Fab Dupont Mixing Template

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Make Any Session Feel Like Home

Starting every mix from scratch wastes hours of precious mixing time and keeps you from creating consistent sounding mixes. The key to efficient and creative mixing is to create a mixing template system that sets you up for success on every mix.

If you’re an engineer looking for a helpful starting point to use on all of your mixing session Grammy winner Fab Dupont’s mixing template is a great place to start.

Learn how Fab created a flexible and powerful mixing system that is optimized for modern music productions. The routing and effects that Fab uses as his starting point for mixes gives him the flexibility to work both in the box as well as with analog summing with no added hassle.

See how a professional mixing engineer utilizes advanced routing, effects sends, stem aux tracks, VCA groups, and master faders along with default plugin settings that save time and make getting a great sounding mix easy.

Fab shows you his entire mixing template setup using both 3rd party plugins and also the built in plugins. His mixing template is filled with clever tricks and effects presets that give you simple methods to accomplish complex mixing tasks in seconds.

After watching Fab explain his template in detail, you can then download his template for:

  • Pro Tools,
  • Logic,
  • Studio One,
  • Cubase,
  • Ableton

Use or adapt Fab’s mixing system for yourself and get better sounding mixes every time.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • Avid Channel Strip
  • Avid D-Verb
  • Avid D3 Expander/Gate
  • Avid Distortion
  • Avid Dyn3 Compressor / Limiter
  • Avid EQ3 
  • Avid Ensemble
  • Avid Filter Gate
  • Avid Mod Delay III
  • Avid Pro Expander
  • BF-76
  • Fabfilter Pro Q-2
  • Pultec Pro Legacy
  • Sonnox Oxford Dynamics
  • Sonnox Oxford EQ
  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter
  • Sound Toys Echo Boy
  • Sound Toys Effect Rack
  • Sound Toys Micro Shift
  • Tape Head
  • UAD 1176LN
  • UAD Lexicon 224
  • UAD NEve 33609
  • XILS DeeS
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    Fab Dupont

    Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

    Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

    He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

    Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


    David Crosby

    Queen Latifah

    Jennifer Lopez

    Mark Ronson

    Les Nubians

    Toots And The Maytals

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    2022 Sep 23
    I cant figure out how to add a section for the chorus vocals. This template only accounts for lead vocal and back up vocals. I need to separate the verse vocals from the chorus vocals and there is no routing for this.. Everytime I try to create the routing myself I lose all the audio routing to the main outs? Ive tried creating new bus, new master, new stem bus with no luck.. Anyone can help with this. I dont want to process the lead vocal with the same processing I am using for the chorus.
    2022 Apr 13
    But why are you sending the BD and Snare subs to the Drum Crush, and not to the BD Crush and Snare Crush?
    2022 Mar 27
    Oh boy, this is the real thing! Thank you so much, Fab, this course is just outstanding! \o/
    2021 Nov 17
    Anyone knows how to use the limiter, do I bring the threshold down until I get a reduction ?
    2021 Mar 07
    Nevermind after watching all the way through I figured out he was talking about string bass in the bass section. I routed the 808 through the electronic drum section and the rest of the kit through the acoustic drum section and it sounds great! Although I do often get sessions where the instrumental has been purchased as full "trackout" copy (all stereo sems) from the producer & I then have to mix raw vocals to the stems. I would love to see how Fab, Ryan or even one of the other mentors would approach a mix like this
    2021 Mar 01
    Does anyone use this template for hip hop? If so where do you put the 808s? I can't decide if it should be treated as an electronic drum, a synth, or a bass guitar.
    2021 Feb 23
    I use this template on every mix.. Especially having a large drum kit with 16 mics, if needed and the kit never moves. . The stem mixing is the only way to go. Have to try this great template. Fabulous tutorial too.
    2021 Jan 23
    Thank you! what's the difference between tail and space?
    2021 Jan 19
    Who is this guy? He's really lazy. He emphasizes it many times. ;)
    Rap Alliance Productions
    2020 Oct 14
    I watched this video once, and now am unable to play it again...has anyone else had trouble wit this video??
    2020 Oct 05
    Would like to download the template for Studio One. Thks Got the Template. It's in the Exercise files
    2020 Oct 05
    Would like to download the template for Studio One. Thks
    2020 Sep 03
    Nice lesson! But where do i download the template for Ableton Live? Thanks
    2020 Apr 05
    Many thanks for this great explanation ! I have a question - on your template, you have 11 "MASTER" faders each set to -6 for mixing. I'm using LogicX and my template didn't come with these tracks. How do these 11 master tracks differ from the 11 stems tracks? Merci beaucoup!
    2020 Mar 13
    Great video, merci Fab! One question though, I added the "stems" tracks to my template but when I send all my "subs" to the stems (and the Stems go to my Master), I don't hear anything. What am I missing? The Stems are Audio tracks, right?
    2020 Jan 19
    This is great Fab. How do I download the template for Studio One? Thanks much. Benn
    2020 Jan 04
    In the Cubase Stock Plugin Template. There is a Flanger on the "01 BD Stem" Track. Why ?
    2019 Dec 03
    Much appreciated. Many thanks Fab!
    2019 Jun 30
    Fantastic Stems!
    2019 Mar 29
    first 10 minutes already blew my mind. super powerful information. thank you!
    2019 Jan 28
    Great, super organized, well explained! Thanks!
    2019 Jan 21
    Really fantastic, thanks
    2018 Sep 19
    hey fab! do you stop to using summing box?
    2018 May 09
    Fab, what is the difference between your dedicated trigger track and the look ahead setting on the gate itself? I'm probably missing something very obvious. Thanks!!!!!! =)
    2018 May 08
    it would be cool to see a template that does use analog summing to e.g. a Dangerous D-Box . It seems a few of the protagonists at PureMix like the analog summing approach and checking out whatever nuances of its use would be great.
    2018 Jan 05
    Fun fact : In ancient times, the word "fabdupont" meant smartness
    2018 Jan 01
    Hello great Template tutorial and very smarts explanations how can i get the audiofiles ;However i have put the ones of my own projects .
    Sariel Montalván
    2017 Nov 09
    Excelente, gracias por los subtítulos en español, ahora entiendo mejor todo!
    nilton caboco
    2017 Nov 06
    I Don't Understand Why You're Putting The Bd its Going out on the separate stems then the drum stems
    2017 Oct 09
    Is there any reason why the kick and snare subs are not sending to the kick and snare parallels or is it just a 'wait and see if it needs it' thing?
    2017 Aug 22
    whats the difference on tail and space? Space is reverb but whats tail?
    2017 Aug 20
    Muito bom!!! Mas vai sair com legenda em Português ??? Obrigado
    2017 Aug 20
    Awesome Video! Thanks!
    2017 Aug 20
    Just curious... why use Aux tracks for the stems? Audio tracks can be printed and the stems mixed later. Is there a reason not to do this?
    2017 Aug 02
    2017 Jul 28
    Hello Fab . Words cannot express what you have done for me as mixer and have finally gave me a new happiness towards mixing . I feel less overwhelmed and if I lost , which is often ,ha ,I can watch your videos and others on Pure Mix and know that the answers are on here . Thanks You Tons ,Joe
    Sariel Montalván
    2017 Jul 20
    Is posible subtitles in spanish? Please!
    2017 Jul 18
    Local Government and Federal Government is such a hilarious yet accurate way to explain Fab's routing, lol. Thanks Fab! Great tutorial, looking forward to implementing some of your template ideas into my own mixes.
    2017 Jul 15
    Grand merci Fab!
    2017 Jul 13
    Hey Fab! I love the gate side chain trick, will definitely incorporate this one into my template. I wouldn't have needed the whole template as I think every mixer should build his own, but just getting a walkthrough like this from you and Andrew gave me some ideas to implement in my template, like the discrete reverb paths for example. Thanks a lot for the insight!
    2017 Jul 13
    Hi Fab! Great video, thanks! But, it's possible Spanish subtitles?
    Highlands Recording Arts
    2017 Jul 13
    Well as usual Fab is simply Fahbulous dahlings! What more can I say? Fab is like a fine French wine and a delightful Brie fromage.... every morsel worth its weight in gold! Merci Fab, Merci! Cyn
    Vegard Knutsen
    2017 Jul 13
    Thank you Fab! One request... is it possible to get the Logic Template with third party plugins?
    Silver Arch Studios
    2017 Jul 13
    This is great Fab, thank you! Just two questions regarding the Logic version you have included.. 1 - The two busses at the end of the chain (50 and 51) that the bass drum and snare triggers are sending to, they are set to send to 'Stereo Out'. Should they be set to No Output? 2 - The backing vox send busses are in place (busses 28 to 34) but not on any send channels. Should they be on the Backing Sub 1 (bus 27) channel as sends, or from individual backing vox inputs? Hope it is ok me asking. Thank you for the video, I enjoyed it very much! Alex.
    2017 Jul 13
    2017 Jul 13
    Thank you Fab for the template and your work . I appreciate it . Looking forward to more videos
    Fabulous Fab
    2017 Jul 13
    @lutman: Studio One does not offer the master track type. The gain stage has to happen at the bus input level.
    2017 Jul 13
    Thanks very much for this Fab! I have a question - on your template, you have 11 "MASTER" faders each set to -6 for mixing. I'm using Studio One and my template didn't come with these tracks. How do these 11 master tracks differ from the 11 stems tracks?
    2017 Jul 12
    I've been a member for about a year and this alone is worth it. finally Fab giving up a template, but i know he likes to work on the fly so thanks! looking forward to tweaking it for yet another approach to work flow...
    Gaetan F.
    2017 Jul 12
    I just downloaded the templates and it's great to see you took time to make one for each of the well know DAW ! It's wonderfull as I mainly work with Logic. Thank you so much !
    L Pass
    2017 Jul 12