Andrew Scheps Mixing Template

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Download Andrew's Mixing Template

Multi-platinum mix engineer Andrew Scheps, walks you through his entire mixing template, track by track, revealing the in the box mixing setup that he uses on every mix!

In this hour and half long tutorial, Andrew shows you how he imports his template to quickly setup his sessions and start mixing with familiar routing, plugins and effects all ready to rock.

The best part is after you watch Andrew walk through his template, you can download the same template session, that’s been carefully translated to 5 different DAWs using stock plugins.

Learn how legendary mix engineer Andrew Scheps sets up his mixes and then download and start developing your own mix system based on his template. Swap in your own favorites plugins and build a reliable mixing system for yourself to use on every mix.

Once you have seen how Andrew does it, you can download his personal template perfectly translated for the following DAWs:

  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One
  • Cubase
Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • Avid BBD Delay
  • Avid Dyn3 Expander Gate
  • Avid Dyn 3-Revibe II
  • Avid EQ3 7-band
  • Avid Lo-Fi
  • Brain Worx bx Digital V3
  • Eiosis E2 Deesser
  • Eventide H910 Dual Harmonizer
  • Fab-Filter Pro-DS
  • iZotope RX 5 Connect
  • iZotope RX 5 Monitor
  • iZotope Trash 2
  • McDSP Filter Bank F202 EQ
  • Phoenix III
  • SansAmp PSA-1
  • Slate Virtual Mix Rack
  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter
  • Sound Toys Devil-Loc
  • Sound Toys Little Micro Shift
  • UAD EMT 140
  • UAD EMT 250
  • UAD Fairchild 670
  • UAD Fatso
  • UAD Neve 33609
  • UAD Pultec EPQ 1A
  • UAD Roland RE-201
  • UAD UA 1176 AE
  • Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter
  • Waves CLA 76
  • Waves CLA_2A
  • WavesDBX 160
  • Waves L2
  • Waves Puig Child 670
  • Waves PuigTec EQP 1A
  • Waves Rvox

This template is available for Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton and Studio One.

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Andrew Scheps

Andrew Scheps is a music producer, mixing engineer and record label owner based in the United Kingdom. He has received Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album for his work on Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium, Album Of The Year for Adele's 21, and also Best Reggae Album for Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta.

Andrew started as a musician, but found that what he enjoyed most was working behind the scenes. This led him to study recording at the University of Miami. After graduating, he spent some time working for Synclavier, and then on the road with Stevie Wonder (as a keyboard tech) and Michael Jackson (mixing live sound). But he found his home in the studio, and he honed his craft working for producers such as Rob Cavallo, Don Was and Rick Rubin.

Andrew collaborated with Waves in order to create his own line of plug-ins which include the Scheps 73 EQ and the Scheps Parallel Particles.

Andrew is one of the best known mixing engineers in the world, well-known for his Rear Bus mixing techniques that he developed working on his 64 input Neve 8068 console and his love for distortion of any kind. If you are watching pureMix videos you will see that he managed to carry his analog sound signature over to a fully portable digital rig. These days, Andrew mixes completely In The Box as it allows him much greater flexibility and the ability to work on several project simultaneously.



Lana Del Rey

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Michael Jackson

Green Day

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2022 Aug 15
Update please......
2022 Jul 03
Where is part 2? I can't have it to load :/
2022 May 29
Is there any templates with audio files, so I can get an idea of the routing? It looks like logic is looking for some, and it says they are supposed to be downloaded via Dropbox? I am just having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the routing. Thank you.
2022 Jan 17
Another vote for an update to this, as 5 years in analogue time is like 35 digital ;-) and things do change in Protools every so often. It could just be an addendum covering changes referencing this video. Love Andrew's teaching style.
2021 Dec 31
Is there an LUNA version flying around somewhere?
2021 Nov 02
Fantastic walk through ! Fantastic template. Simple. Easy to follow.
2021 Mar 18
Found them, you don't need to be a member, Thumbs up
2021 Mar 18
Where are the template downloads ?? i bought video for the templates, i saw a mention above that you have to be a member to get them, that was not mentioned so i hope this is not through.
2021 Feb 20
And make shure your print track has an output set! (Printrack = Song title)
2021 Feb 13
For all of you who don't hear audio! Make sure you listen through the print track!
2021 Jan 20
Let's all contact tech support and ask for an updated ProTools template for this tutorial. The Lifeboats updates shows how different this is now. And how is Andrew using Aux folders? PLEASE UPDATE
2020 Nov 10
Where is the Template to download ????
2020 Sep 25
hi @mathirio You have SWS extensions right? Also, did you replace my two .ini files to the ones installed in Reaper? To make sure, have a look at Reaper's menu/extensions/auto color icon layout... you should find all my rules there. BTW, I made some few improvements, specially in the instructions, you might want to have a look in the link below:
2020 Sep 18
I bought this video only because of mix templates for protools. Why did you say before that you only get if you are a member. I want my money back thank you
2020 Sep 15
hi y'all is there a 2020 PT version of his template? Perhaps where he is using FOLDER tracks? I heard him talking about how great those are... I haven't gotten my head around those yet. Also there isn't a super specific talk about whats on the VCA groups Im confused about those :) - I asked that question here for the world to see:
2020 Aug 12
Does the processing on the guitars/bass also go to the rear buss?
2020 Aug 09
Not sure why but the template is not playing any of my audio files in Logic Pro X. Help
2020 Aug 09
Not sure why but the template is not playing any of my audio files. Help
2020 Jul 11
@bassmothership Thanks for the template. Everything works except the auto color coding. I added the two files to the Reaper folder and I made sure all the tracks were named correctly.
2020 Jun 24
Hello, i have download the template but in Pro Tools 2020 It doesn't work, thanks. Is it possible to update it?
2020 May 21
Here's the latest update for the Scheps template for Reaper:
2020 May 12
The Scheps Template for Reaper is ready. You can download my template free of charge at Reaper Stash here: Any donation would be really appreciated.
2020 Apr 29
Just fucking incredible man. Such a thorough and (most importantly) practical guide to getting your signature sound. I also love the flippancy: "I don't use that very much, so let's just take it off the template." I just got the omni channel, and have been binging interviews with Scheps to figure out how he wraps his head around mixing.
2020 Apr 25
@jeremiah.b i built one too. The routing is a bit different from Protools so took me while. you can reach out to me for the template @bassmothership excited to see how you have built it and compare it with mine.
2020 Apr 23
@jeremiah.b You got it. I built one and I'll upload it to Reaper Stash. It might take a few days. Cheers!
2020 Mar 30
Does any kind individual feel like posting a download link for the Reaper version of Andrew's template? I'm sure someone has taken the time to build the session in reaper. I will pay you for it :) Jeremiah
2020 Mar 06
When Andrew Scheps finally gets to mix one of my tracks he's gonna be so pissed that I thought of everything!!! :)
2020 Feb 05
Fantastic! I’m applying all this in Reaper.
Sam Sebastian
2020 Jan 05
I'm using Cubase Pro. I had post fader option on as suggested already in Andrew's tutorial. However, I solved the problem with panning. Cubase Pro has the option in Channel setting called Use panners. It has to be 'on', to ensure that the pan of the channel is the same as the pan of its host chanel (send).
Sam Sebastian
2020 Jan 05
I have a problem with panning. I have my guitars panned left and right but when sending them to the Rearbuss panning is lost and I have everything in the center. Any help?
2019 Dec 03
Much appreciated. Thank you.
2019 Aug 30
I havent quite understand yet the routing of the vocals. I am using Cubase. So .. i Take all of the vocal tracks send them to a group that goes to mix buss( or rearbuss?) and then send from that group 2 sends to LeadVocals and LeadVocal Pultec?
2019 Aug 26
I figured out my other problem that I posted... Duh! Now, I have another problem... When I try to import the template into an existing Studio One project, It doesn't import anything but the color reference tracks. Those are pretty much useless. Is the template messed up or formatted wrong for import? I have paid for the class, downloaded the template, and now can't use it for what I need. Please help!
2019 Aug 24
Great info!! I have at least one question about routing though... In Studio One, I can make groups, but cannot assign that group to a VCA. What needs to be done in Studio One for proper routing in the setup step?
2019 Aug 22
Logic Pro X users you can custom name busses by going to mix - I/O labels
2019 Aug 22
Love the template so much!! Is there a reason the busses in Logic Pro X start on 1, and not 128? will this create a problem with my already existing routing?
2019 Mar 25
Any plans for an update to the template using the Waves Scheps Omni Channel?
2019 Feb 02
I am a little confused because Andrew says that in the Vocal Pultec Channel the LA2A is set to act like a de-esser, compressing the higher frequencies more. But he actual has the emphasis (R37) knob set all the way to flat (CW). That means that it compresses evenly throughout the whole frequency range. Fully CCW would be emphasizing the higher frequencies. That's what the manual says and that's also true on the real LA2A - I know because I just finished building a P2P hardware LA2A from original schematics. Would be great if you could clarify that. Thanks and best regards from Austria.
2019 Jan 31
hi i don't have the pro tools template in the folder ?
2018 Dec 06
"I did say heck which is stronger than hell because I don't use it very often." Friggin love this guy! lol!
Stephen Moniz
2018 Nov 20
I would give this 20 stars if I could. So much helpful info AND a Deftones shout out!
2018 Oct 24
No processing on either Bass or Guitar? Was looking forward to seeing what his templates would be for those tracks.
2018 Oct 02
Anyone been able to translate this into Digital Performer?
2018 Aug 07
is there a way to rewind or see what time in the video you are at currently?
2018 Aug 02
Hi - template looks great, but i cannot find any tracks - shouldn't there be some? Please advise! many thanks!
2018 Jun 13
There will be translation in Spanish for this video?
2018 May 31
I found them...
2018 May 31
Nice work! Very informative. Where can the template be downloaded?
2018 May 25
@AScheps - Hello Andrew! Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing this routing logic; I am finishing my new album soon and its all because of how much this logic improved my mixes! I have some fast questions: 1- how hard do you usually hit the REAR BUS compressor (GR wise - an aproximation); 2- how hard do you usually crush the vocals with the vocal crush compressor (GR wise - this is probably a stupid question - I personaly adjust it until it breathes, combined with the dry one, but I am really curios about the Rear Bus one). I can't thank you enough for all your shared ideas!
2018 May 11
@AScheps — Thanks for sharing your concepts. Between yourself and M. Brauer I really enjoy the creative brainstorm behind processing mixes. [Q] I’m curious how you process stems for final delivery. I imagine the rear buss and any shared parallel compression change when doing stems for a label, etc. Could you elaborate on how you do your final file delivery? Thank you, Shane
2018 Mar 27
What an awesome video. A big question I have is the the various “Master” bus/faders you have that you use to control how hard audio hits a bus with plugins - are they just an extra bus then routed to the actual FX bus? I’m using studio one and when I loaded the Scheps template they weren’t there. So am I right to assume to creat them manually and reroute stuff.
2018 Mar 26
Beginner here, I'm confused. how do you mix without audio files? Where are the audio files supposed to go in the template? working in Logic
2018 Mar 17
Incredibly helpful video. I feel my mixing has improved dramatically already. One question: Do you send your global effects returns to the rear buss as well? It looked to me like you didn't have them sent there, but could be wrong. If not, is there a reason for this? Thanks.
2018 Mar 11
Fantastic video! For me it was like the lights coming on. Been through it several times and trying it out on old mixes from ground up.... incorporating my own "go to" routing & processing into creating my own template. Suddenly mixing feels three dimensional! Question: Do you assign the Snare and Kick Auxes to your All Drums master fader group? If you don't then you can't solo your drums with the Drums master fader unless you set them as solo-safe. Which of your template tracks do you add to the fader groups you create? Enjoyed this video immensely!
2018 Jan 26
I would like to see an update on the template after brining out the scheps omni Channel.
2018 Jan 16
I am using the logic pro template and I have imported a number of audio tracks and the meters obviously show there's sound but it's totally muted. Is there something I need to do?
2017 Dec 27
Have a quick question. I see that the Lead Vocal Combiner is sending to the Rear Buss with +12 db. Is that intentional and if yes, what is the rational behind it?
mic stein
2017 Dec 19
I double the question that was asked weeks ago: In part2 at 16:43 regarding the Lead Vox Pultec chain, you say that you attenuate 8K after it has been boosted in the first instance of EQP-1a. Afaik the attenuate knob on the Pultec works only together with the attenuate select switch to the right of it, which is set to 10K in the vid. As a result not 8K is attenuated as selected on the KCS-knob, instead 10 K gets attenuated. as selected on the "Atten sel"-switch.
2017 Nov 14
Great tutorial . My question is when you print your track you are using the sonnex limiter but if you are going to have a track mastered should you not run a limiter while printing the track to the print track?
2017 Oct 23
@ASheps Awesome tutorials and template, so useful. Question: I’m using the ProTools stock template and there appears to be some level distortion on few of the EQ plugins on the Master Buss. Is that intentional? Thanks in advance :)
2017 Oct 05
@J.k..l looks like you did a better job than me.
2017 Sep 26
Has anyone who uses Sonar determined what would correspond to a VCA. I have everything else fairly well translated, though it has taken some time, but everything I have tried so far actually runs audio through a buss or aux when trying to get a master volume type control. Thanks.
2017 Sep 25
Hi Andrew, I managed to translate the template to Cubase and it all works fine, there's just one thing I don't completely get: if you route your audio tracks to the corresponding VCA's and adjust those VCA's to make your final balance, aren't you changing the sound as a consequence of the changing level of the audio tracks being fed to the parallel buses?
2017 Sep 08
My question is do the instruments get bused to the AUX channels and still have out put or is the output of the audio going directly to the appropriate buss?Another question would be do you individually process each track with EQ compression or what you like ?
2017 Sep 06
@AScheps Thank you for this and Ziggy tutorials! Regarding the mix bus, some plug-ins recommend -18 dB as the sweet spot for input level. In order to follow that rule, I'm tempted to use a gain staging plug-in (equivalent to your router track) before my master bus chain to get signal down to -18 dB, not increase the output at any stage between mix bus plug-ins, so signal passes through each plug-in at the sweet spot, and then use another gain staging plug-in after to increase the overall output. You seem to hit the mix bus at -10dB, then your chain boosts up to -6dB. Should I worry about it?
2017 Aug 13
I like the idea of the Mix Buss Fader... which is on Protools. Is it possible to have the same on Logic X?
2017 Aug 07
I still don't see how the "Rear Buss" is properly being used... as a random send here and there? I'm a bit baffled... I thought everything went thru the "RB" except your drums... Did I misunderstand? Thanks of your assistance in advance. TV
Graeme K Hodge
2017 Aug 01
Hi, I'm using Logic X and I'm trying to drag Audio files from the Audio Bin into Andrew's template. The files will NOT drag. I'm at a loss here. I can drag them into my normal template but not Andrew's. What am I missing? BTW I've only used Logic X for a couple of hours so it's probably Operator Error... Thanks to any kind soul for heading me in the right direction...
2017 Jul 22
Hi Andrew. Great stuff! I was curious how much gain reduction you tend to use on the Neve 33609 on the master buss router?
2017 Jul 18
@Smcner12, it all depends on your DAW, but a very important part of the gain structure in Pro Tools is the “Mix Buss” Master Fader in the template. This allows you to take your really loud, great sounding balance with all the parallel stuff and change the level going into the mix buss processing without affecting the sound at all. For me that can be down as much as 10 dB to get the sweet spot through the master chain.
2017 Jul 17
Hi Andrew, this video was incredible. The only issue I’m having is that when I apply the template and follow the tutorials such as “Bang Bang” and “Young and Wild”, I’m hitting the rear buss at the right level but my mix seems to hit either the digital V3 or the Puig Child in the wrong way (even though the levels seem on point with the tutorials) and I’m hearing audible clipping. Any suggestions?
2017 Jul 08
Thanks Andrew for another great video!!! Can't wait to apply what I've learned to my mix projects.
2017 Jul 05
Thank you Mr. Andrew for sharing your well organize workflow!
Animesh Raval
2017 Jul 03
Dear Andrew, thanks so much for that walk through it very enlightening! I was wondering about the limiter on your 2-buss? Is this to give clients a loud mix to listen to? Would you pull down the overall level to something like -6 dBfs before sending it to mastering?
2017 Jul 01
Does anyone know why the master faders in the Pro Tools template aren't replicated in the Logic template? Or did I miss something?
2017 Jun 13
This is fabulous! Though I had to create my own template for the Reaper DAW! But can anyone tell me if Andrew's rear bus is simply used to provide parallel compression for the whole mix (excluding drums which are on their own bus) which goes to the mix bus, or is it used as a single aux going to the mix bus together with drums, and the remaining tracks and aux's are funnelled through it?
2017 Jun 01
Ha! To be honest I had no effing idea what the hell he was on about - and yet I do mixing - how is this possible - well I just do very basic simple stuff of course - But this just opened my eyes to a whole realm of possibilities, so I loved it and learned a lot just by the few bits I did catch on to - thanks !
2017 May 29
Bonjour, à quand un version sous titrée en français? Merci.
2017 May 25
@ASheps- Thanks mate. That's kind of where I arrived at with it, and it does feel like the right thing to do [at times].. Implementing your approach has remarkably improved my work and confidence, it's really not possible to thank you enough, I'm really enjoying my mixes for the first time ever. If anyone is interested, I tried very gentle, sharp kiss of the oek in front of the rear bus compressor and that felt like it cleaned any harshness build up quite transparently. YMMV Be well Andrew and thank you to Ben and PureMix for all they do , regards, gene
2017 May 25
I will sometimes High Pass before the compressor or suck out nasty mid range after the compressor, but only if it's bugging me.
2017 May 25
@ASheps - Hi Andrew, I'm curious if you ever find a need or desire to make any EQ moves at all on your Parallel bus ? Thanks again for sharing all this information with us, be well-Gene
2017 May 18
@johnlandi - There aren't supposed to be any audio files included, it's just a template session. I believe the files it's looking for were ones used to test the routing and sound of the translated session done by the pureMix Staff
2017 May 18
Hi Everyone, Andrew, when I open your Template in Logic Pro X, it says that there are audio files e.g. a guitar, etc. but I can't find them and they didn't download with the Template. Any idea of how to download them? Thanks, Emerson
2017 May 17
How do you apply the template step by step in LOGIC PRO X?
2017 May 16
That's why he's a pro!
2017 May 16
For a channel to be called a "drums crush", shouldn't it, you know, *crush* the drums? Think the Fairchild channel, with its "about 4 dB of reduction" should be relabelled "tasteful drums buss"! (All kidding aside, Andrew's tutorials are among the most insightful, instructive videos in existence. )
2017 Apr 25
Et Voilà !! ! Merci, Thank You :-)
2017 Apr 24
Hey Andrew, you are the man! Thank you so much for taking the time, explaining everything so well. Great learning experience. One question: Is there any other tape emulation plugin that you would use if the Phoenix II would not be available anymore? UAD Oxide or any of the other two UAD tape simulators for example? Thanks in advance for any advice on this!
2017 Apr 23
Last night I set up the same plug ins and settings on UAD Apollo Twin / UAD plugs in Logic and ran one of my sessions through it. It was really great to see what that Pultec "smiley" face adds to the end result. Rather than immediately rush to using the templates provided I would suggest watching re-watching the video and building your own up step by step will allow you to assimilate the concepts and ideas being presented. I love the transcript and Chapters features btw. Top work everyone involved. Great video and sound. Great information clearly dispensed. What more can you want?
2017 Apr 22
What a phenomenal man! Question: did I understand correctly, Andrew uses the Master Buss fader to turn down a mix when it's getting too hot? I was always told that the 2 buss should remain at unity gain and left untouched. Any clarification on this would be much appreciated!
2017 Apr 21
Interesting video, but it seems odd that there are no audio stems with this product. Also, I'm a Cubase user and the video seems really more for Pro Tools users (ie routing, configurations, etc.). Because Cubase is a different animal, I'm not sure how some of this translates to my DAW. The Cubase template that comes with this (using stock plug-ins) is meh. Relatively speaking, this is kind of expensive for what you get. YMMV.
Han Luis Cera
2017 Apr 20
Any chance a Logic 9 version of the Template is added to this? I've now paid for the video, but cannot use the template!
2017 Apr 19
Heads up everyone - The template files do not contain audio files, the logic template may accidently reference some audio that we used to test the template but otherwise these are blank sessions for you import into your projects
2017 Apr 19
Should we be expecting some audio files? The Logic template is looking for 9 wav files in /Users/fab/Dropbox (fab)/**pureMix Online/Sheps Template Project/Logic Template/Andrew Scheps Template for PM.logicx/Media/Audio Files
2017 Apr 19
Salut à Tous, J’ai un petit problème avec le template A. Scheps pour Cubase. Une partie des fichiers du template sont manquants et lorsque je tente d’ouvrir une session, j’ai ce prompt de Cubase : Fichiers manquants : /Users/fab/Dropbox (Fab)/**pureMix Online/Sheps Template Project/Cubase Template/Audio/Bass.wav /Users/fab/Dropbox (Fab)/**pureMix Online/Sheps Template Project/Cubase Template/Audio/BGVs.wav ... ???
2017 Apr 18
template stems??????
2017 Apr 18
Hi rvoznyuk, The reason there are no SPP plugins (or Scheps73s for that matter) in the template is that I generally use them as inserts directly on individual audio tracks. They are added on a case by case basis as I'm mixing. The mixing videos show my process in using those types of plugins, keeping in mind that the mixes we shot videos for were done before SPP was finished. Thanks, Andrew
2017 Apr 17
Andrew, this is beyond awesome, because I've always wanted to adapt your mixing approach!! So, thank you so much!! However, I'm not seeing you use any Waves Parallel Particles plugins in your template.... and in a recent Q&A video with Ben Lindell, you answered "of course I use it..." to a question whether you use your own WPP plugin. So, was this plugin meant for folks who want to adopt your parallel processing approach without the hassle of setting up routing? Maybe you don't have it in your template because you're used to the way you have it setup? Just wondering :)
2017 Apr 11
Over the top video. Thanks.. Are there Audio files missing for the Cubase template?
2017 Apr 07
This is why I love internet. Watched and implemented a few things to my hybrid set up. Huge thank you Master ! Simplicity is the key. Logic Pro here...I wonder why I used the fuckin mixer. Being in arrange window is way more efficient.
2017 Apr 06
Incredibly generous and helpful insight into this artists workflow. Thank you very much.
2017 Apr 06
On second viewing this is a guy who can do amazing mixes in his sleep and this is really just cutting down on timescales. The key is to make quick and good decisions!
2017 Apr 06
Q for Andrew or Fab: with the rear buds parallel compression, won't this get screwed if you have any processing on the Mix Buss? Should you not send it straight to the main out and bypass the Mix Buss in case you want to do any processing there?
2017 Apr 04
Totally awesome. I'm going to build these principles into my own Cubase template tonight. Thanks puremix thang. That last word should've been "team" but I left it because it's a funny autocorrect that sort of works.
2017 Apr 04
Great Video but please help with this confusion: I'm trying to transform this into ableton but am confused as to what would a VCA equate to in ableton? Will it be a group? If yes then do certain aux's like the Kick or Snare or Drum Kit Aux comes inside that group(VCF) or outside the group?
2017 Apr 03
Was wondering if their was gonna be an Ableton Temp.?Many thanks!
2017 Apr 02
This Video is probably the "A Brief History of Time" of Audio Engineering.
2017 Apr 02
I was hoping you would offer something like this as I've been experimenting with different routing/template ideas. Big improvement now that the videos are in HD, much easier on the eyes. Keep up the great work!
2017 Apr 02
This is such a useful tutorial! Having a working template makes setup fast and systematic, thank you everyone at PM and thank you Andrew for another killer video.
2017 Apr 01
Thanks Fab, thanks Andrew!
2017 Apr 01
Video is great and very informative - the tracks however appear to be missing from the download?
2017 Mar 31
@zoffmeister My apologies for being so abrupt..I guess I was so stoked to have the ethos behind the template and saw that as the crown jewel of the tutorial that was so valuable, any effort to transpose to a different DAW seemed a small price to pay in return. I will say, I think it is of great benefit to manually go through the process of re-creating the template, it helps lock in the thought behind the ideology that fuels the template. it must have taken years to settle on his own core template, even if it gets modded periodically based on content mood or pushing for more from his core temp
2017 Mar 31
@Fabulous Fab- Though it is a shame that you don't have staff that know these other DAW's really well, your'e so correct that it would be near impossible to transpose templates across every DAW when they do not all share EG: identical signal flow/routing. Some of those DAW's do not implement d/VCA 's for example, and the differences between DAW's range from subtle to bizarrely different. I transposed this template to Sonar/Reaper but the differences make it difficult to share w/o it's own tutorial, it may have taken me 6-7 hours but it was easily doable, the philosophy of flow was the key.
2017 Mar 30
This video is outstanding. The template download puts it over the top. Being able to download the exact template used is vey helpful. It is nice to be able to open it up and look at settings, plugins and routing. I think this is one of the best videos on the site. Great job!
2017 Mar 28
Thank you so much Andrew! Not only you provided us with a fantastic template but sharing your experience on how you came to all this is so great! Hats off Master Scheps!
2017 Mar 28
Hi; I was wandering about the use of the limiter at the end of his master buss. Does it mean that its mix is supposed also to be a master? Or is it set for a kind of mix polish?
2017 Mar 28
Can someone tell me regarding the Vocal Pultec trick. Andrew uses the Waves LA-2A with it's sidechain filter. I have the UAD LA-2A which doesn't have this feature. Is the sidechain filter essential for this trick to work and so will my attempt to emulate this fail?
2017 Mar 27
Please.. Italian subtitles!!!!! Thanks.
2017 Mar 27
For years Ive seen and worked with mix engineers like Andrew who record mixes internally instead of using the bounce to disk option. Everyone seems to have the same answer when I ask why. They say "It just sounds better". Is there a technical reason for doing this?
2017 Mar 27
Quick questions: What makes you/him use sometimes the UAD version of a plugin vs. the Waves. You've explained the DBX160. The 1176, you like your Rear bus with the 2:1 ratio which doesn't exist on the CLA-76, but why switch to the Waves one instead of just recalling the same plug and changing the ratio. Same for the EQP1A, or the Fairchild/Puigchild 670. Is it just to get different vibes from the modeled piece of hardware? Thanks!
Fabulous Fab
2017 Mar 27
Also, as far as 'every major daw' is concerned. We made templates for DAWs that we use, own and see in action everyday in pro-studios around the world. We are not personally familiar with Sonar, Reaper, Pyramix, Bitwig, DP, Samplitude, Tracktion, Acid, Ardour, FLStudio or the many, many others. It does not mean that they are not great, I'm sure they are, it just means that we not able to make a template that is worth its salt in those daws and be authoritative on how to work with it. If you are and you want to share your template with the pureMix community, please do so. It'd be badass.
Fabulous Fab
2017 Mar 27
Hi guys. Just a couple clarifications: we debated whether or not to include other daw templates or even a protools stock-plugin template with the tutorial since the whole point of the the tutorial is for you to build your own template based on Andrew's principles. We went ahead to save you time. It took a while and it cannot be perfect. The daw's various implementations make it almost impossible to achieve, let's not even discuss plugin selection. So, these daw templates are to be considered examples of how Andrew's template could be adapted.
2017 Mar 27
Fantastic stuff, lots of experience in this vid, thanks so much for sharing. I do have a question: In part2 at 16:43 regarding the Lead Vox Pultec chain, you say that you attenuate 8K after it has been boosted in the first instance of EQP-1a. Afaik the attenuate knob on the Pultec works only together with the attenuate select switch to the right of it, which is set to 10K in the vid. As a result not 8K is attenuated as selected on the KCS-knob, instead 10 K gets attenuated. as selected on the "Atten sel"-switch. Or did i misunderstod something?
2017 Mar 27
oh oh. It's on the way :-D
2017 Mar 26
Great stuff but sadly no template for cubase :(
2017 Mar 26
please reaper guys here
2017 Mar 26
Super. A ton of info at lightning speed. I will defiantly watch this one again.
2017 Mar 26
Ah ha! So, would I be right in thinking that the parallel vocal chain of: high-boosted/low-cut EQ into an LA2A into a low-boosted/hi-cut EQ is very much the same as the parallel vocal Fab did in the recent live-stream mix using a ProQ2 into an LA2A and back to a ProQ2, with similar settings? (I wondered about that when I watched the live-stream; I'm guessing the twin appearances of this technique, previously unseen on Puremix, is not a coincidence?)
2017 Mar 26
Hi G Michael. Looks like you missed the point of what was being said here. We are not whining about the template not being available for our DAWs, if you see what I said you'll notice i said it is better to study this tutorial and build yours from scratch rather than having it handed out on a plate. My point was merely based on the fact that the promotional email for this tutorial clearly stated templates for ever major DAW. It should have said 'several major DAWs'. Besides, there's a clear issue with receiving somebody else's plugin filled template. We all have different plugin collections.
2017 Mar 26
Great tutorial so far. I have a huge question about the Snare Verb track. I notice the mono busses don't show up when trying to assign to a stereo track. During the I/O setup Andrew had the snare verb set as a mono bus. The snare verb return, which is stereo, is shown having the Snare Verb as it's input. I am having issues with this input as it isn't appearing for me due to it's mono nature chosen in I/0 Bus setup. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank You!
2017 Mar 25
Fantastic tutorial Andrew, I'm not getting why some people are whining about not getting a template for their favourite DAW handed to them. IMHO, if you really want to take on board all that this guy is trying to share, harden up [you sissies] and make it yourself. It might take a day but FFS, he is handing it to us, all one needs to do is transcribe it into a preferred DAW. Thanks Andrew, for sharing this template which no doubt took you a lifetime to arrive at. xx
2017 Mar 25
Hi Steve2K2 Not getting the template for SONAR, which was never going to happen, is not a problem. It's a blessing. Creating it from studying this video will be a great learning process rather than having it handed on a plate and then not really knowing why things are set up as they are.
2017 Mar 25
That was super interesting and BAD ASS!!!!
2017 Mar 24
Hear hear, Zoffmeister. Sonar always gets the shaft. Thanks for the tutorial though, it's really good. Just wish I could use it with Sonar.
2017 Mar 24
Hey guys just a heads up - the Ableton and Cubase templates are on their way, give them a few days. Unfortunately no one in the pureMix crew owns or knows how to operate Reaper, if someone wants to adapt this to Reaper we can add it to the downloads :)
2017 Mar 24
Love this tutorial! I been wanting to update my old template for ever and I found the perfect template to start with. Great job Andrew! Frontloading all the hard decision making stuff early on to focus on what really matters is an amazing work style to practice. It definitely helps to stay focused and in the flow when working. And with mixing especially, this is going to speed up my work time!
2017 Mar 24
Great tuto, like always....! There is just one thing that I'm troubled with, since his mix hit 0dB, if it has to go to a mastering engineer, what do we have to do ? Bypass the maximizer/oxford and just lower the last eq/pultec output to hit -6dB, or it just doesnt matter since it's just a level issue, so it's the mastering engineer that will do it himself ? Sorry if it's stupid questions ;p
Rusty Falcon
2017 Mar 24
Awwwww no love for the Reaper!
2017 Mar 24
I got excited when I saw the ableton live file in the video thumbnail, but it looks like there is no template available for Live users.
2017 Mar 24
This is Fantastic! Not only a first class video but a copy Andrew's template. Many thanks Mr Scheps and Puremix.
2017 Mar 24
ProTools, Logic and Studio One. That's a very strange definition of "all major DAWs". :) As a 20 year user of SONAR I am more than used to what I believe to be the best DAW being constantly ignored (if it ain't on Mac it don't exist, right?). Always bewildered to see how such a feature lacking DAW as ProTools is still the industry standard. Only kidding. I shall very much look forward to watching this and introducing more of Andrew's workflow into my already busy template, some of which I picked up from watching Andrews's other videos. Keep this great content coming guys. Love it.