Andrew Scheps Mixing TMBOY

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Andrew Scheps is back to mix a song he has never heard before from the Brooklyn-based duo, TMBOY, on camera, explaining every step of his process from setup to the final print of the mix.

In this exclusive, you'll sit next to Andrew Scheps as he discovers the song and each track in the session before applying his template and signature approach to crafting an exciting and energetic mix.

See how Andrew Scheps:

  • Preps the session for mixing by organizing the tracks, deleting dead space, assigning groups and VCAs, and applying his template
  • Explains his parallel drum buses
  • Gives a full tour of the Scheps Omnichannel
  • Adds sustain to the Bass Kalimba with a transient designer
  • Adds saturation and delay to the lead synth with a Sans Amp PSA-1 and an Echoboy
  • Automates volume boosts on drum fills and key moments of the song
  • Checks the rough mix to see the band's intention for the vocal treatment
  • Breaks down his vocal processing chains, including saturation, compression, parallel compression, and parallel eq
  • Explains his love for D-verb!
  • Discusses how he uses the Bass Shift on the Brainworx Digital V3 EQ to transfer energy from the low mids to the bottom of the track.
  • Tweaks the mix in headphones before printing the final version

Watch Andrew Scheps, mix "Moths" from Tmboy. Only on

Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • Analog Design Black Box
  • Audio Ease Altiverb 7
  • BBD Delay
  • Brainworx bx_digital V3
  • D-Verb
  • Empirical Labs Fatso
  • Eventide Tverb
  • FabFilter Timeless2
  • FilterBank F202
  • H3000 Factory
  • H910 Dual Harmonizer
  • ML 4000
  • Native Instruments Transient Master
  • Newfangled Elevate
  • Orange Phaser
  • Ozone Imager
  • Phoenix II
  • Puigchild 670
  • SanSAmp PSA-1
  • Soundtoys Devil-Loc
  • Soundtoys PanMan
  • UAD 1176AE
  • UAD Pultec EQP-1A
  • Valhalla Plate
  • Waves Aphex Vintage Exiter
  • Waves CLA-2A
  • Waves CLA-76
  • Waves Pulgtec EQP1A
  • Waves Rvox
  • Waves S1 Imager
  • Waves Scheps Omni Channel
  • Waves VU Meter
  • iZotope Trash2
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Andrew Scheps

Andrew Scheps is a music producer, mixing engineer and record label owner based in the United Kingdom. He has received Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album for his work on Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium, Album Of The Year for Adele's 21, and also Best Reggae Album for Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta.

Andrew started as a musician, but found that what he enjoyed most was working behind the scenes. This led him to study recording at the University of Miami. After graduating, he spent some time working for Synclavier, and then on the road with Stevie Wonder (as a keyboard tech) and Michael Jackson (mixing live sound). But he found his home in the studio, and he honed his craft working for producers such as Rob Cavallo, Don Was and Rick Rubin.

Andrew collaborated with Waves in order to create his own line of plug-ins which include the Scheps 73 EQ and the Scheps Parallel Particles.

Andrew is one of the best known mixing engineers in the world, well-known for his Rear Bus mixing techniques that he developed working on his 64 input Neve 8068 console and his love for distortion of any kind. If you are watching pureMix videos you will see that he managed to carry his analog sound signature over to a fully portable digital rig. These days, Andrew mixes completely In The Box as it allows him much greater flexibility and the ability to work on several project simultaneously.



Lana Del Rey

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Michael Jackson

Green Day

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2022 May 12
Andrew strikes again! thanks, master!
2022 May 04
That was a weird one for Andrew I'm sure, we can feel that :-)
2022 May 04
I really appreciate that Andrew takes the time to explain everything. Very good.
2022 Apr 26
Excellent work...very well explained too. Thanks
John Francis
2022 Apr 25
Andrew is Such a Beast!...He Knows his stuff But Better Yet He Knows how to Teach it.....Some tuts are just some yokel with Zero Clue to what's important, and less emphasis on why and what Andrew Gives you the how , why and why not if necessary....More Like this please and Maybe an Update of his Template in Downloads as its Ever-Changing...or another Template walk through or at least template Update
2022 Apr 22
I've only listened to the first 15 minutes and love this already, plus I love this band! The creativity topped with that enchanting original. But I have to go back to work and listen to the rest later. But definitely looking forward to it!
2022 Apr 21
Amazing! More of these please Andrew!
2022 Apr 21
Man that keyboard is dirty!
2022 Apr 20
I wish they built Andrew his own analog desk with his channel strip plugin converted. Would be awesome
Alexandre Si
2022 Apr 20
Hi Andrew !!!