Darrell Thorp Mixing Foster The People

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Darrell Thorp has been trusted to record and mix studio albums for artists like Radiohead, The Foo Fighters, Beck and dozens more in some of the best rooms in the world.  So when Foster The People needed someone to record a live performance for them, they knew who to call.

As the demand increases for bands to produce more content in the streaming age, so does the need for recording and mixing engineers to rise up to the challenge of capturing an electrifying real-time performance and delivering it to the world. 

In this two and a half hour long tutorial, Darrell shows you how he overcame the challenges associated with mixing a live performance video for the indie rock band, Foster The People. 

See how Darrell:

  • Compensates for a boomy acoustic venue
  • Identifies and corrects polarity and phase issues
  • Levels out inconsistent drums 
  • Mixes the bands triggered samples with live acoustic drums
  • Befriends the bleed in the vocal and stage microphones
Equipment & Software


  • D-Verb
  • FabFilter Pro DS
  • FabFilter Pro G
  • FabFilter Pro MB
  • FabFilter Pro Q2
  • Massey L2007
  • Sound Radix Drum Leveler
  • Soundtoys Micro Shift
  • SSL E Series Channel Strip
  • Trim
  • UAD 1176 Rev A
  • UAD API 550A
  • UAD Dbx 160
  • UAD EL7 Fatso Jr
  • UAD Fairchild 660
  • UAD Little Labs VOG
  • UAD Maag EQ4
  • UAD Millennia NSEQ-2
  • UAD Neve 1073
  • UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • UAD SPL Transient Designer
  • UAD Teletronix LA-2A
  • UAD Tube-Tech CL 1B
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb
  • Valhalla Freq Echo
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Darrell Thorp

Darrell Thorp is a nine-time Grammy Award winning engineer. Darrell started as a guitar player before joining the navy for 4 years, then enrolled to the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona. He finally stepped into the music world by working as an assistant in some of L.A.'s prestigious studios such as Track Record, Conway and Ocean Way studio.

Darell has worked with artists of great renown such as OutKast, Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Beck, Ray Charles, Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, Molotov and contributed to many multi-platinum records. Darrell now works at his own studio called 101 Recording in LA on an API 1604 console with a hybrid digital / analog setup.

You can watch Darrell's work on pureMix with indie artists like Foster the People and Future Elevators and see how he gets this modern rock sound you hear every day on the radio.





Paul McCartney


Nigel Godrich

Featured Artists and Musics

Formed in Los Angeles in 2009 by multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Mark Foster, indie rock trio Foster the People make melodic, atmospheric, dance-oriented pop.

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2021 Jun 28
Ver interesting! I would love to know why Darrell didn't really use any high pass EQs to get rid of some mud or unwanted energy in the mix.. I guess because it's in that live case not unwanted? Thank You!
2021 Jun 14
Really enjoyed it... Thanks for doing it - great teacher as well as a great mixer.
2020 Apr 21
Good to see a mix from scratch, not just an explanation of the plugins used.
2019 Sep 27
Excellent! What made it good was the production tidbits of how these instruments were tracked and living with the bleed. Definitely would love to see more tracking videos with a live bands.
2019 Sep 18
The snare tracks didn't look or sound out of phase to me - am I missing something?
2018 Oct 24
Really liked this tutorial. Especially the way Darrell explains how he uses the trim plugin and really gives a meat and potatoes on approaching mixing.
2018 Aug 25
good teacher thanks for the educational content
2018 Jun 20
Would have been great with the multitracks
2018 Jun 15
I really liked how Darrell explained what he was doing and that he did not go over the top with a million different plug-ins. He dropped in a number of good tips along the way as well. Excellent video!
2018 Jun 11
Im wondering why he didnt adjust the attack of the tom gates to the fastest
2018 May 27
I just love it. Darrell's tips and tricks are so insightful.
Arnold Vigh
2018 May 25
Darrel went into a dark and mysterious forest with the Snare phase... :)))
Some Guy
2018 May 25
Man is that noise gate on Darrell sure annoying! Ironically the gate on him exhibits exactly the problem with gating that he talks about with the toms.
2018 May 23
Thnks puremix! Great vid! Now that's what I'm talking about!!
2018 May 21
Love it!