Inside The Mix: Jamiroquai with Mick Guzauski

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Watch Mick Guzauski Mix The Epic Single, "Vitamin" From Jamiroquai

Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer, Mick Guzauski, has made a name for himself as one of the top mixing engineers in the world. With over 27 #1 singles, few have risen to the heights of success that Mick has.

In this Exclusive, Mick opens his mix of Jamiroquai's song "Vitamin" to explain his thought process, workflow, and techniques that he used to create this incredibly tight, punchy and exciting mix that manages to have a ton of space without ever losing the impact of the tight performances.

Learn how Mick:

  • Enhances low end on kick drums
  • Creates a crisp and tight high hat sound with a stereo spread
  • Adds space around elements of the mix with carefully chosen and tuned reverbs
  • Adds compression without character to subtly control and already great sounding lead vocal
  • How he sets up session routing to quickly create stems when requested
  • Tweaks his stereo bus EQ to create a tight low end while still controlling subsonic energy

Watch Mick Guzauski mix Jamiroquai's "Vitamin". Only on

Equipment & Software


  • Audio Ease Altiverb XL
  • Avid AIR Ensemble
  • Avid BF-76
  • Avid EQ3 7-Band
  • Avid Pro Subharmonic
  • BraniWorx bx_solo
  • Fab Filter Pro-C2
  • Fab Filter Pro-DS
  • Fab Filter Pro-G
  • Fab Filter Pro-L
  • Fab Filter Pro-MB
  • Fab Filter Pro-Q2
  • Sonnox Oxford Transmod
  • Sound Toys Echo Boy
  • UAD 1176LN Rev E
  • UAD Massive Passive EQ
  • UAD Pure Plate
  • UAD SSL 4000 E
  • UAD Teletronix LA-2A
  • Valhalla Plate
  • Valhalla Room
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Mick Guzauski

Mick Guzauski has won 9 Grammy Awards and mixed over 27 #1 hits. Mick is considered one of the top mix sound engineer and mixer in the world.

Mick's love for both music and technology started when he was in high school. Growing up in Rochester, NY where there were no nearby commercial studios so Mick put together his own studio in parents' basement with equipment that he had begged, borrowed, built, repaired and modified.

In the early '80s, Mick worked with Maurice White and Earth, Wind and Fire at the Complex owned by George Massenburg (the father of parametric EQs in case you did not know...). "Being around George was a great learning experience in both the art of recording and in audio technology," said Mick.

Then in 2013, Daft Punk was looking for an engineer/mixer to team up with on their fourth studio album and at the recommendation of mutual friend Mick got the call. Unlike most dance albums, the sound of Random Access Memories is completely organic and incredibly dynamic (and fat!)

Mick is actually well-known for his natural and organic sound. Have a look at his pureMix videos and pay attention to his subtle eq and compression move. Whatever he does, it always sounds unprocessed, real and sweet to the ear.


Daft Punk


Michael Jackson

Earth Wind & Fire

Natalie Cole

Kenny G

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marco bailo
2022 Mar 08
hola, por favor, traducir al español, gracias
2021 Mar 04
porfavor traducir los videos de mezcla al español! :(
2021 Feb 22
traducirlo al español por favor !
2021 Feb 03
"Yy recuerden tomar sus vitaminas..." haha, buen video, excelente música, arreglo, grabación y mezcla, top
2020 Jul 25
Porfavor traducirlo al español :(
2020 Jul 17
Love the breakdown of the funk always puzzled about getting such busy parts all sitting learned so much hope you bless us with more
2020 Jul 06
Best tip is at the end.
2020 Jun 26
please subtitles in Spanish
2020 Jun 17
This is so great, more with him mixing please! These are so great
2020 Jun 09
I'd love my mixes to be this minimal... Sadly, what my clients hand over to me are completely unusable unless they are processed to death. Top notch performance captured with great recording skills and boutique microphones are just not available for engineers like me :(
2020 Jun 04
Afther 5 minutes listen, i say thats really first class music. Thanks Mick Guzauski to share this with us, very nice arrengment i like the sound Greathings, from Belgium.
2020 May 13
That was really clear and concise. I love his minimalistic approach to mixing – fixing at first and keeping everything simple. Thanks Mick!
2020 Apr 30
Very good one, very interesting. I have to mention that (even the mixes of Mick always have been very good) with many things I've seen from Mick I couldn't really catch it (has nothing to do with the quality of his results, that stand for them selfs, but I just couldn't kind of adapt something of his expertise in my work till now). But with this he ave me some very useful sights of dealing with topend and space (which he mastered to have warmth/smoothiness in his sound I like and also pretty much space, openess an clarity at the same time, if this somehow makes sense to describe).
2020 Mar 17
I love Mick! VERY envious that he gets to mix music recorded this well. I guess that's why I prefer mixing stuff I've recorded. Was recently sent an EP from a local band who recorded at a local studio that people just love. It's AWFUL. Clearly a crappy old house reel. Clipping all over the place, bad ground hum 1kHz test tone audible on all the drum and bass tracks, terrible guitar tones all around. It's nice to be reminded that there are still folks out there recording this well!
L Pass
2020 Mar 07
Love it. Thanks, Mick.
Star Jee
2020 Feb 23
I love any Mick Guzauski mix and the way he does it. Au top.
2020 Feb 21
So the recordings were great to begin with. I get the message that you should do less if it already sound good. The mix was put together nicely. But as a home recorder a learned almost nothing because I have to deal with less than ideal recordings.
2020 Feb 20
Very Smooth nice mastering with uad plugins, sounds finaly very bright and good top end EQ ing. Its like Taste of Cake.
2020 Feb 19
This is what REAL MUSIC sounds like!!! This is how I want MY music to sound! There is a difference between good music and music that SOUNDS GOOD! Brother Mick has taken both those strands here and woven them together seamlessly into a tapestry of sound that intoxicates the ear and makes an addict of the imagination! Save me a spot in your Masterclass!