Mick Guzauski Mixing Ady Suleiman

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Mick mixes "What's The Score" from scratch and shows how he creates a finished mix track by track

Grammy award winner Mick Guzauski teaches you how to create balance and add life to a track using subtle and intentional moves to craft a perfect mix. Learn how to skillfully balance countless tracks and thoughtfully enhance the producer’s vision for Ady Suleiman’s song “What’s The Score”.

This tutorial is for any engineer or producer looking for techniques they can use to create definition and clarity in their mixes.

See how an award winning mix engineer first creates a solid instrumental foundation and then gets the vocals to stand out while still sounding and feeling completely natural in the mix.

In this 2 hour tutorial, Mick shows you how to:

  • Setup and arrange his mixing sessions
  • EQ and compress the drums one by one
  • Layer live drums with sequenced drums so they compliment each other sonically
  • Add more attack and low end to the drums without using compression or EQ
  • Blend together multiple layers of guitars and add stereo width using chorus effects
  • Level management and gain staging to keep your faders in the sweet spot
  • Use small .5dB or 1dB moves to add and subtract just the right amount shape to tracks
  • Create dimension, clarity, and depth to the vocals with Mick’s signature vocal mixing tricks
  • Tweak reverb templates and presets to create a soundstage for elements of the mix to sit in
  • Mix bus EQ and compression to add the last bit of polish and glue to the entire mix
  • Automating levels and adding the finishing touches to the mix

If you want to see how a professional mix engineer crafts a killer pop mix and learn tips and tricks that will inspire you to try something new on your next mix, then you need to watch Mick Guzauski mixing Ady Suleiman.

Please note: This tutorial does not include the multitrack stems as per the artist’s request.

Equipment & Software
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q2
  • Fabfilter Pro-MB
  • Fabfilter Pro-C
  • Fabfilter Pro-L
  • Avid Pro Subharmonic
  • Avid Air Chorus
  • Avid Mod Delay III
  • Sonnox Oxford TranMod
  • Sonnox Oxford EQ and Filters
  • Waves X-Click
  • Waves H-Delay
  • Waves S1 Imager
  • Waves PS22 Spread
  • Waves DeEsser
  • UA EMT 250
  • UA 1176 Rev A
  • UA EMT 140
  • UA Manley Massive Passive
  • UA SSL G Bus Compressor
  • Sound Toys Micro Shift
  • Exponential Audio Phoenix Verb
  • Audio Ease Altiverb XL
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Mick Guzauski

Mick Guzauski has won 9 Grammy Awards and mixed over 27 #1 hits. Mick is considered one of the top mix sound engineer and mixer in the world.

Mick's love for both music and technology started when he was in high school. Growing up in Rochester, NY where there were no nearby commercial studios so Mick put together his own studio in parents' basement with equipment that he had begged, borrowed, built, repaired and modified.

In the early '80s, Mick worked with Maurice White and Earth, Wind and Fire at the Complex owned by George Massenburg (the father of parametric EQs in case you did not know...). "Being around George was a great learning experience in both the art of recording and in audio technology," said Mick.

Then in 2013, Daft Punk was looking for an engineer/mixer to team up with on their fourth studio album and at the recommendation of mutual friend Mick got the call. Unlike most dance albums, the sound of Random Access Memories is completely organic and incredibly dynamic (and fat!)

Mick is actually well-known for his natural and organic sound. Have a look at his pureMix videos and pay attention to his subtle eq and compression move. Whatever he does, it always sounds unprocessed, real and sweet to the ear.


Daft Punk


Michael Jackson

Earth Wind & Fire

Natalie Cole

Kenny G

Featured Artists and Musics

Ady Suleiman is an English R&B singer who is known for songs like "What's the Score" and "State of Mind." His music is a raw and honest mixture of genres influenced by blues, jazz, soul, RnB, reggae, and hip-hop.

  • What's The Score

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2021 Jun 26
Listened to the commercial release, and it's not the same mix. What happened there?
Chapo González
2020 Aug 29
Oscar Gasch
2020 Jun 17
Amazing mixer, To be able to mix like this you need to recieve good tracks like this...almost no EQ or COMP...No need at all with this tracks...
2020 May 03
KING !!!!
2019 Oct 19
Excelente, se aprende mucho de Mick... Gracias.
Douglas Shibata
2019 Jul 25
2018 Dec 03
am sound engineer from EGYPT your work very great perfect am still take experience from you thanks very much
2018 May 04
Great Video Tutorial!
2018 Apr 21
No session files?
2017 May 29
Enjoyed this tutorial, and the opportunity to learn from Mick. I would have liked to see how he mixed the version for the client. Summing Mixer/Box, 2 Bus Hardware Used, etc...
2017 Apr 20
Remarkable Tutorial :) Only component missed during this amazing walk through was the settings used for the Background vocal reverb (Exponential Audio phoenix reverb). The Reverb was added simply added for the background vocals but without explanation of plug-in settings used.
2017 Mar 12
Fantastic! Learned a lot, about everything, including how to better organize my own Pro Tools sessions for mixing, which was very exciting. Can't thank you enough.
Thiago Franco
2017 Mar 08
I can't express how much I admire you work Mr. Guzauski! It would be like a dream to me if you could share with us the mixing process of the song "Fragments of Time" from the album "Random Access Memories" by Daft Punk. I love absolutely everything about this song and I would love to see a tutorial based on it, if it's possible, of course. Sorry about my poor English, it's a work in progress... Thanks again teacher!!!
2017 Mar 06
We can't see that in the video so i would like to know if Mr. Guzauski use spectrum analyzer when he mixing the low end.
2017 Mar 04
Nice video, nice techniques, nice passion for music communicated, enlighting ideas. Thanks for sharing. I noticed some changes with the final tutorial mix print and the real actual commercial mix and mastered version but I guess it's asbolutely normal since you can never do EXACTLY the same thing.
2017 Mar 02
Yes, what a beautiful production! And great mixing. "It's all about the balance" - must be the slogan of this video.
2017 Mar 02
Can you add cutted video with all automation process?
2017 Feb 27
So simple, so nice. Thank you guys.
TC Hotrod
2017 Feb 26
Another kind of music adressed in this video and other ways to process. Always a lot to learn, as usual. Great ! But yes, it's a real shame we can't download tracks for practice. It's already frustrating when songs are truncated, you know but it's worse when we got nothing to play with. Please keep in mind, one of the best features in Puremix is the high quality song tracks we can download and continue our experimentation by ourselves after watching videos.
2017 Feb 25
Where are the tracks for download?? Cannot see them.
2017 Feb 24
I could listen to this man talk and watch him work all day. Such an incredible talent and a personality that really makes learning from him an unforgettable joy. Easily one of the best tutorials on the site!! Thanks Mr G , thank you so very much for taking the time to make such an excellent and inspiring tutorial. Bloody awful shame about no exercise content to follow along with.
2017 Feb 24
Good class Teacher!!!!
2017 Feb 24
Hilarious ending! Love his energy. I like this tutorial better than the Pharrell one. Happy to see him using Fabfilter plugins. Thanks so much for sharing!
2017 Feb 23
Nice, I really dig his sound! Please don't always fast forward the automation as this is where a lot of magic happens and I would really love to hear about the thoughts behind each move. Especially from a guy like Guzauski! If I'd get bored I could always fast forward by myself. Or maybe do a whole dedicated Vid about automation...? :)
2017 Feb 23
I'm pronouncing it re-VERB from now on - great video!
2017 Feb 23
This is good. Incredible mix.