Ben Lindell Mixing a Pop Song in Pro Tools

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01h 45min


Learn how to implement Ben’s unique approach to routing and his hybrid mixing workflow. He also demonstrates and discusses the importance of working on both the details and the big picture of a mix simultaneously.

This tutorial will teach you how to approach your mixes like a game of chess, starting with a concept and a vision for the final mix and then creatively executing the steps necessary to bring a song to life.

Ben primarily uses plugins by Universal Audio, Sonnox, Softube, Flux and Soundtoys, showing every move and explaining every decision as he builds the mix around Amber’s vocal. Using creative effects and bussing, Ben enhances and develops the sonic “story” of the song while also shaping the overall tone and vibe of his mix.

If you struggle with finding consistency and purpose for your mixes, this tutorial will show you how a world class professional tackles both the problems and opportunities presented by modern pop production.

See Ben's favorite digital and analog processing chains and watch as the song quickly blossoms from a decent sounding rough mix into a final mix before your eyes.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • Eiosis: Eiosis AirEQ
  • Sonnox: Sonnox Oxford Limiter
  • Flux::: Flux Epure v3
  • Plug & Mix: Dimension 3D, Digital Plate Reverb
  • Slate digital: Slate VBC Rack, Slate VBC FG-Red
  • Softube: Summit Audio TLA-100A, TSAR-1 Reverb, Summit Audio Grand Channel, Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor
  • Soundtoys: PanMan, Tremolator, EchoBoy, Decapitator
  • Avid: ReVibe II, Channel Strip
  • Universal Audio: UAD SSL E Channel Strip, UAD Pultec EQP-1A, UAD Brainworx bx_digital V2, UAD Precision De-Esser
  • GML 8200 Parametric EQ clone
  • SB4001 Stereo Bus Compressor (SSL clone)
  • Stereo Pico VCA Compressor
  • Stereo 169 Shelving EQ
  • Here is the video of the song
Featured Music

Amber Skye - Howlin

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Ben Lindell

Ben is a NYC based producer/engineer who has worked with artists from MGMT to Soulja Boy, Bebel Giberto to Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie, Olivia, Tony Yayo, Red Cafe, Edie Brickell, Carole Pope and hundreds of other artists from around the world. He grew up in Iowa and then attended the University of Miami.

In addition to being a fantastic musician he is also a tremendous geek when it comes to anything technical, be it software, plug-ins, microphones or outboard gear. It's this marriage of musical creativity and technical know-how that makes him an in demand producer/engineer.


50 Cent

Soulja Boy


Kelly Rowland



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2022 Jan 05
A++ Excellent
2021 Sep 03
Excellent! Almost at the end I was like "this doesn't sound ready" or "that sound is too dry or too dark", and suddenly everything fits together nicely.
2020 Aug 01
I really enjoyed many of the small techniques Ben used with the effects on this one. And just the production with the multi-layered vocals make the song fun to work with. I was a bit confused at the end of the video when he started talking about his mix bus, because although he said he mixed into the limiter, it was unclear if he was mixing into his analog chain the whole time. I didn't hear a difference when he was highlighting it.
2020 May 15
Thanks Ben!!!
2020 Apr 14
Your technic with vocals was awesome, helped me with some things and made realize that it is ok to cut a lot if needed. Thanks my friend
Oscar Gasch
2020 Mar 16
Brilliant. Tnx Ben!
2019 Jul 09
Awesome tutorial I like the way you went through the nitty gritty parts. Thank you for being such a great instructor
2019 Jun 11
Thanks for this great tutorial. Your workflow is very inspiring!
2017 Feb 26
Hi Ben! Great tutorial! Now I can use the panman so!
2017 Feb 01
Great job, ... I love the way you build the mix: your method. we have so much details making the difference that we learn. Thanks Ben
2017 Jan 05
This is one of the more important tutorials here on pureMix, IMO. The marriage of the producer/mixer vision lays out the song in perfect storyboard telling, especially the vocal production which constantly evolves and expands as the song rolls on. The teaching method here is also spot on clear , even when explaining the often difficult to explain emotions that guide the decision making process. 5 stars. Thanks Ben
2016 Jun 26
Great tutorial so far, but the excercise files are all mono, and the files Ben is working with are interleaved stereo. Just a heads up. Easily workable of course. Also as others have stated, there are three damaged WAV files in the ZIP.
2016 Jun 26
Great tutorial so far but the exercise files are named differently than what Ben shows.
2016 Apr 30
Great tutorial, subtle changes make for huge results. Ben's attention to detail really directs the overall drama of the song bringing the mix new dimension and character. I love the tremolator effect working as a type of side chain. Great ideas, solid production, and well articulated tutorial. Thanks Ben and Puremix!
2016 Apr 29
Great! but the excise file is broke, the Kick3.R.Wav and Vox Chorus Harm 2.wav can't unzip
2016 Apr 01
Ben, Thank you so much for this walk-through... Love your template!! Love your choices and flavor you added. Quick question on the Mix bus.. Is 2.44 on the limiter output arbitrary or have you calibrated the setting based on what your mastering engineer needs for headroom... What RMS do you typically want back from your mastering engineer? Thanks again for all your insight, Todd Also, please thank the Artist for all of us!
2016 Mar 25
Great tutorial !!! :)
2016 Feb 17
Ey Bend! Great class
2016 Jan 12
Great video Ben.You explained everything perfectly. Over the course of three days i mixed Howling side by side imitating your every move. I learned a ton of useful techniques, By listening to what the song needed versus what my plugins sounded like , helped me understand what my plugins REALLY do and why. Btw a great tune. Thanks
2015 Aug 29
Interesting, but quite static. Absolutly no automation, so there very few dynamic.
2015 Feb 20
Hey Ben, Great video. What hall do you like on the Tsar? and Room?
Saul Santilli
2015 Jan 02
Great mix, great track. Thank you
2014 Nov 16
Brilliant and extremely helpful. Thank's Ben & Puremix!
2014 Nov 11
Ben.....thanks a bunch for such a great and detailed was really educational to watch how you approached this mix!
2014 Sep 25
Nice tutorial Ben! I learned a lot!!!!
2014 Sep 05
great video. Thanks Ben!
2014 Aug 29
Technical very interesting video, but it has the charm of repairing a car not thinking about music.
2014 Jul 01
What room do you like on the Tsar?
2014 Jun 24
@Nevets This mix was done on my 2008 Mac Pro 2.8 Quad-core 10GB RAM with a Pro Tools HD Native system and UAD Quad and Duo cards. Having the UAD cards certainly makes things easier as they do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of processing.
2014 Jun 23
Great tutorial
2014 Jun 21
It would be great to know what computers and/or interfaces are powering the systems used during all puremix videos. I don't think my computer can effectively power all of the plugs used in this video if I could afford them all
2014 Jun 21
This is a great tutorial video. Just finished the vocal part so far and very impressed on the explanation with Bens mixing techniques. Exact and to the point mix flow process. I submitted the Howlin contest mix and wished I had this under my belt before submitting. I use a second online computer next to my work station and listen/learn...This is a fantastic idea from Puremix to give intermediate mixers a opportunity to practice mixing with the best. Thanks..Jack Pursian
2014 Jun 21
Thanks a lot Ben , you really make things sound easyer than it is...great tutorial !!!
2014 Jun 19
Ahaaaaah So gooood! Thanks Ben.
2014 Jun 18
Great Video, I learned a lot about mixing as well as using production elements to create/enhance the 3D sound field and groove. I spent about 25 hours mixing "Howlin" and I see now how I could have saved some time, as well as done things better. Thanks, Ben!
2014 Jun 18
Ben ! You speak too much :)