How To Control Pro Tools From An iPad

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Mark Abrams shows you around Avid's new Pro Tools | Control app for the iPad.

Learn how to set your system up and get familiar with this app's unique and powerful controls.

Improve your workflow and customize your fader and softkey layouts in a flash. This app allows you to access features and shortcuts that aren't available anywhere else.

Download the latest version of the app and EuControl software, click here.

Download Pro Tools | Control from the Apple App Store, click here.

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Mark Abrams

Mark Abrams is an engineer/producer based in Columbus, Ohio. His unhealthy obsession with an early version of Pro Tools led him to The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. Since then, he has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the music industry and has tackled sound design, post-production and music composition duties for brands like Toyota, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, FX, Nintendo and Playstation.



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2021 Feb 21
So excited to try this!!!
2015 Dec 15
@pearlpassion no you do not, you only need the eucon software on the computer and the app on the ipad
2015 Dec 15
Nice work, Mark! :D
2015 Dec 15
Please correct me if I'm wrong. You need to have the Artist controller to use this app, correct?
2015 Dec 14
Seems not, their compatibility page says this (for EuControl software, needed for the app): Pro Tools or Pro Tools HD 12.2 and higher**** Pro Tools or Pro Tools HD 11.3.1 or higher *** Not yet tested with S3
2015 Dec 14
thanks for the video it's only compatible with protool 12?