Mastering Stylebook Vol 1

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This is the first volume of Friedemann Tischmeyer's new series of videos.

To further the tradition of his "Internal Mixing" series, Tischmeyer takes his meticulous approach to explaining the art of sound by deconstructing the mastering process of an acoustic pop song by Banda Magda, originally mixed by Fab Dupont.

He describes the chain of processes he uses in minute details and gives tips on how to choose and setup your processing for your own mastering sessions.

This in-the-box journey will give you insights on the mastering frame of mind, and ideas on how to correct, enhance, and get the most out of a mix in order to create a final product.

This is the first installment of a multipart series to be published in the coming months.

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Friedemann Tischmeyer

Friedemann has mastered for artists such as Alan Parsons, Steely Dan, Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden, is inventor of the Dynamic Range Meter and founder of the Mastering Academy.


Alan Parsons

Steely Dan

Johnny Cash

Iron Maiden

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2020 Aug 16
For mastering, it's a great reference! Thanks for all your knowledge
2018 Oct 23
Hey guys you need to understand that these videos are not supposed to teach you everything I don't regard these as full courses so don't blame the teachers for anything. Consider them like a series you're following on Netflix... you can't expect Thomas Shelby to teach you how to become a Mafia Boss on Netflix?? and this is the same thing.
2017 Mar 22
I am a senior, about to graduate with a BM in Commercial Composition/Arranging, in Los Angeles. I know quite a bit...but there is also still MUCH for me to learn. The "Mixing" video Mick Guzauski did of A. Suleiman's song was astoundingly informative (and done in Pro Tools). I don't see much benefit to learning about plugins that do not work on a Mac. (???) This video was very difficult for me to follow. I think you would need to know a LOT about mastering before this video would make any sense to you. I am still trying to figure out the difference between "mixing," and "mastering." ??
2015 Nov 22
wow, Sésame, Ouvre toi !
2015 Jul 11
Very Good! Keep up the good work!
2015 May 22
Excellent as always.
2014 Dec 07
Great video. P.S. Sonnox Limiter AAX PT 11 version now has an option to act as a True Peak Limiter .
2014 Jul 24
Very transparent and fast tutorial. I wonder why I paid 12 USD for this when all these "details" that are already FREE in all YouTube or Dave Pensado's ITLs … ?!? ;(
2014 Jul 04
I think there is plenty of "basics" out there, what I like on Puremix is that it goes onto another level, for more advanced instruction.
2014 Jun 09
2014 Jun 09
Eating for the next tut...
2014 May 29
Hello Puremix , To be honest I was a bit lost until I downloaded the unmastered track and realised that the audio quality of the video was far from the quality Friedemann worked with. Is there an HD version of this video that can be viewed ..? Also can you all have the final master available for download? If it's possible . Best.
2014 May 21
Superb! Learned a lot.
2014 May 20
Nice video, have been mastering for almost 10 years now but always nice to see someone else's workflow. To me it wasn't too fast at all, although this is partly probably down to prior experience.
2014 May 06
big thanks !!! nice tutorial , i'm waiting for the french translation to better understand explanations of mr friedmann
2014 May 04
You can have the translation in Italian too. Thanks
2014 Apr 29
Regarding too fast: The aim of this new series is to provide case studies and NOT to teach mastering from scratch. For basic mastering studies I have produced a 9h audio mastering video or offer the Mastering Academy courses. My desire is to deliver mastering processing samples of different genres with different tools. In the future I am going to vary the used plug-in and gear brands in order to provide a broad case study collection. Have fun watching, Friedemann
2014 Apr 29
Really enjoyed this one! Very straight forward and useful - one my favorites thus far!
2014 Apr 26
Too fast… Probably a more accurate description on why Friedemann choose those settings instead to limit to an A/B comparison could be more useful for the viewers… Don't you?