Andrew Scheps Mixing Ziggy Marley All Analog

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Mixing "Fly Rasta" 100% Analog with 2 Neve 8068 Consoles

Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Andrew Scheps mixes the song “Fly Rasta” by the amazing Ziggy Marley using exclusively hardware equipment.

This is the way records used to be made and it is a truly exceptional learning opportunity for all aspiring producers and engineers. Even if you don’t have access to analog gear like Andrew’s remember it’s not about the gear, it’s about the vision you bring and techniques you use - that’s the key to a successful mix.

In this 2-hour tutorial Andrew Scheps mixes Ziggy Marley across his twin analog Neve 8068  consoles explaining all his decisions, sharing his signature rear bus parallel compression concept and using the best vintage gems from his world-famous wall of gear.

This video is a deep dive into the world of analog, see and hear compression and equalization techniques as Andrew demonstrates his unique workflows that will be truly inspiring to all engineers.

This tutorial is best complemented by Andrew Scheps Mixing Ziggy Marley In The Box - see how he mixes the same song but this time entirely inside of Pro Tools. Compare the two mixes then download the stems from Andrew's session and mix your own!

Exercise files
Equipment & Software

Hardware used:

  • Console: Neve 8068 (x2) with Flying Faders
  • EQ: Neve 33102, Langevin EQ
  • Dynamics: Urei 1176LN (Rev.D and Rev.A), dbx 160VU, Neve 2264, RCA BA6A, Spectrasonics 610, Chandler TG1
  • FX: Eventide H3000, Aphex II Studio Exciter, Aphex 204, SPL Transient Designer
Featured Music

Buy Fly Rasta on iTunes: Click Here

Visit Ziggy Marley's website: Click Here

Visit Tuff Gong's website: Click Here

"Fly Rasta Featuring U-Roy"
Written and Performed by Ziggy Marley
Licensed courtesy of Tuff Gong Worldwide

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Andrew Scheps

Andrew Scheps is a music producer, mixing engineer and record label owner based in the United Kingdom. He has received Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album for his work on Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium, Album Of The Year for Adele's 21, and also Best Reggae Album for Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta.

Andrew started as a musician, but found that what he enjoyed most was working behind the scenes. This led him to study recording at the University of Miami. After graduating, he spent some time working for Synclavier, and then on the road with Stevie Wonder (as a keyboard tech) and Michael Jackson (mixing live sound). But he found his home in the studio, and he honed his craft working for producers such as Rob Cavallo, Don Was and Rick Rubin.

Andrew collaborated with Waves in order to create his own line of plug-ins which include the Scheps 73 EQ and the Scheps Parallel Particles.

Andrew is one of the best known mixing engineers in the world, well-known for his Rear Bus mixing techniques that he developed working on his 64 input Neve 8068 console and his love for distortion of any kind. If you are watching pureMix videos you will see that he managed to carry his analog sound signature over to a fully portable digital rig. These days, Andrew mixes completely In The Box as it allows him much greater flexibility and the ability to work on several project simultaneously.



Lana Del Rey

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Michael Jackson

Green Day

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2021 Nov 23
I cant help but feel that there was a lot left out of this video that I was expecting to see and hopefully have deeper insight. No real technical mix techniques shared, things like side chain compression and gating - things I know that will be happening. Watching someone balance the faders and writing automation is nice - but its personal taste. I was hoping for technical approaches.
2018 Mar 24
Really exciting to see his mixing process!
2016 Oct 05
Wow. What an awesome video!! Love Andrew's teaching. Once you get past the patch work and setting up all the channels it seems more intuitive and simple to work in the analog world versus in the box. But this video makes it easier to understand in-the-box mixing
Highlands Recording Arts
2016 Sep 30
Andrew is not only brilliant and mixes from his heart - but he is such a gentleman - rare these days. Thank you for making me a better engineer. Oh? And Pure-Mix ROCKS!
2016 Aug 05
Andrew Scheps gives us a great insight into mixing here,this has got to be one of the best i've seen,soo full of great little tips & methods from a man who really knows his stuff,my subscription ends tomorrow & this was well worth the fee anyday & def improved my mixes & gave food for thought!
2016 Jul 08
He's amazing, more of andrew please:)
2016 Jun 22
love this guy like i love my mum :)
2016 Apr 22
Don't pass over this video just because you mix in the box. It's astonishing how quickly you can get lost in plugin world and this video reinforces what we're all here to do, mix music. I learned less technically than the "in the box" video, but now have new direction in my mixing approach. Respect puremix:)
2016 Mar 14
This was so great to watch! Insightful and good vibes. Super interesting to see the importance of preparation which leaves the actual mixing relatively simplistic.
2016 Mar 08
Awesome!!! Loved watching Andrew go through the process. He explained everything so well. Really good videos.
2016 Feb 24
I've only watched the Console version, but what can I say!! 10/10 Congratulations on bringing such an awesome resource to the end user. Thankyou Puremix team and Andrew Scheps
2016 Feb 01
there's something wrong with the bass - panning...
Gaetan F.
2016 Jan 26
Thank you Andrew, both videos are awesome ! And thank you Fab too !
2016 Jan 14
The Real Mix.
2015 Dec 15
I'm waiting impatiently subtitles....
2015 Dec 03
Thanks you so much to ever post a video like this!! Thanks you Andrew for able to share your work! Sometimes somebody shares something that goes with you in life…this is one!!, Also, you share assurance that, all the inspiring mixers can have a way to know good and bad practices in sound wise philosophical and mixing manners. Your solid way to show us your workflow, is an excellent way to have good and solid bases to build upon…. again and again, thank you for posting this 2 awesome mixing Journeys!!!
2015 Nov 24
Come on, it's Andrew Schepps!! He's like the Les Paul of mix engineers. He's so successfully lazy. ('sniffles''s everything I've dreamed of).
2015 Nov 15
First and foremost, love the song. Saw Zig do it live on Guitar Center sessions on cable. Fun Fun Fun!! But watching Andy mix it, especially the OTB, just floored me. Such a simple process because he knows his gear. Didn't have to deal with comp settings, reverb settings, etc. Just used his buss send and return levels. I agree, that this is one of the most useful video series I've ever seen. Slate has a new series as well. Will be interesting to compare. Loved this though Andy.
2015 Nov 06
This is the most helpfull set of videos i have come across ever! Thanks a lot!
2015 Oct 28
You guys are so awesome! Thank you Andrew for doing these. I love your minimalistic philosophy.
2015 Oct 27
very nice video!
2015 Oct 27
Awesome stuff, thank you so much for sharing these. ;)
2015 Oct 27
Hearing what analog does to the signal gives me a new benchmark to aim for as I work in the box.
2015 Oct 26
I enjoyed every minute and learned so much. Thank you Andrew and Fab.
2015 Oct 23
Perfect, I've moved out of the box recently and there is not so much info of method’s to mix out of the box. i hope more OUT of the box vid's will follow. Thanks guy's
2015 Oct 23
Loved it!!! Thanks Andrew!! I think I have outboard envy now....
2015 Oct 23
The Man Himself at work. Fascinating insight! Though a lot of things I wouldn't do, still interesting to see how it works for him. Thanks for sharing, great video.
2015 Oct 23
Nice work guys. Thanks Fab and Andrew for this. It's been great watching the videos after having been in Flux and sitting with Fab for an extended period of time. Andrew, great work as always. Would love to be able to be in a mix with you sometime. One thing you and Fab share is you are both great orators. Andrew one thing that makes this video such a joy to watch is that you have almost zero disfluencies in your speech (ummms, ahhhs, hesitations) which is very important in this type of "public" speaking. Again, hats off. Would love to see more like this.
2015 Oct 22
Incredible. Thank you so so much!
2015 Oct 22
Such a fascinating journey... I'm impressed by how quickly you can adjust multiple effects in a few seconds. Well, if you know what you are doing of course. :-) Amazing video, leaves you shouting for more. Thank you Andrew and Fab!!!