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Equalization is perhaps the most helpful tool for a mixing engineer. If you can get the EQ settings of all your tracks right, your mix will sound more clear, polished and professional. This tutorial, taken from the JumpStart Series made by Graham Cochrane will explain all the features and settings of an audio equalizer.

You will learn what Equalizers do exactly, what each knob and parameters do and how to use it in your own mixes. You will learn different techniques such as carving EQs, EQs for effect and EQs for colors and tone in order to give your tracks the unique sound they need. If you would like to learn about equalizers understand how this tool works, this tutorial is for you.

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Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and worship leader based out of Tampa, FL. He is also the founder of The Recording Revolution, one of the world's most loved audio recording and mixing blogs with over 200,000 readers each month.

As a lifelong singer/songwriter and musician his passion for recording and mixing has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where he studied audio production), to multi-million dollar studios, to Fortune 500 software companies, and all the while freelancing for artists and bands around the world.


Recording Revolution

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2020 Mar 24
Spanish subtitles pls!!
2018 Oct 29
I am a beginner and I really got a lot from this.
2016 Nov 17
If you want to watch this, make sure you're an - absolute beginner - to EQ, otherwise it will be Painfully boring ...and quite a time waster! Nothing against Graham, I think that it's great what he does teaching people on his blog/YT channel, but this video is below the quality of other Puremix videos I've watched so far...
2015 Oct 05
Great video, great teacher and good to be able to get the basics down, really understood this easily and have a better grasp of the basics because of it, thanks so much.
2015 Mar 07
A refresher is refreshing! Thanks. ***** (5 Stars)
2014 Feb 13
Thank you sir! Found out about you on You Tube. Was a little surprised to see you on but then again not surprised at all because you are an excellent teacher. Look forward to more! I have a decent knowledge of the basics but as usual even when listening to the basics I always pick on something else I didn't know. God Bless!
Becky Jo Benson
2013 Nov 15
Hi, Graham! Great to met you on the web through your videos. Fab is a believer in HIGH PASS also, as seen in his videos. That concept has helped me so much in my mixing! You are a wonderful explainer of the details and I really like the way that you dished out the lesson in small enough bites for me to digest. And I like the idea of carving out a portion of the spectrum of sound, to make room so that frequency from a different instrument shines through. Excellent work, Graham! I look forward to learning more from you and I'm so happy that I can see the videos through Pure Mix!
2013 Sep 17
graham is a great teacher. he made a dull, dense, and rather uninteresting, but critical material, palatable to this listener. thanks graham.