Al Schmitt Mixing Cyrille Aimée

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Al Schmitt has mixed records for some of the world’s most influential artists, such as Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, and Barbra Streisand.

Now it is your turn to sit next to one of the greatest mixing engineers of all time and see how it’s done in the control room of the world famous, Studio A at Capitol Studios.

See how Al’s assistant, Steve Genewick, sets up the Neve 88rs and patches Al’s favorite outboard gear, then see how Al crafts the mix with Compression, Automation, barely any EQ, and a variety of reverbs, including the famous chambers at Capitol Studios, to create the perfect space.

After you've watched, download the stems, recorded by Al Schmitt, and try it yourself!

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Neve 88RS Console
  • Capital Live Chamber 4
  • Lexicon 480L
  • EMT 250
  • Fairchild 660
  • Summet TLA-100
  • Bricasti M7
  • Lexicon PCM 96
  • TC Electronics TC 6000
  • NTI EQ
  • Tube-Tech 2SMC 2B Compressor
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Al Schmitt

Al Schmitt is a mixing and recording engineer whose talent has been showcased over more than 150 gold and platinum albums. Al has been around since the beginning of the music recording industry and has witnessed all technological changes that occurred in the past decades.

His is the proud owner of 20 Grammy Awards (no less) and has worked with the biggest artists and producers in pop, jazz, classical, and country musics.

Everybody who has attended a recording / mixing session with Al says there is something magical about the way he does things. His intuition and years of experience allow him to position microphones faster than anyone else. He just knows how it is going to sound. Then pushes the faders on his Neve console and that's the sound everybody was waiting for.

Al Schmit's love for minimalistic eq and compression moves (if at all) makes for a very natural and unprocessed signature sound. He would rather record it right... than fix it in the mix later.

You can witness Al's amazing skills by watching him record and mix Cyrille Aimée on pureMix.


Frank Sinatra

Ray Charles

Steely Dan

George Benson

Quincy Jones

Barbra Streisand

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2022 Jul 21
The taste is fantastic. Thanks Al for all! I hope this special music, way to record and mixing art come back again, it has a soul! Thanks again.
A.Y.L Studio
2022 Jul 17
Still, have a lot to learn from Al. He is humble and knows his position in this work. An Expert makes everything look simple. Thank you Al, thank you Fab.
2022 Mar 21
I just feel that the vocals too loud in some sections. is this what jazz needs?
2022 Mar 12
Really amazing!! Thanks for all Al
Alexandre Si
2022 Jan 17
Love you Al ! Thanks for everything
2021 Dec 03
I found that in some parts the audio and video are not paired. Anyways great video
2021 Nov 17
A Treasure! Fab is such a fantastic interviewer- letting the music and wisdom speak while gently guiding at the right moments. Al is brilliant!
2021 Aug 26
So cool! Only thing that bothered me was Cyrille’s attitude on the reverb…but luckily we got to download the tracks and try it out with decent amount of reverb!
2021 Jun 21
Rest in Peace Al! Great Video and so interesting, that to get the most out of a track is actually achieved by using nearly nothing! The Auto Tune generation will miss a Genius like Al.
2021 Jan 05
Wonderful , the best of Puremix
2020 Dec 28
Thank you for this!
2020 Dec 07
Incroyable, ces vidéos sont une pure merveille. merci
2020 Aug 14
Magnifique session!!! Très instructif concernant l'art de l'enregistrement et du mixage.
2020 Jul 28
I already watched a lot on Puremix, but this is by far the best I've watched. Tahnks Fab for doing this session with Al.
2020 Jun 20
no words
2020 May 13
I simply loved this!
2020 Apr 18
Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
2020 Mar 05
Love You Guys,Thanks Al for your beautiful person and engineer and thanks Fab for your magnificent work on puremix.
2020 Feb 13
Impressive! I'll try to leave the EQ alone next time!
2019 Aug 23
What a shame Cyril Aime did NOT follow Al´s humble advice to put some reverb on her voice...otherwise it would have sounded like a record - this way....oh well - I guess some kids think they have to reinvent the wheel. Anyway - amazing insights from this episode, mainly how easy things can be with the right room, the right mic and the right approach.
2019 Jul 10
Wow!! I really enjoyed it!! Many lessons about art, mixing and life!!!
2019 Apr 30
Fab, this is absolutely priceless! Thank you for let us see these incredible stuff, where it all began...
2019 Feb 21
Wow! Priceless! His approach to things is so natural and the final product is amazing!
2019 Jan 30
Great, great, great. No EQ, very little compression, and 8 reverb options. Wow. I was waiting for an "et voila" from Al, at the end. It could have been priceless! Thanks, pureMix.
2019 Jan 13
This was so amazing. Al is not just one legend, he is THE legend. And there's no one like him any more. He has so much respect for the music & the artist. Thanks Fab and Puremix for providing this.
2019 Jan 04
This is amazing amazing amazing! what a class!
2018 Dec 04
2018 Nov 19
My god, thanks puremix, this was just mind blowing!
2018 Sep 29
Absolutely worth every dime and dollar! With YouTube filled with "five secrets to EQ" and "How To Make Your Guitars Loud" -videos, it 's great to see that someone r e a l l y cares about quality and content. I've been a big fan of Al's for over three decades. Thanks Fab for giving us this opportunity to see the master himself at work.
2018 Sep 14
Thank you for bringing to us this wonderful recording and mixing session. Very inspiring and a lot of good information. "The most complicated "nothing" I've ever seen" it's a great statement. I already learned from Al the art of OMNI mics and now I had that chance to see him in mixing mode. Thanks Fab, great stuff!
2018 Sep 07
The best I've seen, that was wonderful.
2018 Aug 06
Totally amazing and wonderful
2018 Jul 02
What an amazing journey this was, so many eye-openers here. Really goes to show that everything starts with a great artist/musician, the tech is just secondary. Thanks for this.
2018 May 24
Al "The Fonz" Schmitt
2018 May 22
Fab, Can't thank you enough for what you do !!
2018 May 16
Crazy videos this series of Al Schmitt recording and mixing ! thank you !!
J B Smith
2018 May 11
Thank you, just great to be with you, Steve, and Mr. Schmitt while recording and mixing. Absolutely the BEST!
2018 May 08
2018 May 04
Just an amazing lesson.
L Pass
2018 May 03
2018 May 03
@fabulousfab - Can't remember ever enjoying mixing more than this content. Thank you for making it available. Such a valuable lesson that techniques used to grab captures make all the difference to the experience during mixing. Of all the versions out there of Day by Day, I really believe this arrangement stands up with the best of em and really translates the song's intentions remarkably. 5 star content, 5 star arrangement, 5 star production. I kept hoping the singer would drop her larynx in the scat and move out of head voice to add drama. Excellent work by Fab Dupont and that guy Al.
2018 May 02
Fab this is wonderful, incredible work. At the 37:10 when Al jumped in to suggest more ambience on the LV I knew why he was a legend. I sensed the LV wasn't fitting into the room ambience of the other instrument's & was hoping someone would step up. When Al did & nailed the perfect blend I was like, yep this gentleman is a truly a legend.
2018 May 01
Fab, would you be willing to do your mix of this track to compare a modern vs. "old school" approach? The intent of which would be purely educational and in no way intended to discredit Al. I believe that there's a world of educational content in a comparison such as this. Ce modèle a le mérite de fournir matière à réflexion, oui?
2018 Apr 30
Al Schmitt is an absolute legend. I've always believed in microphone choice and correct microphone positioning before EQ or any processing. Thanks soo much for the exercise files by the way. I'm a production manager and sound engineer for a venue on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have a superb L'Acoustics system in 5.1 format driven by a DiGiCo Console with waves processing. The exercise files have allowed me to practice mixing in 5.1 before I take the plunge and mix a live concert in surround. Love PureMix! Keep it going.
2018 Apr 29
I'm speechless... What a great man, so much talent and so much humanity. Hats off Mister Schmitt and thank you so much.
Highlands Recording Arts
2018 Apr 27
Fab and Al, How can I POSSIBLY thank you for this entire series, from set up to print - it is simply miraculous, it is yes.. life changing...... seeing the joy in Al's face tells me that at my ( stupidly old age) - A little younger than I, it is well past time to to say au revoir to the day job and follow my heart and my soul. Al from the bottom of my heart, thank you, I hope someday to be able to give you a big hug, and Fab.... just wow..... My Pure Mix course certificate from my course with you and Mark, hangs proudly with my NARAS and AES memberships.... thank you - more than you know
2018 Apr 26
Awesome video. Just a video production note, it would have been awesome to have a bird's eye view camera. Sometimes it's hard to know which fader he's playing with. Also, when he goes to the Tube tech multi-band comp, the depth of field is so narrow (due to wide aperture because of low light), it's really hard to know what the knobs are. Narrow depth of field is beautiful and gives you nice shots, but sometimes here it gets in the way of what you're trying to show. Thanks a lot puremix for this video!
2018 Apr 26
Just great :)
2018 Apr 26
Outstanding Video! It will definitely change my workflow. Thank You Pure Mix Team, and especially to Al Schmitt. Well worth my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018 Apr 26
Very cool to see the 60 year Vet make his moves. It was fun to see the way Fab interacted with Al. Thanks Fab and the PureMix team !
2018 Apr 26
Thank you, Fab and legendary Al! Excellent in every aspect.
2018 Apr 25
"You know that old bullshit about 'fix it in the mix?'" Al rules.
2018 Apr 25
Been waiting for this for so long...