Internal Mixing: Module 2 - Preparation

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This is Module 2 of 9 of Friedemann Tischmeyer’s Internal Mixing program.

This module defines the starting point of the mixing process and deals with the following points: Converting MIDI to audio; Clear overview with track folders and color-coding; Working with groups; Compression in groups to save resources and “beef up the sound”; EQing groups to save resources and create “space”; Widening the stereo image in groups; Workflow overview.

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Friedemann Tischmeyer

Friedemann has mastered for artists such as Alan Parsons, Steely Dan, Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden, is inventor of the Dynamic Range Meter and founder of the Mastering Academy.


Alan Parsons

Steely Dan

Johnny Cash

Iron Maiden

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2016 Sep 08
These Friedemann videos are great. Just wanted to say that they are mislabeled in some places. I think this video (Preparation) is correctly labeled as #2, and the video on EQ should be labeled as #4. Cheers!
2013 Jan 13
This is really great. Showing a systematic workflow and how to organize a mixing project. Looking forward to the rest of this series. Thumbs up!