Ben Lindell

Ben is a NYC based producer/engineer who has worked with artists from MGMT to Soulja Boy, Bebel Giberto to Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie, Olivia, Tony Yayo, Red Cafe, Edie Brickell, Carole Pope and hundreds of other artists from around the world. He grew up in Iowa and then attended the University of Miami.

In addition to being a fantastic musician he is also a tremendous geek when it comes to anything technical, be it software, plug-ins, microphones or outboard gear. It's this marriage of musical creativity and technical know-how that makes him an in demand producer/engineer.


50 Cent

Soulja Boy


Kelly Rowland



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2020 Jan 09
Thank you
2015 Jul 31
I have successfully built (3) units. A blue stripe was the first build, then a matched fet black face pair They all sound amazpng !!! If anyone is interested in having one built, hit me up Art Alvarez
2015 Jul 21
@jonaspiknias the place I've always gotten my 1176 parts from is Hairball Audio
2015 Jul 19
Hey, there are so many kits on the internet. Ho can I know if I buy one with good quality parts or not?
2015 Jul 15
I want one... no two. But the time I spend for electronic is time I don't use for music. 5 years ago I start may one modular synth and I give up for the moment. Music is my priority.
2012 Sep 14
Wow, the 1176 is my most used compressor, in plugin. I'd love to have an actual unit and this seems like it would be fun. I found this link, which seemed to have pretty helpful info and links to schematics and such: Thanks for the video. I hadn't heard about the idea of building your own gear before; very cool!
2012 Jun 17
The Rev A “Bluestripe” = higher distortion and unique FET gain amplifier characteristics. The Rev E “Blackface” covers the early 70’s Low Noise, a more linear compression response, transistor gain amplification, and a change to the program dependence. The 1176AE - lower 2:1 compression ratio, a fixed “super slow” 10ms attack mode, and the program dependence of Rev A.
2011 Jun 11
very cool. how do you decide which versions to use for which instruments? Do certain versions work better for different things?