Fred Everything Enhancing A House Beat

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Savvy producers know that the secret to making a House beat that captures the listener lies in the subtle changes that happen as the song progresses.

In this Exclusive, House Music DJ and producer, Fred Everything, explains how he creates the infectious house beats that have made him a staple in the house music scene. Fred shows you how to make your tracks evolve by layering sounds that support one another, and how to keep the listener engaged throughout the song with creative audio and MIDI editing.

Learn how Fred:

  • Adds punch and weight to kick drums
  • Uses a Transient Designer to sculpt the attack of snare and clap sounds.
  • Sidechains cymbals with kick drums to add movement and groove to the track
  • Uses the built-in stock logic plugins, such as the Classic VCA compressor, to tighten drums.

Watch Fred Everything create and mix a house beat. Only on

Equipment & Software


  • Channel EQ
  • Chorus
  • EXS24
  • Gain
  • Multipressor
  • Noise Gate
  • Overdrive
  • Space Designer
  • Stereo Spread
  • Transient Master
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Fred Everything

French Canadian DJ/Producer Fred Everything is a key player in the world of House Music with two decades in the music business and a discography of more than 200 releases to his credit. Born in Hull and raised in Quebec City, Fred caught the bug early for electronic music in high school, working summer jobs washing dishes to buy his first synths. He then formed a few bands while spending his weekends as the youngest kid in local nightclubs. In the early 90s, he started playing live in raves and clubs across Canada. He was then known simply as “Everything,” because of the eclectic nature of his sets, which would include Techno, House, Ambient and even Drum & Bass. A highlight of that period was opening for Sasha at Metropolis in Montreal. Tired of carrying his 909 and 101 around, he started to DJ more actively and changed his name to ‘Fred Everything’. A move to the big city of Montreal was the next obvious thing, where he landed a job at the city’s legendary Inbeat Record Store. It wasn’t too long after, that Fred found himself releasing on some of his favorite labels and touring internationally.


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2019 Apr 10
useless course
2019 Mar 27
Useful and clear, thanks!
2019 Mar 25
subtitles in spanish !!
2019 Mar 18
Thanks for sharing your knowledge! What about Logic's Enveloper, isn't that doing what the Transient Designer does?
2019 Mar 14
Mono ? Why ?
2019 Mar 14
umm.. is it just me or is this whole tutorial in mono?
2019 Mar 14
More like this please! Using just logic stock sounds and plugin, the guys makes an outstanding sounding house beat! This show that it's all about taste and knowledge and not just gears!!!