pureMix Live -Greg Wells Live Q&A

Friday, March 13th @ 1pm EST

Grammy Award Winning Musician, Songwriter, And Producer, Greg Wells
Ask Your Questions

This is a special opportunity to ask Grammy award-winning, Canadian musician, songwriter, and record producer, Greg Wells ANYTHING!

As a multi-instrumentalist, he has the ability to artfully mold his productions with incredible precision, craftsmanship, and most importantly, taste. Combining his musicianship with his uncanny abilities as a producer, engineer, and mixer, he has seen album sales top 120 million, with streaming numbers in the billions. With a B.

His diverse list of credits includes superstars such as Adele, Dua Lipa, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Celine Dion, Deftones, Kid Cudi, Weezer, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Aerosmith and so many more that we would need a really long scroll bar to list them all.

To wrap up our latest mixing contest featuring “Lucky Number” by Bryce Drew, we will be asking Greg Wells YOUR questions about his Start To Finish Series, his career, working with the wide range of artists in his discography, and announcing the winners of the mixing contest and discussing their mixes as well as anything else you can come up with!

Ask questions and get answers.

This Q&A session will be streaming live to the public.

Submit your questions here or come with your questions in hand on Friday, March 13th at 1 pm EST.

See you then!

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