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A good mix can always benefit from good editing. Editing can help you tighten your multitrack drums, locking your bass, guitars, keys, and vocals in a pocket. JumpStart To Editing makes it easy to understand the basics of editing, no matter what software you are using. Graham shows you some typical editing workflows on a full production so you can see how to get your tracks to sound clean, polished, and in time, every time!

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Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and worship leader based out of Tampa, FL. He is also the founder of The Recording Revolution, one of the world's most loved audio recording and mixing blogs with over 200,000 readers each month.

As a lifelong singer/songwriter and musician his passion for recording and mixing has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where he studied audio production), to multi-million dollar studios, to Fortune 500 software companies, and all the while freelancing for artists and bands around the world.


Recording Revolution

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2016 Jul 14
There's no doubt, to get a tight mix that modern listeners expect your session needs to be edited well. It is tedious and not exactly the most fun part of the game, but it's necessary. Nice tips and easy to watch. Thank you!!
2016 Mar 26
Graham is by far the best instructor on the web. He is concise and down-to-earth on his presentations. I learn more from him than any other instructor. Check out his other stuff and his web site, as it is an encyclopedia of information. Keep up the great work Graham.
Gaetan F.
2015 Nov 29
Great ! As always with Graham !
2015 Oct 18
Pretty good, solid stuff here. Not too techy. I do worry a bit about the tails of the cuts ever giving us trouble but maybe it all works out in the mix. I've recorded maybe a dozen or so bands but never actually did this level of editing at all. I have a new band coming in next month and you can be sure that I'll be figuring out how to do this efficiently in Cubase. I know those tools are there but I've just never used them. Thanks Graham!
2015 Jul 21
I love you, man! I highly appreciate this tutorial. I enjoyed it and I learned quite a lot. I agree that we people in general do tend to not concentrate enough on basics because we want to jump right into the meat of things. Many singers don't warm up their voice before they sing, many drummers don't practice their rudiments when they start out drumming, many people who exercise don't stretch and warm up first...and all those things can lead to disaster. Thanks for teaching me not to make that mistake, Graham.
2015 Apr 18
2015 Jan 28
Amazing the power you get with so simple tools, thank you.
2013 Oct 07
Can we get an HD version of these?