pureMix Live -Fab Dupont 2 Bus Processing LIVE Q&A

Thursday, April 18th @ 1pm EDT

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Grammy Award Winning Producer Fab Dupont
Answers Your Questions On 2 Bus Processing

In our recent video: "Principles Of Mix Bus Processing", Fab broke down the steps to building a 2 Bus Chain that can provide tone, vibe, and efficiency when sculpting your mix.

Mix Bus Processing is a widely discussed topic and there are a ton of different ways to approach it.

Ask questions and get answers.

In this Pro Member Exclusive Q&A session, Fab Dupont will answer YOUR questions about using 2 bus processing, as well as demonstrate how he approaches it on each mix.

Submit your questions here or come with your questions in hand this Thursday, April 18th at 1 pm EST.

See you then!

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