Hybrid Digital/Analog Mixing

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In this one hour and twenty seven point three minutes extravaganza Fab mixes a new track from Indie Pop band Plastic Days.

Starting from scratch and explaining every step he takes and every choice he makes (Every breath he takes, every move he makes, oh can’t you seeeeeee....), he coaxes the track from rough mix to final mix using hardware eqs and compressors, many different plugins, analog summing, and a great array of tricks to make the song shine. Instruments dealt with range from vocals to bass, drums, guitars and keyboards (Oolala).

The attached zip file contains the original uncompressed files of the session.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software

Dangerous 2-Bus, Roger Schult EQs, RockRuepel Comp1, ELI Fatso, Chandler TG1, Mercury Pultec EQH1, Dangerous BAX EQ

Software used : ProTools HD9, Oxford EQ, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford Reverb, UAD Room Simulator, UAD EMT140, UAD Pultec, UAD 1176, UAD Fairchild, UAD Little Labs, UAD Precision EQ, Soundtoys Echoboy, Soundtoys PhaseMistress, Softube Reverb, Avid Expander Gate

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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

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2018 Jan 06
must see. thanks
2016 Nov 28
Amazing video, thanks @fabulousfab. I have an issue though. I tried your trick of running the output from my SSL Sigma into an aux and then bussing that to the final print channel as demonstrated to allow for both digital and analogue 2-buss processing. Unfortunately I am unable to monitor the processed mix output without getting feedback as I am already summing audio through the output channels (1-2 to 15-16). I have 16 stereo channels available to me and all of them have stems sent to them. How do I make it so I am only monitoring the processed 2 buss channel to eliminate the issue?
2016 Sep 23
Hi Fab. Any Reason why do you put the Bax EQ after Ruper Comp? Thanks
2016 Feb 18
Awesome Fab! Great teacher, really
2015 Nov 28
Great tutorial, but I own a dangerous 2-bus + and d-box and still don't understand headroom? I still adjust faders in my DAW.Based on what you said analog summing headroom is more applicable with outboard processing? Thanks and hope you can respond to this soon or make a vid for viewers to understand this more especially with the new 2-bus+
2015 Oct 13
What a fantastic video. Fab, you have an great way of getting things across. I'm using a Thermionic Fat Bustard for summing and I love it. There was no going back for me!
Fabulous Fab
2015 Jul 07
@Platypodes: these days I use a Dangerous Liaison (post 2Bus pre A to D)
2015 May 18
Hey Fab, Wondering how you adjust your parallel processing level in the analog domain if using a summer like the 2 Bus which leaves volume control to the DAW? Thanks man!
Fabulous Fab
2015 Mar 16
@highgardenaudio: just feed the monitor outputs of the 2Bus (That second set of XLRs) to the Analog input of the Dbox.
2015 Mar 16
Thanks for such a quick response Fab! Considering you are the de facto bastion of Dangerous gear, one more question- before I got the 2 bus and Apollo 16 I was running the D-Box/Apollo Duo combo, which of course let me monitor the summing of the d-box as well the digital input of the DAW. How would I set this up with the 2 bus? My mains and alternate monitors are plugged into the D-box for the great D/A and monitor control, and the digital connection to the Apollo to d/box is AES (no spdif on the 16)
Fabulous Fab
2015 Mar 16
@highgardenaudio: That's the way. Insert io. Otherwise no bus processing.
2015 Mar 16
Hello Fab, Thanks for taking the time to make such an in-depth and informative tutorial. I produce professionally, and recently upgraded to an Apollo 16, 2 bus LT, and a d-box for monitoring control, TB, D/A, etc. I also have a lot of outboard. Being so used to the workflow of using buses inside of PT and using plugins on those buses, is there any type of work-around to process say process a vocal in the analog world yet still have the vocal bus processing effect it? Would the only answer be having more I/O to just use a hardware insert on said track?
Fabulous Fab
2015 Feb 12
@69bluesman: not really becasue I don;t use that much hardware and I plan ahead. But there is nothing wrong with that technique with modern quality converters.
2015 Jan 11
Nice Fab! Do you ever find yourself printing individual tracks processed through your analog signal just to free up pieces of gear to use on other tracks?
2014 Apr 03
Great tune to work with. I also have truncated files. Is this exercise intentionally only 47seconds of the song to work on?
2014 Mar 26
thanks for your answer Fab would be hard for me to do it cause i don't have the hardware ... i mostly ITB cause i think it's more convinient and fast ... and my girlfriend won't notice the difference ... i'm on my way to buy an appolo and a D box, because of you ... ;-) i think analog summing is exacltly was i was looking for ... best of both world ... thnks again !
Fabulous Fab
2014 Mar 26
@thegoonmat: It basically impossible to do that because of gain staging. There will always be a difference in sound. My personal preference is summing but you should try for yourself and decide for yours. MIx the same song twice from scratch, once with and once without and see which mix you like best, which process was easiest, which was more fun, faster, which your girlfriend liked better, etc, etc... That'll be your sound.
2014 Mar 25
hi, here's a new really happy subscriber here ! you say at the end that you can do without the hardware ... so i would be really happy to listen to the same mix only in the box ... so we can finally put some sounds on the eternal ITB/OTB debate ... and save a bunch of $$$ (actually €€€) bye !!
2014 Mar 19
Hi Fab, Awesome video. I learnt a lot. Many thanks. Edouard
2014 Jan 26
Nice tutorial Fab! Thanks for the effort that went into making this video. Greetings from Belgium! Dirk
Il Pianista
2013 Sep 24
At 1:25:28, when you enable the 2-buss processing moving your head, I had shivers. That moment really made me say "This is what I really like and I cannot live without". Thanks for your passion in mixing, and in teaching too.
2013 Sep 12
Thank You Fab for taking the time to make this great video and explaining all the routing.
2013 Sep 09
2013 Aug 14
Hey Fab, You can find orange patch cables right here to complete your collection ! Et voilà ! Great video by the way. Regards from France.
2013 Jul 29
Hey, why not use the trigger kick as side chain for the expander, instead of trying to eq out the snare?
2013 Jul 29
Hey, why not use the trigger kick as side chain for the expander, instead of trying to eq out the snare?
2013 Apr 12
I love this stuff .to me it is a perfect way to learn the tasks , process , tools , and then be able to practice all this implementing your own workflow on your own DAW and setup.extremly stoked on this pure mix purchase .
2013 Mar 21
Hi Fab, I've tried downloading the ZIP file containing the session files with no success. I've attempted at least 10 times already, and the download gets "truncated", meaning to say, the downloaded ZIP file is always less than 106MB. Please help. Thanks. Felix
Fabulous Fab
2013 Mar 16
@angel72bg: It's really hard to base a purchase decision on someone else's taste. The 'some people' who think the Mytek is better might not have the same taste/vision/room acoustics/workflow/preamps as you do. Which makes their suggestion useless to you. My advice to you is that the simplest rig is the best rig. Consequently I would stay away from mix and matching drivers and brands. If you listen to the Mytek and think that it blows the Lynx out of the water, then get that and make your rig an 8 channel summing rig. If not, then get the Lynx and make it a 16 channel rig.
Fabulous Fab
2013 Mar 16
@Wiz: I guess you could do that. It's not super elegant and it will definitely affect how plugins respond, especially compressors and reverb sends, but it's a workaround to tracks recorded too loud. I can see some other weird situations happening when you start grouping stuff, sub mixing and doing parallel compression. try it and see how it works for you.
2013 Mar 15
I am your client,you can see that in my account here. I have only one question. Help with some advise please. Mytek ADDA 8 192 or lynx Aurora 16 for summing and recording. They are about the some price but Mytek is 8 chanels and Aurora is 16. Some people think that Mytek is better and the 8 chanels deserve the price. If I buy Mytek and use 8 chanels for summing the most important part from the mix(Voc.BD,SD,Bass,overheads, and so on...)and the rest 8 chanels i will use my Focusrite Luqid 56. Is that good idea? Please Help Best Regards
2013 Mar 11
Email : Comment : bonjour , je viens d\'acheter \"Mixing hybrid\" et après avoir télécharger les pistes entrainement , le fichier Zip ne s\'ouvre pas j\'ai un message d\'erreur qui me dit que le fichier est vide... gasp!!! et voilà! ;) merci de me dire si cela est possible d\'obtenir ce telechargement ... ps pour Fab Dupont ...dommage que les vidéos ne soient qu\'en anglais.. cela me pose problème pour l\'entière compréhension des tutoriels je m\'accroche pas quand mê rame see you letter ;) Country : France
2012 Jul 03
great video enjoyed it immensely. Confused on the headroom issue. If you had inserted a trim or gain plug, first in the channel of each instrument in PRO TOOLS and trimmed the level of each track, leaving the fader at unity. Would you have achieved the same headroom on the mix bus ITB? At least I think I understand that by not doing that and coming out in stems, you are using the Dangerous's headroom , and then bringing that back into PRO TOOLS at a level that is correct for printing the track. By using the trim plug, if you have to stay ITB, you get the faders around unit.
2012 May 12
@MB5487: Sounds like a lovely rig. You can use all that stuff for tracking too. YOu should listen to every piece personally before you buy them. I know it's work but it' important.
2012 May 12
Fab, I'm considering joining the analog summing revolution. I was thinking of starting with some basic utilitarian pieces such as: 2 vintech x73i's, 2 distressors, and a avalon 747. This would give me 2 pre/eqs, a stereo comps, and stereo tube comp/eq for the 2bus. Any thoughts on the wisdom of this strategy? Thanks, Great video as always, Matt
2012 May 08
Hi Fab, Let me just say this: All very brilliant videos!! And that's where the extra I/O comes in. I don't have enough I/O to insert the compressor! Many thanks anyway, Jantzen
Fabulous Fab
2012 May 08
@jantzen: If an instrument has so wide a macro dynamic range that you can;t have a post fader compressor then either use a plugin or use an io insert just for that instrument. It's fine. Hope this helps. Fab
Fabulous Fab
2012 May 08
@jantzen: the number of io does not change the fact that when you hit a compressor post fader the threshold varies. You are correct. I don;t see that as a problem, I kinda dig that sound actually, situation and style depending. Within reason, it can be nice to have the instrument be a little more squished when you push the level up. Dont; forget than when you send a whole song to mastering the compressor is essentially post your levels changes and is pushing back against all those subtle moves you spent weeks achieving.
2012 May 08
Very cool video. Just got a Folcrom and using this with some good preamps. The main problem I'm having is, while it does sound very nice and it seems to come together faster, that anything in the analog domain aren't controlled by the fader anymore. This isn't a huge problem if it's just EQ in analog, but if I used my compressor then the send levels are all messed up. I guess that's why you have 32 I/O while I have 8 ins and 16 outs.
2012 Apr 23
@ Ankut: if you go Apollo I would consider a D-Box. It's a pretty amazing combo. The Delay video is very requested, it's on the list.
2012 Apr 23
thx fab,obv i have never tried the analog summing world. buts it very interesting. Dangerous 2 buss LT seems like a good choice for a project studio like mine. but before that i need to invest in a good interface with lots of outs. maybe UAd Apollo if i save enough. then followed by the 2 buss LT thx for your insight Fab. U rock! p.s. Please do one video specifically for delays n how to use them on different source material in different styles of music.. cheers!
2012 Apr 23
@ Ankur: Plugins do not reduce headroom, they have the headroom that the DAW makes available to them that the track level no less. Depending on your gain stage techniques, you will find that the analog domain is more forgiving and leaves more space for things like big boosts on the bottom end. The 2-Buss handles the signal in a way that let's you keep proper levels back in the DAW. As you see on the video returning levels are just right with all faders sitting at or around null. No clipping. Your questions are very valid. They just show you have not tried this technique yet :-)
2012 Apr 13
2)also the amount of signal pushing that you did with outboard gear eqs n compressors which gets summed in the 2 buss and post 2 buss processing also, it comes back to the converters back to the daw. wont this signal be very hot and clip the print aux?? do you reduce the fader of the print aux to get back to a moderate level?? if yes, wouldnt that kill the headroom of the mix?? please do answer as i wanted to learn more about it. sorry if these queations are stupid.. cheers!
2012 Apr 13
fab, certain thing confused me in the above vid or maybe i misunderstood or maybe these are very idiotic questions as i m tryin to get my head around analog summing world or maybe i was not paying attention. 1) when you say that using plugins in the PT session will reduce headroom and you prefer using outboard gear on the way to 2 buss. what confuses me is isnt the signal anyways going to the 2 buss through stems and coming back to the daw via print buss. so why do plugins usage reduce headroom in the mix
2012 Apr 13
the whole mess!..... mix. hahahahaha!
2012 Jan 22
What an awesome tutorial!
2011 Dec 09
OK. Let me get this out off my chest first...Fab when I grow up, I want to be just like you!!! :) Fantastic tutorial (as per usual). I have a question regarding creating stems. If you had to create stems of your final mix, would you print these stems back into Protools (including all outboard processing/summing) with or without the 2-bus processing? My thinking is that the 2-bus signal chain will probably react differently to single instruments so would you keep it engaged purely for its coloration effect? Thanks again for this tutorial. I will be watching it over and over again!!!
2011 Dec 08
hey fab, great video, thanks! i think i found a mistake at 2:06. in my understanding, PlugIns are POST recording, not PRE, right? help me if i´m wrong...
2011 Dec 07
Now i'm trying to check it and there is a bug....
2011 Dec 07
Too bad we can't download.
2011 Dec 01
Great tutorial. I know I can overthink these things to death, and Fab just makes it seem to flow. I picked up some great tricks from this tutorial. Thanks Fab!
2011 Nov 10
This was one of the most helpful so far. I can already hear the difference in my mixes after a few small changes based on your approaches to listening and execution. I can't wait to get my hands on some analog gear to try the same techniques in that realm. Thnx for the gems!
Dave Zerio
2011 Nov 03
Great video Fab! You totally rocked the reupel on this one. Can't wait to go home and re-work some previous mixes. Stay tuned for lots of questions! DZ
2011 Nov 02
FAB !!!!! Thank You VEEERRRYYYYY Much .. for showing us how you do the things you do !!!! Of course we all here know whats a compressor ... but how ( sorry i have to say this word ) lovely you are using all this things. THANKS !!!! and also i really like how you say ROCKRUEPEL ... hahahaha ,,,,
2011 Nov 02
After watching this I spent a few hours touching up old mixes and they are sounding so much better just using a few of the things I learned. Thanks guys!!
2011 Nov 01
Wouah! ... just wouah!
2011 Nov 01
Wow! Thanks you so much for this amazing video! so many tips! Everything seems so clear when Fab explains it! Most likely the most useful hour and a half i've spent in months! keep it up guys!