Using The Mixer In Logic Pro X

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In part two of our Logic Pro X Quickstart Series, Scott Griffin shows you how to navigate and customize the mixer in Logic Pro X.

Learn How To:

  • Use the primary and secondary tools
  • Save time by using tool shortcuts to avoid the tool menu
  • Quickly add fades and crossfades using fade click zones
  • Edit with speed and precision by using the marquee tool
  • Avoid the toolbar with key commands
  • Understand snap and drag modes to quickly move audio around the timeline
  • Use relative and absolute grid modes
  • Use inspector features like clip grain, loop, fades and reverse

Watch part 4 here

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Equipment & Software


  • Logic Pro X
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Scott Griffin
Scott Griffin is a producer, songwriter, and composer for artists like Kid Runner, Effee, The Saylor, and Clubhouse. He has also produced custom music for large brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The Columbus Crew Soccer Club, Walmart, Nationwide Insurance and many more.

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2018 Oct 26
You can swap the stereo image on a mac by command clicking the green stereo pan knob. It turns an orange which indicates the switch. This avoids having to use a gain plugin. There might be another reason you are doing this so please forgive if this is the case. It's late here. ;)