John Paterno Mixing Robbie Williams

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Sit next to Grammy winner John Paterno while he explains to you, step-by-step, how he mixed Robbie Williams' hit song: "Don't Stop Talking".

Through this amazing 3 hour journey John starts from the foundation of the rhythm section and offers priceless insights on how he recorded the sessions and then he walks you through his choices of plug-ins and analog hardware to process over 60+ tracks.

After careful mixing of the lead vocals working with EQ, compression and effects to make it sit and float in the mix, John then covers his 2-bus processing chain that glue the tracks together perfectly. He then mixes acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals and all of keyboard tracks which are an integral part of the production.

No matter your skill level in sound engineering and music production, John Paterno's way of explaining his thought process makes it easy for everyone to absorb his techniques and methods to apply them on any mixing session.

Learn how to achieve a professional sounding pop record:

  • Background vocals effects to create that tight pocket around the singer during choruses
  • Electric guitar tricks to keep the wall of sound wide and smooth
  • Drum processing to maintain impact and drive the groove
  • Low frequency saturation to give bass that body and energy that never stops pumping the beat.

This is your best chance to learn how a hit record is made - from its raw tracks and production choices to a compelling final vision for the record.

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"Don't Stop Talking" by Robbie Williams

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John Paterno

John moved to Los Angeles two weeks after graduation from the University of Miami MUE [Music Engineering] program. A short period of freelance assisting concluded with a staff position at Sunset Sound/Sound Factory in Hollywood, where for five years he was exposed to many great engineers, producers, and artists.

After breaking out of assisting, John worked with a wide range of producers including Mitchell Froom, Joe Chiccarelli, Byron Gallimore, Celso Valli, and Stephen Duffy. He won a Latin Grammy for his work with artist/producer Soraya.

In addition, John has produced or co-produced projects for The Black Mollys, Mitchell Froom, Lustra, Robbie Williams, The Lilac Time, and many other artists. He has also co-written songs with artists and has written pieces for TV and film.

John is also known to be an outstanding guitar player, and has mastered the craft of recording this instrument.

Check out his videos on PureMix to see how his meticulous approach makes for detailed and punchy mixes.


Robbie Williams

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2020 Dec 02
Very nice Video. Tnx :)
2020 Jul 14
I really like John's mixing approach and the way he explains things as he goes. The two or three videos with him I've watched have been some of my favorites. It's odd, though, that several of the tracks included in the project weren't even discussed by him, and things like the piano that he worked on in the video is not the same material that's in the download. Not deal breakers by any means, but head scratchers. I though the song and lesson was worthwhile.
2020 Jul 13
Wow this is worth watching. It was very interesting to me taht John's approach to use compressor, reverbs and so on is way more intense compared to Fab. For the beginner it's way easier to hear than the subtle changes in other videos.
2020 Apr 07
excellent video
2019 Mar 24
I have a stream problem! My internet connection is ok, and also check the Youtube videos is playback very well, but most of puremix videos like this one is always stop playback or very low quality and freezing :( there must be an option to watch the tutorials offline like Netflix
2018 Nov 03
This lesson alone is worth the price of admission. great stuff.
2018 May 08
Hey -- Thanks for the nice comments. Really happy to hear it got you thinking about other possibilities. Cheers, John
2018 May 08
Great Tutorial! I learned some new processing tricks with external hardware that I never thought about before within the first 30 minutes. This video is packed with useful tips and great detail on the why’s as well as the how’s of the mix decisions. Great job on this John!! Please do more videos for Puremix !!
2018 Jan 17
Nice sympathectic mentor. Are the audio files already EQ-ed during (& or compressed) recording ?
2017 Jun 19
Puremix: Nicest pros in audio! Thanks John. Invaluable, as seems to be everything here.
2017 Jun 17
What a great guy! There is a lot to be learned from what he does. But be sure to check out the actual album mix. It sounds way different, and a lot better I should say. It's really interesting how he arrives at a completely different spot. Blame the SSL-compression;-) I do not like it for these track at all. It sounds really old fashioned .... Great video, thanks!
2017 Apr 13
This is a track from around 2006 right?
Richard Boyer
2017 Feb 01
The recording was very loud I had to level down a lot after gain staging it became easier I don't have the same daw but its working fine
2016 Nov 07
Great and useful video! Thank you!
2016 Oct 19
Thank you!!! Exelent!
2016 Aug 11
excellent video tutorial great mix . thanks puremix
2016 Aug 10
Thank you John for your informative lesson. I was particularly fascinated by using the "Boiler"!on the kick & snare to add punch whilst thinning them out to add only the high end ounce ideally reserved for Eq. It is an approach I would have never thought of. I can't wait to try that out on my next mix. While the song it self had its collection of weird elements, you were able to balance them out without allowing one or the other elements to push to the front and over power the mix. I was also intrigued by using a Sansamp in lew of a D.I. Box. I use my IK Multinedia Ampeg SVT modeler. Thanks
2016 Jun 01
@Manley - Yes they are the originally recorded tracks, they've been consolidated so they all start from 0:00
2016 Jun 01
Great tutorial John,could you tell me if the download files for this project are the actual files as recorded?
2016 Apr 24
The subtleties that John uses combined with outboard gear really brought this mix together. Enjoyed it as always, thanks pure mix!
2016 Apr 07
Thank you John! It's always enriching to see genuine talent at work. When things appear so simple and fluid, I call this elegance. Et voilà! More videos please!
2016 Mar 22
Thank you John and thank you Fab, very interesting stuff, I'v enjoyed every minute!
2016 Mar 20
Very different approach to Fab!! John is really comfotable explaining his methodolgy. Video Tutorial of the year for me!!
2016 Mar 12
Man this video es super nice. The tracks only sound good. Great production tracking.
Audio Art
2016 Feb 16
Great video, John is great at explaining the reasons behind what he does. Got really old hearing the same two chords though.
2016 Feb 11
The whole process is hugely informative and entertaining. The idea of taming the "bursting vitality" of the snare through 2-buss compression is also interesting, whilst I would have done parallel compression or transient shaping on snare alone. But the final result justifies every single move. Thank you Fab and John for another great video!
Gary Ambrosino
2016 Feb 05
can anyone explain the difference between the dynamic equalizer john is using here and a multi band compressor like the waves C4 parametric processor. Do they do the same thing or is the C4 a true multi band compressor.
2016 Feb 04
He gives great detail as to why he makes certain decisions. Much appreciated.
2016 Feb 02
WOW!!! What a great couple of videos! I'm hungry for the rest! Thanks PureMix!
2016 Jan 31
Hi Shazamone ! Thank you for the link
2016 Jan 29
Wired ! I just made a pause on watching the video (at the moment about the bass part) to go right away checking another video link i received by mail from a friend. This video is "Tony Visconti breaking down Heroes track by track" !!! Great moment. So after 20min passed on this i came back to Robbie Williams video right on the "bass part" and i thought to myself "ah ha ! Peek-a-boo Robbie Williams !" Cool video anyway. I let you check for yourself :
2016 Jan 29
@Adamsea, This way you get to download the stems and take part to next week's mixing contest. Then everybody gets to watch how John did it.
2016 Jan 28
Love these tricks of the trade. Got to speak to John at NAMM at the Puremix booth... very nice guy with lots of solid advice. Looking forward to more...
2016 Jan 28
Excelent! Thanks John and Fab for this oportunity...
2016 Jan 28
Thanks heaps John , love the way you, Andrew and Fab do things so differently from each other to arrive at your own pro sounding solution. I'm desperate for the rest of this , is it going to happen and when? All the best, Ross
2016 Jan 28
This is the modern day version of being a "fly on the wall" at a professional studio watching an experienced engineer work their magic on a hit song. Thanks to John and Fab!