Brian Lucey Mastering Philosophy And Techniques

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As one of the most in-demand mastering engineers in the world, Brian Lucey works with musicians of every level, from bedroom projects, to top charting records from world-renowned artists such as: Depeche Mode, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood, Marilyn Manson, and even movie soundtracks, such as “The Greatest Showman” which went to #1 in over 70 countries.

In this exclusive, Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer, Brian Lucey, discusses his philosophy to mastering, where it fits in the production process and how he approaches his art to establish a connection between the artist and the audience that has an immediacy and timeless result.

Brian discusses:

    • The Seven Step Production Process
    • His highly customized and tailored mastering chain
    • How to choose and utilize reference tracks
    • Key tips to improving your room’s acoustics and placing monitors for a sound that is tailored to the way you hear music.

Watch Brian Lucey break down his philosophy and techniques, only on

Equipment & Software


  • Mytek 8x192 DA
  • Focusrite Blue 315 MkII
  • Elysia Alpha 
  • Fairman TMEQ
  • Pacific Microsonics AD
  • Waves L2 Limiter
  • Crane Song HEDD
  • Bricasti M1


  • Sequoia


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Brian Lucey

Award-winning Mastering Engineer Brian Lucey is one of the most prominent Industry Engineers and has worked with renowned artists such as Depeche Mode, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood, Marilyn Manson, “The Greatest Showman” and more.

He is well-known for his philosophical approach to mastering, mainly focusing on emotions, feelings and how your body responds to the sound.

Brian believes that mastering is an important part of the music creating process and that it should have an immediate impact on the listener while also maintain a timelessness aspect, that "the world will judge us by forever".

If you've watched Brian's video on pureMix, you will understand that a great mastering engineer knows how to combine subtle technical moves in order to deliver the artist's music to the world in the best possible format.


The Black Keys

Liam Gallagher

Shania Twain

Depeche Mode

Lucinda Williams

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2021 Dec 19
2020 Dec 08
Enjoyed Brian's delivery of listening techniques and technical information. Helped me adjust my room and listening position for enhanced left right center clarity. Thanks Brian!
2020 May 18
a must watch
2020 May 03
Thank you for opening your mind to these spectacular explanations, today I go to bed knowing many new things. Thanks again!!
2019 Jul 30
2019 Jul 04
Thanks, Brian! great video!
2019 Jul 02
Great stuff from Brian, but the gating on the dialogue was a bit suffocating.
2019 Apr 19
The LEFT CENTER RIGHT idea and the meaning behind is so great. Thanks a lot for this thoughts!
2019 Mar 19
I've never, ever, ever listened to music in terms of boundaries to stay within. This thought is still resonating a month or so later. That's just one of many pearls he gave us with this one. This is one of those occasions where kicking back and letting the masters ramble/chat is priceless. I hope he does some more for PureMix.
2019 Mar 15
wow, more from him please! very insightful
2019 Feb 12
This single video was worth my year membership price.
2019 Feb 12
Thanks, Brian! That was really good.
2019 Feb 06
so how does he print from hedd to computer?
2019 Jan 30
Lavishly-generous with your knowledge, know-how and insights on the mastering process. So much so that I am now convinced that all ‘really good music’ deserves—and should be—mastered with the professional care and heart-felt passion you have demonstrated in this video. Very best regards!
2018 Dec 30
Very Good!
2018 Dec 01
The V shape exercise switching between mono and stereo demonstrates monitoring placement and room issues crystal clear to me for the first time. The goal in mastering of achieving immediate impact but timeless impression without sacrificing too much of the song and its performance inspiration gives me an entirely new perspective on tracking, mixing, and mastering. Thanks!
2018 Nov 20
Thank you. This is a really good video that got me thinking hard about my setup. I found many of the points very valid for mixing and mastering. At least my speakers seem to be in the right place :)
Stephen Moniz
2018 Nov 07
Glad to say I was happy to notice the difference between mono and stereo even on a laptop.
Star Jee
2018 Nov 04
Excellent !!
Some Guy
2018 Nov 03
Lots of interesting things presented here, could easily be several separate videos going into more depth. Is there a book version? I get the feeling a book by Brian would probably be really great.
2018 Oct 24
Wow Man!! “Listen with your body”. Never heard it put like that. Very though provoking process unlike how I have heard it presented before. Very appealing for me!!
2018 Oct 23
Wow the sample rate piece was really good
AMP Tracks
2018 Oct 10
I hope this is the beginning of a long series about mastering with Mr. Lucey!
Arnold Vigh
2018 Oct 09
Finally, someone who made the sample rate topic clear! I'd like to work with this guy... ;)
2018 Oct 07
Great video! Well explained. Loved the LCR Mono/Stereo portion. Very insightful.
2018 Oct 07
This has to be one of the best explained tutorials I heard. Everything Brian stated really hit home to me. Very well explained, really interesting to listen to. Thanks
2018 Oct 06
Very Interesting and helpful! Thanks Brian and Puremix
2018 Oct 06
Goddamn that was interesting and helpful! Thanks Soo much Brian and puremix, insightful, eloquent, humble and helpful. 5 stars for sure!
2018 Oct 05
This is one of the most interesting and informative mastering discussions I've heard. I'd love to observe Brian in an actual mastering session, now!
2018 Oct 05
Great Brian, thanks very much for the many nuggets here within. It's good to here your take on music as a whole seen through a technical lens as well. Some more videos on mastering would be welcome. Cheers from Scotland, Robert
2018 Oct 05
super amazing
2018 Oct 05
Love this guy. Such a gold mine. Can't wait to see more videos with him.
2018 Oct 05
Such an humble guy, very comforting way of transferring information. I liked the concepts he talked about, but I'd prefer to see him use the tools and explain maybe even just a bit, how he would tackle a need of EQ or why he feels like there is a need of EQ instead of showing off the gear in the 1/3 of the video.
2018 Oct 04
Great view into Brian's mind. Love the concept of LCR energy. Thank you for the quick audio playback with explanation! Priceless.