Joel Hamilton Mixing Highly Suspect

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Watch Joel Hamilton Mix The Hit Single "My Name Is Human"

In this 2-hour mixing tutorial, Joel Hamilton opens up the multitrack for Highly Suspect’s hit single "My Name Is Human" on his SSL console and then creates a new mix of it on camera, explaining every thought and decision that he makes along the way.

This video is an in-depth look at what it's like to mix a hit rock song from a massive band, using the best of both analog and digital tools.

In this tutorial, Joel explains:

  • His workflow in detail, including session setup, gear, routing, revisions and delivering mixes to clients.
  • How he uses an SSL Console and Outboard processing to shape the tone of the record and then moves into the box to fine-tune the mix
  • Uses outboard time-based effects like an Effectron II, AKG BX10, and a Bricasti M7
  • Sets stereo bus EQ and compression
  • Prints to a dedicated print machine w/ separate hardware and then does additional digital processing after printing stems from the analog mix.
  • How to slave multiple computers together to harness more processing power.

This is your chance to take an exclusive look at Joel's mixing techniques, thought process, and the approach that he has used to sculpt countless hits.

After you have seen how Joel mixed it, download the multitrack session and mix the same song for yourself to practice what you have learned.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • AKG BX 10 Spring Verb
  • Aphex Dominator 2
  • Briscati-m7m-stereo-reverb
  • Camilo Silva F Stereo Compressor CFS 4000E
  • Maag Magnum PI K
  • Magnatech 31b
  • Monitors ATC scm25a
  • Mono EFFECTRON delay
  • Pultec PEQ-500a
  • UAD Manley Massive Passive
  • UAD Oxford EQ
  • UAD Precision Limiter
  • UAD SSL G Series
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Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton is a record producer, engineer, musician, and an owner of the incredible Studio G in Brooklyn, New York.

Over his already impressive career, he has helped artists like Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop and more craft their music using his production skills and hybrid approach to record production.

In addition to making records, Joel also appeared as the host of the Spotify/Bose produced web series named “Art Of Sound”, which focuses on the connection between the physical, technical and emotional sides of music and sound.

When he is not creating chart topping hits with other artists, he performs as a musician with the band Book of Knots.


Highly Suspect

Pretty Lights


Elvis Costello

Tom Waits

Lyrics Born

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2022 Oct 21
Great video! Must add a video on the making of A Color Map of the Sun. Wonderful record
2022 Apr 21
Great video! But the audio from the master of the console is inverted, I think.
2022 Feb 20
This video is genius. I love the 'total artistic' approach, emotion-techinical.. Please, give Joel Hamilton more screen-time. He obviously has a lot more to share...
2021 Oct 06
We need more from this man . My brain is in so much pain after hearing all his knowledge on mixing and ideas on building a song as a producer . Wow this was incredible
2021 May 24
Awesome video
2020 Sep 23
Have been following Joel since 2015 and am so glad to finally have some teachings from the man himself
2020 Jul 14
Really enjoyed the video. This was my first exposure to Joel, and I really appreciated his approach and discussion. Thank you!
2020 Jul 13
Never mind. Cleared my browser cache and got to part 2 ... As you were!
2020 Jul 13
I'd love to see the conclusion of this video, but I can't get part 2 to load. I've logged out, logged back in, closed my browser, etc., etc. Is there a file corrupted or missing on your server?
2019 Dec 25
really good video! thanks!
2019 Dec 03
The video is really insteresting loved to see the process. BTW the audio sample we can listen to into the mix contest sound weird to my ears. I am the only one ?
2019 Dec 01
Great insight. Many thanks.
Robert Morgan
2019 Nov 18
Wow! I learned a lot watching this Video. Seeing Joel's workflow was amazing. Thank you Joel Hamilton!
2019 Nov 16
I love how he makes all of his mixing decisions in context. You'll notice he never solos anything to make adjustments. He just turns up the fader to make adjustments and then lowers it back once he's finished. Such a master.
2019 Nov 12
Great insight into Joel workflow, about his recording and mixing philosophy, and about some of his techniques to shape and feel his vision. Thank you!
2019 Nov 11
I actually really like this way of teaching, moving fast and having to use our ears. Then he explains what we just heard or what we missed. I can also relate to this guys work flow a lot. Instead of talking about phase relationships for half an hour he gets down and dirty quick so we don't lose focus.
2019 Nov 09
Finally new material, I love It so mouch, amazing mixer, amazin teacher. The important thing Is not what gear did he use, the important thing Is to learn why he make's every movement, why he made every paralell process, what's the goal. Amazing video
2019 Nov 08
Not really a tutorial, because if you have access to all the hardware mentioned, you don't need any tutorials. It's more about the vision and philosophy. Two separate protools rigs in one room is an overkill. Video editing is superb btw. I enjoyed watching it like a movie.
2019 Nov 07
very good one! I liked his mix way better than the final master - way too limited and through EQing the charme of this song, the roughness, changed too much, imo.
2019 Nov 06
This guy has an amazing way of articulating how things sound with metaphors. Love it.