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Watch Vance Powell recording, producing & mixing "Live and I Learn'' by The Weird Sisters

Start To Finish
with Vance Powell at Blackbird Studio & Sputnik Sound

Watch Vance Powell record, produce & mix a song

Vance Powell is back again for a Start To Finish Series at the iconic Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN! He's brought Nashville-based "The Weird Sisters" in to pen the song "Live And I Learn."

The Band

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Hello everyone it is us, The Weird Sisters. We'll save the novel for another time. Long story short we collided at a spaghetti dinner, and have been jamming ever since. Izaac is the singing guitar boy, Gabi handles the keys, saxophone, and whatever other singing needs done. Hit us up sometime, come crash on our couch it's chill. We're no divas, we're just trying to play music as much as possible.

Can't crash on our couch? No problem. We'll bring our couch to you. The road is long and the van is big. For a more immersive experience, visit www.theweirdsistersband.com or call The Weird Sisters hotline at 412-407-5136.

Ep.1 Blackbird Studio A Tour & Setup
Ep.2 Pre-production Setup
Ep.3 Preproduction Part 1
Ep.4 Preproduction Part 2
Ep.5 Getting Drum Sounds
Ep.6 Dialing The Band
Ep.7 Getting The Take
Ep.8 Overdubs Part 1
Ep.9 Recording the Clavinet & Congas
Ep.10 Guitar Overdub Set up
Ep 11 Guitar Overdub Part 1
Ep 12 Guitar Overdub Part 2
Ep.13 Lead Vocals Part 1
Ep.14 Recording The Bass Part 1
Ep 15 Recording The Bass Part 2
Ep.16 Editing The Music
Ep.17 Lead Vocal Part 2
Ep 18 Vocal Tuning
Ep 19 Vocal Doubles
Ep.20 Recording The Piano
Ep.21 Recording the Solo
Ep.22 Recording The Synth solo
Ep.23 Recording the Background Vocals
Ep.24 Overdubbing the background vocals
Ep.25 Recording the Sax and shakers
Ep.26 Mixing Part 1
Ep.27 Mixing Part 2
Ep 28 Mixing Part 3
Ep 29 Mixing Part 4
Ep.30 Finishing The Mix
Ep.31 New Bridge Ep 33 Recording The Vocals
Ep 32 Overdubs
Ep.34 Remixing Part 1
Ep.35 Remixing Part 2

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