. If you are rocking a Cheesegrater Mac, the PCIe OCTO delivers the same power, and for Windows users there’s the Satellite USB OCTO. If you already have a UAD DSP unit and plugins, adding a new one will not only extend the DSP, it’ll allow your existing plugins to run on the new unit and your new bonus plugins to run on your existing unit. This offer basically gives you $1k of free plugins for buying a $1k unit. Pretty nice.