pureMix Live -Live Mixing Session With Fred Everything

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Friday May 5th @ 3pm EDT

Learn House Mixing From Fred Everything

pureMix Pro Members get a special opportunity to watch and interact with house producer Fred Everything as he opens up a session and walks you through his mix step by step

Live from Flux Studios in NYC, join us for an afternoon of non-stop mixing, see how a professional producer mixes his tracks 100% LIVE!

Fred will show you how he works in real time so you can learn how a mix really comes together and get answers to your questions.

pureMix.live is the place to see the top mixing engineers work, un-edited and in the flow. Watch how they really work and ask questions all along the way.

This session will only be available to pureMix Pro Members and will only be available for replay for 2 weeks after the event, so don't miss out!

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