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In JumpStart To Mixing, Graham Cochrane covers a typical mix scenario in his home studio, taking you from how to setup the rough static mix, add ambience and effects to create depth, and finally how to mix your transitions so that the song stays exciting and engaging from first beat to final note.

What good are a bunch of mixing tips and tricks if you don’t have a proper mixing workflow? In this tutorial, you will learn the very basics of mixing. It will give you guidance about where to start and how to proceed when you are mixing a new song.

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Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and worship leader based out of Tampa, FL. He is also the founder of The Recording Revolution, one of the world's most loved audio recording and mixing blogs with over 200,000 readers each month.

As a lifelong singer/songwriter and musician his passion for recording and mixing has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where he studied audio production), to multi-million dollar studios, to Fortune 500 software companies, and all the while freelancing for artists and bands around the world.


Recording Revolution

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2020 Jul 31
Didn't Expect to see Graham on PureMix pro courses, probably should have lol. He's a great teacher & resource.
2020 Jul 04
Great video to get started in mixing. Very simple but to the point.
2017 Aug 11
great video
2015 Sep 13
Great simple advice on the basics, that really helps beginners go a long way to getting a good basic mix!
2015 Aug 11
Nicely done! A very sane, logical approach that provides a solid foundation for creative results.
2014 Dec 05
Great video series, excellent suggestions, looking forward to applying some of these ideas to my efforts.
2014 Mar 07
Really enjoyed this video series. Simple, yet very effective. Thanks PureMix and Graham.
2014 Jan 15
That's a great basic video!!! Did a lot of notes, especcially on "Transition and Flow". Great job, Graham! Thank you!