Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Daughtry

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Watch a legend mix a rock song

Chris Lord Alge is one of the most renowned mixing engineers in the world. His style can be heard on records from legendary artists such as U2, Aerosmith, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, The Who, Green Day and dozens more.

His plugins are some of the most used ever created, and his process is lightning fast. Now is your chance to sit at the console with one of the largest innovators of the mixing craft and see the process he uses to help artists sell millions of records across the globe.

  • See how CLA uses techniques like:
  • Parallel Compression and Parallel EQ to bring elements of the mix directly in your face
  • Create excitement in snare drums
  • Craft punchy and powerful guitars
  • Identify and emphasize the special moments of a mix
  • Learn why he never adds reverb to direct drum microphones.

In this 2-hour exclusive, watch CLA craft the mix for the Grammy award-winning song “It’s Not Over” from the fastest selling debut rock album of all time by Daughtry.

Once you’ve seen how Chris does it, download the stems and try it yourself!

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Bricasti M7
  • Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer
  • Focusrite Red 3 Compressor
  • Lexicon 480
  • Lexicon PCM 42
  • Line 6 Echo Pro
  • Marshall Ar-300 Tape Eliminator
  • Neve 2256x Compressor
  • Neve 33609
  • Pultec EQ
  • SSL 4056 E-Series
  • Sony DRE2000
  • Teletronix LA-3A
  • Urei 1176
  • Vac-Rac


  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Avid EQ3
  • Waves CLA-Guitars
  • Waves L1
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Chris Lord-Alge

Chris Lord-Alge is an American mixing engineer based in LA where he owns the studio Mix LA.

His extensive use of compression earned him the name of the "Lord of Compression". His impressive collection of compressors were modelled by plug-in companies such as Waves Plug-ins with whom he collaborated to create his own line of plug-ins.

Chris is one of the most renowned mixing engineers in the world and his style can be heard on records from legendary artists such as U2, Aerosmith, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, The Who, Green Day and dozens more.

Chris mainly mixes analog on his SSL console. Chris uses Pro Tools as a playback engine in the back of the room then focuses on what he hears, sitting at the console, patching vintage pieces of gear, making SSL EQ and compressor moves and pushes his levels through the console for great sounding results.

On pureMix, you can see how Chris mixes Daughtry on his SSL, explaining every move he makes.



Green Day

Smashing Pumpkins


James Brown

Bruce Springsteen

Featured Artists and Musics

Chris Daughtry is an American singer, songwriter, and lead vocalist for the rock band Daughtry. Daughtry was the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol, after his elimination from Idol, he was given a record deal by RCA Records and formed the band, Daughtry. Their self-titled debut album became the fastest selling debut rock album in Nielsen Soundscan history, selling more than one million copies after just five weeks of release.

  • It's Not Over

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Alexandre Si
2022 Mar 25
Thank you so much ! It was crazy, I thought I was hallucinating when I saw his double 9db boost on the lead vocal and then I saw his survitaminated pultec on the mixbus lol. Now I know I shouldn't try to mix like clike unless I put 10db low boost on my mixbus pultec
2022 Feb 06
Automation. More description on this subject please.
2022 Jan 21
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Amazing tutorial, BUT I cannot find in any of CLA's video's more details about his INSTRUMENT PARALLEL EQ. Does he using some outboard gear for that parallel EQ or just EQ on SSL mixer?
2021 Nov 29
I may have missed something but when he said there was no compression on drums (except parallel neve) I saw 2 distressors getting destroyed on either snare or snare sample lol… did I miss something? Anyways great video.
2021 Oct 20
Simply the best! GREAT!
2020 Jun 18
I've watched again for about the tenth time ,,,or more . So much involved . Like a great song or composition where each listen brings more to your ears. Thanks Chris
Tazmanian Ninja
2020 Feb 15
Oh my goodness, he mixes FAST! I knew that already, but boy oh boy, once he starts mixing, I honestly thought the video had been set to 2x speed! It looks like that, motion-wise. He's such a PRO, in the true definition of the word. If he was in the US Navy, he'd been not only a SEAL, but DEVGRU / "SEAL team six" operator.
2020 Jan 01
If you get to record CLA again, might I suggest an over-the-ear headset mic (ala TedxTalk) instead of this lav buried in his larynx flanked by spandex tee and dog-chain (the perfect storm)... Or consider a hat mic, since he's always wearing a cap
2019 Oct 18
Take a moment to appreciate the amazing opportunity these amazing mix sites have given us with footage like this. Watching masters like CLA mix a song was unthinkable just 20 years ago. Sometimes I have criticized CLA for his teaching coming up short, but then he drops amazing golden nuggets of wisdom and you and then shows you some amazing skills you really needed. One thing I'm sure of: Chris is not hiding his tricks of the trade. He really has his heart in the right place and wants to share his wisdom with other musicians and mixers to benefit the music and the people who make it.
2019 Oct 06
Really enjoyed the video. There were a lot of minor details and tweaks that weren't very elaborated upon, and I'm sure those make a huge difference!
2019 Apr 01
Ok. I now see why CLA is one of the best at what he does. That was really fun and informative to watch. You can really see that he's in total command. His assistant is lighting fast as well. And I'm glad you guys picked a really good song. Great job!! One Critique.. The word "Everything" in the first verse sounded like too much of the waveform was cut off at the beginning. The pop/click was more noticeable that the first one you guys fixed. You can really hear it with headphones on. Other than that, great work!
2018 Sep 23
4 seconds to eq the snare and then he says I like the snare , ,made me laugh. What a master. Thanks for sharing
Elton Collins
2018 Sep 19
Would have loved to have seen why he made the choices he did. He moves at breakneck speed! I guess that comes with the years. Dave Pensado said I can teach you to mix a great Snare Drum but I can't tell you what a great snare is... I would like to know...What makes a great snare drum. even CLA picks on the snare. How? What makes a kick and bass sit like it does in this track? The seperation is incredible! working in analog, what is thethe signal level being sent to the comps>? so Many questions!
2018 Aug 02
Great video! Picked up so good stuff!
Arnold Vigh
2018 Jul 30
He is the Boss! No question
2018 Jul 22
Wow thats awesome... the guy is truely good. I mean he even surpasses his previous grammy aeatd winning mix in front of the camera.. thanks to Nik who also assists here. Chris likes to eq in context and often say it but here you understand why.
Sariel Montalván
2018 May 17
Excellent tutorial, thanks to Puremix for showing us the philosophy of mixing of great engineers. Also, thank you very much for the subtitles in Spanish. Thanks Fab!
2018 Apr 29
really cool!! i`d like to watch more videos from him. Thank you!! Best regards from Chile
2018 Apr 23
2018 Apr 09
Amazing video!!! Love watching these legends explaining their tricks :) thanks Puremix, always over the top !!
2018 Apr 06
Top Chris, please subtitles in Italian ;)
The Rocker
2018 Mar 31
Great to see Chris work on such a great song !!! Thanks Chris and Chris ! This one course is worth the price of admission ! He knows his equipment so frigin well. Knows music to his ears. Learned so much and to revisit with him, will surely have me revisit this session several times. And as a reminder.
2018 Mar 30
I really enjoyed watching him groove during the automations. The way he grooves with his board is cool it's like an instrument. Like a 48 string guitar. Mahalo!
2018 Mar 29
Very Good Video and explains well how CLA did it. Would it be possible to have a screenshot of the SSL setting during Mix printing, because it's hard to see during the show.
2018 Mar 25
Not only is Chris a (best) great mixer, g whiz he is really a phenomenal teacher! He communicates so well. With the digital recording boom, you can tell Chris wants to do his bit to make sure music is continued to be presented well. Epic Legend imo
2018 Mar 25
His speed and comfort zone on his SSL is just inspiring. These tracks are just recorded and produced so well, making CLA's job a ton easier.
2018 Mar 24
My men, what a great piece of video! This guy makes you to change your point of view on what's to mix a song!
2018 Mar 24
Canymanjl - thanks that makes sense. I’m not from the analogue world so it seemed odd to me.
2018 Mar 23
I rarely enjoyed watching a mixing video as I enjoyed watching this one. It's nothing that I would be able to do or even try but man... so fun to see thing guy make love to his console... Refreshing in some way... It rocks! Sweet bonus to be add to what we already got from premix. Thanks
2018 Mar 22
Pure joy! Thank you Pure Mix
2018 Mar 21
Hey Puremix Crew / Chris, Is there a rule of thumb for dialing in the release on a limiter like L1 (For Vocals)?
2018 Mar 20
In pro tools is possible to get the faders like the vcas (they stay in place) using the PREVIEW MODE. It's tricky but works. I am curious to know how Chris monitors. I notice that the master fader is DOWN and probably bypassed in patch.
2018 Mar 20
In pro tools is possible to get the faders like the vcas (they stay in place) using the PREVIEW MODE. It's tricky but works.
2018 Mar 18
Loved watching it! It was like Rambo meets Aliens II. Thank you Chris and Puremix for posting it up!
2018 Mar 18
por favor subtítulos en español
2018 Mar 18
AWESOME tutorial. Having a problem thou. When I downloaded the exercise files and drop them in PT they are not in sync, everything is playing some different part of the song. Is there a fix to this other than manually doing it? Thanks...!!!
White Cat Studio
2018 Mar 18
Great video!!! CLA is so fast on his SSL wow... I'm just sad that we can only have 1 minute of the song but it's a great song! Thanks Puremix and CLA!
2018 Mar 17
2018 Mar 17
up4it1000uk, the console insert sends are always active, that's why you see the Distressors working. But until he hits the insert switch you're not hearing them.
Star Jee
2018 Mar 17
AMAZIIIINNGGG ! Thanks a lot.
2018 Mar 17
Interesting video but there is a lot more to it that isn't mentioned in this short video. The 'dry' tracks are recored so well and already have a ton of processing/editing added during the recording or 'pre-mix' editing stage. Therefore don't be disheartened if you can't get your raw tracks to sound like that in 2 hours. Also why are the 2 Distressors not mentioned, you can clearly see they are both compressing the drums during the mix? Thanks Puremix, and thanks Chris, I always enjoy your videos.
2018 Mar 16
This is a terrific guide to going with gut instincts before you overthink it. The tutorial goes by as fast as CLA mixes! As for achieving SSL style "join" automation, those of you on ProTools HD can take advantage of "Preview." It's not exactly the same as VCAs on the console with the motors off, but it's close. With faders in latch mode, go into preview and adjust faders to your liking for that "scene." Command+click the Preview button to suspend, rewind to the previous section and as you roll in, punch preview and you'll hear the change! Keep rolling and stop to return to prev. levels.
2018 Mar 16
The most informative CLA tutorial he's done & have seen many (removing pops with EQ, signal path, ambience on drums, delay settings, 2 ProTool systems, etc.) Thank you for mixing with analog gear, it is still the most superior sound only transformers & tubes can deliver. Thank you for mixing & sharing with analog CLA, it is the icing on the cake.
2018 Mar 16
This was great. Key points for me were 1) how close the original tracks are without Chris doing anything (record it right!) 2) Having all those SSL EQs to hand rather than plugins is 1 million times faster than protools and 3) Chris managed to add so much to it with what seemed fairly simple eq and comp moves. Very impressive! Much more practice needed for me!!!
2018 Mar 15
Outstanding video! So instructive. It's really impressive to see CLA at work. I've already seen tutorial videos by CLA, always time well spent. I'm glad that he joined the PureMix mentors. "Keep it simple!" :-) Thanks to CLA and to PureMix.
2018 Mar 15
More please! This was great. Awesome info and perspective. Thanks PureMix!
2018 Mar 15
Hi Chris. Excellent approach with this great song. Learned a lot especially your reasoning with the drums, balancing, verbs segment. Saw your performance at Sweetwater last year, hopefully you'll be there again and Fab Dupont. Your the best, thanks