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Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and worship leader based out of Tampa, FL. He is also the founder of The Recording Revolution, one of the world's most loved audio recording and mixing blogs with over 200,000 readers each month.

As a lifelong singer/songwriter and musician his passion for recording and mixing has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where he studied audio production), to multi-million dollar studios, to Fortune 500 software companies, and all the while freelancing for artists and bands around the world.


Recording Revolution

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2022 May 15
Sería bueno poderlo ver con subtítulos en español. Gracias¡¡¡¡
2020 Jan 15
Very good explanations. Easy to understand and in cool timing. Is the limiter ceiling always the same for all songs on the album?
2017 Feb 24
good one thanks ,bro
2017 Jan 19
too much talking
2014 Dec 14
what is the name of the track you are using to master please
2014 Feb 17
Very very basic information! Thank you, but I wish it was more tips and tricks. The best Jumpstart video for me was Jumpstart to Mixing (the last part especcially), and to Editing (about editing vocals). Anyway, appreciate your work and sharing!
Denis Boucher
2014 Feb 13
An ingenneer is a guy who's studied 4 years in a row in the field he choose (architecture-structure etc). What is a sound ingeneer in this context?
2014 Jan 06
Is not a problem to use Digirack EQ3? I don't think is a non linear EQ.
2014 Jan 06
HQ video would be better… But good explanation
2013 Dec 30
Very well explained, insightful, and easy to follow tutorial! I did have a question though. Were the reference songs that were being compared in the video, at a lower quality 16 bit mp3? If so, would it really still be fair to compare those, and make adjustments to your 24 bit final mixes based off of those lower quality tracks?
2013 Dec 29
too much talking less doing