Audio Editing In Logic Pro X

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In part two of our Logic Pro X Quickstart Series, Scott Griffin shows you how to use the powerful audio editing features of Logic Pro X.

Learn How To:

  • Use the primary and secondary tools
  • Save time by using tool shortcuts to avoid the tool menu
  • Quickly add fades and crossfades using fade click zones
  • Edit with speed and precision by using the marquee tool
  • Avoid the toolbar with key commands
  • Understand snap and drag modes to quickly move audio around the timeline
  • Use relative and absolute grid modes
  • Use inspector features like clip grain, loop, fades and reverse

Watch part 3 here

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  • Logic Pro X
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Scott Griffin
Scott Griffin is a producer, songwriter, and composer for artists like Kid Runner, Effee, The Saylor, and Clubhouse. He has also produced custom music for large brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The Columbus Crew Soccer Club, Walmart, Nationwide Insurance and many more.

Kid Runner


The Saylor


Plaid Brixx


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2018 Sep 26
Awesome thx!
2018 Sep 24
Hey MSoundz, thanks for watching the videos! To turn the help tags on, open the Display tab in Preferences and check the box that says "Show Help Tags"
2018 Sep 17
Scott, thanks for this great video! One question: when I hover over the buttons I can't see the key commands in Logic 10.4. But I remember that I did a while ago. How can I turn that function on again? Couldn't find any help on this topic. Thx, Manu