pureMix Live -Unique Features Of Logic Pro X

Thursday May 11th @ 4pm EDT

Logic Pro X Workflow Tips and Tricks

Join us for an afternoon filled with Logic Pro tips and tricks as pureMix Certified Instructor Scott Griffin walks you through Apple’s flagship DAW’s most powerful and unique features

Learn how to master the Logic environment as well as the unique built-in tools that allow Logic Pro users to be both creative and surgical.

Whether you're a Logic power user or just Logic curious, join us live and learn techniques only possible with Logic Pro X.

Ask questions and get answers.

pureMix.live is the best place to learn from the top producers and engineers in the world, un-edited and un-scripted.

This free Logic Pro X seminar will be streaming live and will be available to all pureMix Members.

If you’re interested in diving even deeper into creating music using Logic Pro X be sure to check out Scott’s course Logic Pro X for Singer/Songwriters

Ready To Dive Deeper into Logic?

Advanced Editing with Pro Tools Course by pureMix.net

Want to learn what it takes to produce a professional demo using Logic Pro X’s built-in instruments, plugins and editing tools? 

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Ask Questions, Get Answers