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As a majority of music released these days has moved from physical formats to streaming, and album cycles have given way to a constant flow of singles, the role of mastering engineers in modern music has also evolved. And of course, the artists, labels and A&R’s #1 concern is always how loud a master is.

But loudness is a moving target!

In this tutorial, multi-platinum mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi details his methods for creating masters that are perfectly suited to work across multiple platforms.

He details the target loudness levels he uses for EDM and pop mixes and masters. He explains all of the different considerations you need to make when delivering masters to all the different streaming services as well as radio and CD.

Hear the difference between a dynamic master and a hyper-loud master that stands out from the rest. Then learn how to prepare alternate masters for social media and streaming platforms.

Equipment & Software
  • Presonus Studio One
  • Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_meter
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Luca Pretolesi

Luca stands out among a sea of electronic engineers with his unique hybrid set-up, mixing old and new technology for an end result like no other. In place of a traditional mixing studio, he has created a mix of equipment including computer plugins, and custom made hardware, EQ’s and compressors, and high-end mastering gear. This combination of analog and digital parts allows him to add his touch to any project of any style as he has the best of both technological worlds at his fingertips.


Major Lazer

Steve Aoki


Dimitry Vegas and Like Mike

Snoop Lion


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2018 Feb 01
Hey Luca Pretolesi! How about a LUFS standard? It's time to upgrade this video and stop forever the loudness war!.
2017 Jul 18
The loudness war :-(
2017 Jul 07
Excellent video tutorial!
2017 Jun 13
Excellent tutorial on volume levels in todays world. In fact, not one has explained this better. I'm sure Fab has...:)
2017 Jun 07
I thought Spotify and Youtube have turned there's way down to -14LUFS. So based on this video you are +7dB too loud are your lowest version.... :(
Vladimir K.
2017 Jun 03
Great! I want more tutorials from Luca. :)
2017 Jun 02
I thought this tutorial was a fantastic view into the world of levels in professional electronic music mastering and it is a perfect demonstration of what the "norm" volume is on modern tracks. Hate on the lack of dynamic range all you want, Luca is producing results that are appealing to pro level artists. Much appreciated pureMix.
2017 May 30
Hey I'm FOH engineer in many clubs here in Europe and never heard about this loudness normalization @ -5dbfs . Which venues use this setup?
2017 May 28
That's insanely loud! Interesting on instagram. Wasn't aware it was that different.
2017 May 28
I just red that Spotify lowered their accepted RMS level to -9db, So why would you make -7db master for Spotify? (they will automatically turn it down anyway)
2017 May 28
Grazie Luca! The clearest and the most enlightening tutorial on master levels I've watched until now. I'm looking forward to seeing more tutorials from you. A la proxima!
2017 May 27
Great and insightful information for the current EDM producer.
2017 May 26
What drugs do you have to be taking to ask for a master with an RMS level at -2/-3 db? While I have endless appreciation the potential creativity of dj's, its really obvious the vast majority are not musical in the slightest and have no clue how to let dynamics be the impact/ lift in music. With those levels, its no longer is music, its a swirling wall of attention seeking shit with a 4 on the floor thump as it's only qualifying factor to be considered "music". It's not music, it loud sounds to do drugs to, balanced to the best of the ability of talented ME's/mixers. Alarming
2017 May 26
I love PureMix