Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton is a record producer, engineer, musician, and an owner of the incredible Studio G in Brooklyn, New York.

Over his already impressive career, he has helped artists like Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop and more craft their music using his production skills and hybrid approach to record production.

In addition to making records, Joel also appeared as the host of the Spotify/Bose produced web series named “Art Of Sound”, which focuses on the connection between the physical, technical and emotional sides of music and sound.

When he is not creating chart topping hits with other artists, he performs as a musician with the band Book of Knots.

Highly Suspect,
Pretty Lights,
Elvis Costello,
Tom Waits,
Lyrics Born,
Iggy Pop

Most Popular Videos from Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton Mixing Highly Suspect

Joel Hamilton Mixing Highly Suspect

In this 2-hour mixing tutorial, Joel Hamilton opens up the multitrack for Highly Suspect’s hit single "My Name Is Human" on his SSL console and then creates a new mix of it on camera, explaining every thought and decision that he makes along the way.
Joel Hamilton

| 01h 43min