Episode 12 Now Available!

Watch Greg Wells And Brian Lucey Master "Lucky Number" By Bryce Drew!

Start To Finish
with Greg Wells

Watch Greg Wells produce a song, mix it
and take it to mastering

In this eleven-part Start To Finish series, world-renowned multi-instrumentalist, engineer, mixer and producer, Greg Wells, and singer/songwriter Bryce Drew head into Studio A of the famous Sunset Sound to write, arrange, record, produce and mix her song "Lucky Number."

This is your chance to see how Greg Wells co-writes, arranges, plays drums, bass, guitar, keys, produces the singer, and mixes the song.

Once Greg has mixed the song in Studio A on many of Joe Chiccarelli’s favorite outboard pieces and the famous Sunset Sound 68x16 custom discrete console, Greg heads to Magic Garden Mastering to master the song with an award-winning mastering engineer, Brian Lucey.

This is your chance to see how Greg Wells works out a song with an artist before production begins.

11 Hours | 11 Episodes

Ep.1 Songwriting
Ep.2 Recording Piano
Ep.3 Setting Up The Vocal Chain
Ep.4 Recording Acoustic Guitar
Ep.5 Recording The Drums
Ep.6 Recording Vocals
Ep.7 Recording The Bass
Ep.8 Tracking Guitars And Keys
Ep.9 Recording The Final Overdubs