LUFS Analyzer

Deliver your track at the right level.

How to use the pureMix LUFS Analyzer

This meter is making sure that your track is being delivered at the right level.

Step 1 : Upload your track. We do not keep your track! We will delete it right after the analysis. Your data is safe.

Step 2 : Choose a target. We are providing several standard targets such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and more.

Step 3 : Read the analysis. This meter will make sure of 3 things:

  • Your LUFS-I level is optimized in order to avoid further online processing once uploaded. The goal is to make sure your LUFS-I level is aligned with the LUFS-I Target.
  • Your TRUEPEAK Max (this is the highest peak of your track) does not exceed the Target TRUEPEAK limit.
  • Make sure your TRUEDYN-I is as high as it can be. The TRUEDYN-I is pureMix' way to measure your music's dynamic. In a nutshell, the higher the TRUEDYN, the better your music breathes, the more dynamics there is.

Step 4 : If you get 3 green lights, you are good to go!