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In this Exclusive, Award Winning Engineer, Brian Moncarz explains his mixing template and workflow for organizing sessions and importing his carefully selected creative array of plugins.

Throughout this video, Brian explains how he transitioned from an all analog workflow to being nearly entirely in the box, each track in detail, why he chooses to import his plugins and routing, as well as how he uses creative distortion to sculpt records with his signature sound.

See how Brian:

  • Imports his template into sessions he receives to optimize his workflow so that he can be as creative as possible as quickly as possible
  • Chooses between his personally tuned “Mix Bus A” and “Mix Bus B” chains
  • Uses the UA Fairchild 660 and Soundtoys Radiator to add color to his mix bus
  • Approaches tape saturation, mix bus compression and mix bus EQ
  • Explains his multiple parallel processes in detail
  • Sets up his vocal processing

After you have seen how Brian uses his template, download it for yourself and make it your own.

Watch Brian Moncarz explain his personal mixing template, only on

Exercise files
Equipment & Software

  • Burl B2 Bomber ADC
  • Audio Ease -Altiverb 7
  • Avid - D3 Expander/Gate
  • Avid - EQ3
  • Avid - ModDelay 3
  • Avid - SansAmp
  • Boz Digital Labs - Pus 10db Compressor
  • Crane Song - Phoenix II
  • Eventide - Omnipressor
  • FabFilter - Pro-L2
  • FabFilter - Saturn
  • GHZ - Vulf Compressor 3
  • Overloud - Gem Dopamine
  • Oxford - Inflator
  • PSP - Nexcellence
  • PSP - SpringBox
  • reFuse - Lowender
  • Slate Digital - Trigger 2
  • Soundtoys -Decapitator
  • Soundtoys - Devil-Loc Deluxe
  • Soundtoys - Radiator
  • u-He - Satin
  • UAD - Ampex ATR-102
  • UAD - AMS RMX16
  • UAD - API 550A
  • UAD - Brainworx bx_digital V2
  • UAD - Cooper Time Cube
  • UAD - dbx160
  • UAD - EMT 140
  • UAD - EP-34 Tape Echo
  • UAD - Fairchild 670
  • UAD - Helios 69
  • UAD - Manley Massive Passive
  • UAD - Neve 33609
  • UAD - Neve 1073
  • UAD - Neve 1081
  • UAD - Ocean Way
  • UAD - Pultec EQP-1A
  • UAD - SPL Transient Designer
  • UAD - Studer A800
  • UAD - UA 1176AE
  • UAD - UA 1176LN E
  • UAD - UA 610-A
  • UAD - LA-2
  • Valhalla - Room
  • Valhalla - VintageVerb
  • Waves - Apex Vintage Aural Exciter
  • Waves - CLA2A
  • Waves - CLA-76
  • Waves- DeEsser
  • Waves - Kramer GT
  • Waves - Puigtec EQP-1A
  • Waves - RBass
  • Waves - REQ 4
  • Waves - RVox
  • Waves - Scheps 73
  • Waves - SSL Channel
  • Waves - SSL EQ

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Brian Moncarz

Based out of Chalet Studios just outside of Toronto, producer/mixer Brian Moncarz lives to record and mix both major label and indie bands and artists including The Tea Party, Our Lady Peace, The Trews, Circa Survive, which landed a Billboard Modern Rock/ Alternative #1 hit, Fantastic Negrito, Ian Moore, Neverending White Lights featuring Hot Hot Heat, Bleeker, Moneen, and The Proud Sons. 

Moncarz is proud of his association with producers Bob Ezrin and David Bottrill. Through years of working side-by-side with both masters, Moncarz has honed his craft: simply put, making great records. 

Brian is currently mixing new music for The Tea Party, their latest single “Black River,” mixed by Moncarz, reached #2 on the Canadian Active Rock Radio Charts. Moncarz is also in the studio producing/mixing new music for Ferraro (Warner) and The Proud Sons (Coalition).

Previously, Brian mixed Our Lady Peace’s single, “Drop Me In The Water,” which spent 15 weeks in the Top Five at Active Rock Radio in Canada.


Alice Cooper

Our Lady Peace

Circa Survive

The Tea Party

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2021 Feb 16
Excellent! Inspiring! We all love distortion!
2019 Dec 03
Much appreciated. Many thanks.
2019 Jul 15
Always interesting to see what plugin choices are and why.
2019 May 24
Templates make no sense when you don`t have all the plugins that are used!
2019 May 22
Excellent workflow template !! Brian’s explanations of how he came up with his plugin and routing choices and how he applies them is really well done. I will be using this template as a starting point for my mixes. Thanks!!
2019 May 21
I love how practical, convenient, and streamlined your template is. What is lovely about analog mixing is that everything is plugged in, on, and ready to go. This template essentially does all of that for you from jump street and allows your to spend less time scrolling endless plugin menus and more time listening, tweaking, and getting the job done. Awesome breakdown.
2019 May 20
Someone's watched all the Scheps, King, Blake and Power videos ;)
L Pass
2019 May 18
I'm running logic on a 16 ram laptop. It chokes easily. Are you at 32 ram or higher? The Apple store folks laughed at me when I said I wanted 128 Ram or higher. "What are you Hans Zimmer?"
2019 May 16
Ok, you've set up your template with everything but the actual song material. A customer/artist "sends you their song". Aren't they delivering to you something they created which already has plugins, etc, routed however they needed to get the sound they're going for as best they can? And you're going to start with that and mix the song using your template which has your chosen stuff in it. How do you marry what they sent you WITH your template? They didn't design their session with your template in mind, right? How do you get them "together" in one Pro Tools Session to work on?
2019 May 15
This was my first exposure to Brian, and I really enjoyed his enthusiasm and ability to explain what he was using and why. Now I need to find some videos where he's mixing a track, so I can follow along. Great video, thanks!