Luca Pretolesi Mixing Template

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Start building your own mixing system based on Luca’s workflow

Learn how multi-platinum mixing/mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi organizes and routes every mix and master that he works on at Studio DMI in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Luca walks you through his hybrid mixing setup, explaining his bussing system and session organization and then shows you how he utilizes analog processing and summing to deliver incredibly consistent and loud mixes and masters for his clients.

Using a variety of gear and a fine tuned mixing system that he’s developed over years of experience is the key to Luca’s signature EDM sound that you can hear on records by Major Lazer, Borgeous, Gareth Emery, Snoop Lion, Steve Aoki and more.

Of course not everyone has access to the same analog gear and summing setup so in this tutorial, Luca teaches you how he adapts his hybrid mixing system to go entirely in the box (ITB) without sacrificing the overall workflow or sound of his mixing process.

The best part is that you also get to download Luca’s mixing templates that have been carefully translated into:

  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One
  • Cubase
  • Ableton Live
  • Fruity Loops

Get organized and learn how to develop your own mixing system to set yourself up for successful mixes every time based on Luca’s unique mixing workflow.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Presonus Studio One
  • UAD SSL Bus Compressor
  • UAD Massg EQ4
  • Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_meter
  • Fab Filter Pro-C2
  • SIR Audio Tools Standard Clip
  • Hornet VU Meter MK3
  • 29 Palms LEVELS
  • BAX EQ


  • Dangerous Convert-8
  • Dangerous Convert-2
  • Dangerous 2 BUS+
  • Dangerous Compressor
  • Dangerous BAX EQ
  • Charter Oak PEQ-1
  • Bettermaker EQ 232P
  • Neotek Serious 1E
  • Maselec STM-822 Summing
  • Maselec MTC-1 Mastering Console
  • Prism LYRA
  • Pendulum PL2 PeakLimiter
  • Rasma Console
  • Lynx Aurora 16
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Luca Pretolesi

Luca Pretolesi is an italian born mixing / mastering engineer who currently lives in Las Vegas where he works at Studio DMI.

Luca specializes in Electronic Dance Music where he strives to bring fresh perspectives and focuses on bringing out the emotions behind unpolished sounds, demos and future hits.

After 20 years of experience in the industry, Luca managed to build a unique hybrid analog / digital mixing setup where we successfully blends the best of both worlds. Plug-ins allows him to work with the precision that EDM and mastering often require and his custom made pieces of hardware and high-end pro equipment help him bring a final analog touch and warmth to his sound.

Luca has worked with the biggest artists of the EDM scene such as Diplo, Major Lazer, MakJ, Lil Jon, Savoy, Gareth Emery, and Snoop Lion and more.

Watch Luca's videos on pureMix and see for yourself how Electronic Dance Music hits are made.


Major Lazer

Steve Aoki


Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike

Snoop Lion


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2021 Dec 19
Ok where is the rest of the course? Stop kidding around now. Its not funny.
2021 Nov 24
Ok this was part 1. How do I go to part 2???
2021 Apr 17
Don't buy. You can learn everything Luca says here buy watching his Youtube videos. Luca is great, but this is an almost empty template.
2019 Oct 28
I downloaded the files but there is no audio or midi or set up. Jut the name of the tracks
2018 Sep 08
It's always a pleasure to listen to Luca Pretolesi! Amazing video! Tnx!!!
2017 Dec 17
Thanks! What does the Audioarts 1202 bring to the drum bus? If you had to approximate it with a plugin, which would you chose?
2017 Sep 16
Dear Luca, a question: how can you use and combine multiple DAs of different brands in Logic? Do you use the aggregate audio interface function of mac? The clock is stable? Thanks for your answer
2017 May 22
2017 May 20
Very cool. But there is no ITB version for Studio One in the folder. Am I missing something.
2017 May 20
Grazie mille Luca! Outstanding video! Pure gold for the hobbyist I am, and thank you Puremix
2017 May 19
Currently, I can't use the Studio One and Ableton Live templates since they are looking for Audio Unit (AU) versions of the plugins. I use VSTs though since I have a Windows 10 PC.
2017 May 19
Short and sweet, packed with information! Luca's mix/master chain blows me away and I'm glad pureMix included the "in the box" version for all of us to try at home on our own. Great work as always PM team!
2017 May 19
2017 May 18
Excellent, more from Pretolesi !!