Using Flex Pitch In Logic Pro X

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In part nine of our Logic Pro X Quickstart Series, Scott Griffin shows you how to manipulate the pitch of audio performances using the included Flex Pitch feature. Flex Pitch allows you to perform tasks such as vocal tuning and can also be used to create harmonies and doubles from existing performances. 

Learn How To:

  • Adjust fine pitch, pitch drift in, pitch drift out, vibrato, gain and formant shift
  • Tune vocals
  • Create harmonies
  • Scale quantize
  • Adjust your playhead behavior for quick auditioning

Watch part 10 here

See the rest of the series here


Equipment & Software


  • Logic Pro X
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Scott Griffin
Scott Griffin is a producer, songwriter, and composer for artists like Kid Runner, Effee, The Saylor, and Clubhouse. He has also produced custom music for large brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The Columbus Crew Soccer Club, Walmart, Nationwide Insurance and many more.

Kid Runner


The Saylor


Plaid Brixx


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2020 Aug 28
Those clicks and pops occur may be due to insufficient buffer size. Try increasing the buffer size all the way to 1024 to see if you can prevent. Logic Flex pitch is CPU hungry.
2019 Jul 02
Hey Scott! I've never been able to get through a session of Flex Pitch without an insane amount of artifacts being introduced. How are you preventing those pops and ticks from happening? Great tutorial! Thanks!
2018 Nov 15
Great video! I sometimes get little blips in flex that sound like artifacts even before I've edited anything. Any ideas on what those are and how to fix them?