Logic Pro X
Quick Start Video Series

Logic Pro X is one of the most advanced and powerful Digital Audio Workstations on the market today. Not only is it an excellent solution for tracking and recording, but it’s extremely powerful sequencer and MIDI editing functionality make it a go to for thousands of producers daily.

In this exclusive pureMix.net Quickstart Series, Logic Pro X Expert, Scott Griffin, guides you from the first time you open the program through to using powerful features such as flex time and flex pitch.

Learn How To:

  • Navigate the Logic Pro X Environment
  • Edit audio with speed and precision
  • Fly around the intuitive mixer and learn how Logic can help you finish your mix quickly
  • Explore the built-in Library, which will help you navigate the vast collection of Logic Pro X’s included instruments and effects.
  • Use one of the most advanced MIDI editors available today
  • Craft perfect takes with advanced comping features
  • Organize your sessions with the Track Stacks feature
  • Edit the timing of performances with Flex Time
  • Correct and adjust pitch using Flex Pitch
  • Add expressive percussion parts and drum tracks with Logic Pro X’s virtual “Drummer”

This series will help you become more familiar with the software and help you create more music in less time.

Here are 10 videos for you to watch

#1 Learn How To Navigate
#2 Audio Editing
#3 Using the Mixer
#4 Learn How To Use The Library
#5 Midi Editing
#6 How To Use Take Folders And Comp
#7 Using Track Stacks
#8 Using Flex Time
#9 Using Flex Pitch
#10 Using Drummer