Using Drummer In Logic Pro X

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In part ten of our Logic Pro X Quickstart Series, Scott Griffin shows you how to use the built-in performance creation tool, Drummer.

Learn How To:

  • Navigate the drummer interface
  • Select different styles and genres of performances
  • Select appropriate genre specific drum kits
  • Create realistic drum performances quickly
  • Lock the drummer to your performance
  • Make drummer follow your song’s arrangement
  • Convert drummer regions to MIDI regions for personalized editing

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Equipment & Software


  • Logic Pro X
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Scott Griffin
Scott Griffin is a producer, songwriter, and composer for artists like Kid Runner, Effee, The Saylor, and Clubhouse. He has also produced custom music for large brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The Columbus Crew Soccer Club, Walmart, Nationwide Insurance and many more.

Kid Runner


The Saylor


Plaid Brixx


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2021 Jul 19
Brilliant video. I didn’t realise it was this powerful! Easy to understand tutorial
2019 Jun 18
Is there any way to freeze individual drum tracks in the producer kits?
2018 Nov 24
PS - If you load a Producer Kit, you can then go to the individual mic tracks and use an instance of Slate Trigger to feather in other samples, or replace completely. This is especially handy for taking a part to the next level for final production, if you need to.
2018 Nov 24
Drummer is my secret weapon, no joke. If you know how to really dig in, this tool is very powerful. I've used it on demos before that made it to the final release and received compliments specifically about the quality of the drums. Thanks for putting this video together. You made me aware of a few features I hadn't even thought about yet!