Start To Finish
with Vance Powell

Watch Vance Powell record, produce, mix a song

In this Start To Finish series featuring world-renowned producer and engineer, Vance Powell, and the high energy rock duo, Illiterate Light, head into the amazing Sputnik Sound in Nashville, Tennessee to record the song "Sweet Beast".

Starting with the raw demo recorded by the band, Vance and vocalist/guitarist Jeff Gorman and drummer/back-up vocalist Jake Cochran dissect the song to create a powerful arrangement full of twists and turns to that set the stage for a wild ride.

Once the song is record ready, Vance gets the band set up with his unique set of tools that create the high energy sound he has become known for. You'll see the raw tracking process, overdubs, mixing, and finally, travel across town with Vance to Infrasonic Mastering to put the final touch on the track with mastering engineer, Pete Lyman.

This is your chance to head into the studio and watch as Vance Powell works with an artist all the way from the song's structure, to the final master.

The Band

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Small-town organic farmers turned major label rock stars, Illiterate Light revel in stretching boundaries and upending expectations on their self-titled Atlantic Records debut, mixing soaring indie rock, swirling psychedelia, and atmospheric folk into a captivating blend that at once calls to mind everything from Neil Young and My Morning Jacket to Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses.

Recorded with producers Adrian Olsen (Foxygen, Natalie Prass) and Vance Powell (Jack White, Kings Of Leon, Chris Stapleton), the record is blissful and ecstatic, with raw electric guitars, propulsive drums, and shimmering harmonies capturing the power of the band’s remarkable live shows, which find Jeff Gorman simultaneously playing guitar with his hands and synth bass with his feet while his musical partner, Jake Cochran, plays a standup drum kit.

Hailed as “a perfect addition to your summertime playlist” by NPR, the band honed in on their distinctive sound and identity over years of relentless touring, earning dates along the way with the likes of Shakey Graves, Rayland Baxter, Mt. Joy, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and The Head and The Heart in addition to high-profile festival slots at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Newport Folk, and more.

a 13 Part Series

Ep.1 Working on the Song Structure
Ep.2 Tracking Room Rundown
Ep.3 Getting Guitar and Drum Sound
Ep.4 Tracking The Band
Ep.5 Guitar Overdubs Part 1
Ep.6 Guitar Overdubs Part 2
Ep.7 Tracking The Guitar Solo
Ep.8 Recording Vocals
Ep.9 Vocal Editing And Background Vocals
Ep.10 Mixing Pt. 1
Ep.11 Mixing Pt. 2
Ep.12 Mixing Pt. 3

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