Internal Mixing: Module 9 - Bass & Vocals




This is Module 9 of 9 of Friedemann Tischmeyer’s Internal Mixing program.

In this final module, you will learn how to edit and treat individual instruments such as bass and vocals, in order to improve your mixing skills and therefore the overall quality of your mixes. Achieving a clear and warm bass sound is a key aspect to a coherent and successful mix. As for the vocals, they are very often the center of attention in a song, and it's very important to give them the space and definition that they need.

Here are some of the topics dealt with in the vocal section: EQing on vocals, de-essing, compression, reverb & delay, aligning different takes, editing breathers, editing loose syllable endings in choirs, dealing with proximity effect

Bass chapters deal with EQing, compression, note length, placement in the mix and volume overhead.

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Friedemann Tischmeyer

Friedemann has mastered for artists such as Alan Parsons, Steely Dan, Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden, is inventor of the Dynamic Range Meter and founder of the Mastering Academy.


Alan Parsons

Steely Dan

Johnny Cash

Iron Maiden

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2016 Sep 15
I'm just gonna play the "without balls" part on loop for the rest of my life.
2015 Jun 17
Thanks for the tutorial =) What I still don´t understand is how panning something more inwards can reduce phase problems?
2014 Feb 28
I like these videos, event though they are on the dry side. The language gets a bit academic at times. I also would have preferred them in german with english subtitles.