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Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mick Guzauski is trusted by the world’s top-level talent to consistently deliver the exciting and creative mixes that he has become famous for.

The challenge that comes with being one of the most in-demand mixing engineers in the industry, is that you have to develop a system that allows you to work quickly and efficiently, while still making every mix as incredible as the last. To rise to the occasion, you have to get the technology out of the way so that you can get right to work and stay creative.

In this exclusive, Mick Guzauski walks you through the exact template he uses on every mix to quickly sort tracks, add effects, navigate his Avid S6 console, and create all of the stems the artist may need in the future, in just one pass.

Once you have seen how Mick does it, you can download his personal template perfectly translated for the following DAWs:

  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One
  • Cubase
Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • Avid S6 Console
  • Avid Non-Linear Reverb
  • FabFilter Pro-L
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Mick Guzauski

Mick Guzauski has won 9 Grammy Awards and mixed over 27 #1 hits. Mick is considered one of the top mix sound engineer and mixer in the world.

Mick's love for both music and technology started when he was in high school. Growing up in Rochester, NY where there were no nearby commercial studios so Mick put together his own studio in parents' basement with equipment that he had begged, borrowed, built, repaired and modified.

In the early '80s, Mick worked with Maurice White and Earth, Wind and Fire at the Complex owned by George Massenburg (the father of parametric EQs in case you did not know...). "Being around George was a great learning experience in both the art of recording and in audio technology," said Mick.

Then in 2013, Daft Punk was looking for an engineer/mixer to team up with on their fourth studio album and at the recommendation of mutual friend Mick got the call. Unlike most dance albums, the sound of Random Access Memories is completely organic and incredibly dynamic (and fat!)

Mick is actually well-known for his natural and organic sound. Have a look at his pureMix videos and pay attention to his subtle eq and compression move. Whatever he does, it always sounds unprocessed, real and sweet to the ear.


Daft Punk


Michael Jackson

Earth Wind & Fire

Natalie Cole

Kenny G

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2022 Mar 26
This is not a template, this is just session organisation.
2021 Mar 23
Loved the video but I was left wondering how to deal with replicating any compression made on the mix bus to the individual stem tracks. Mick mentions in passing that these have to be added individually to each stem but how does he do it? It seems to me that if he does any compression on the mix bus the sum of stems can't ever be exactly the same as the mix bus itself. Any ideas on this?
2021 Mar 20
Not really a template. LOL
Pisko Music
2021 Feb 19
Thank u Mick! It would b amazing if u can make a tutorial mixing only with plugins please!
2020 Feb 12
Thanks Mick!
2020 Jan 04
Mick is a Genius! His work speaks for itself! I am inspired!
2019 Dec 03
Thank you. Much appreciated.
2019 Jul 06
This is great! Between A. Scheps and M. Guzauski, I have made SO many improvements to my own template. I have also really improved my speed by using many of these techniques !!! Being able to kick out all of the stems in one pass is an amazing time saver!!!!
2019 Jun 04
I love him! his voice like iron man
2019 Jun 03
I tried using the template but I am unable to solo individual instruments while mixing. When I click a Solo button, I'm still listening to the entire mix. Does anyone know why? There's some very complicated routing going on here, I can't quite wrap my head around it.
2019 Jan 28
Hello, I study with PureMix avery day. Thank you. I'm improving my skills. Thank You
2018 Jul 04
Super useful to be able to print stems at once! Working on a film track with a bunch of incidental music and it is saving me hours and hours of time. BANANAS
2018 May 24
That's cool.
2018 May 05
If you don't have the possibilities to work in a studio, closer with an experienced engineer...Well, we got ;) Thanks a lot guys! these videos are extremely well done !!
2018 May 04
Thanks Mick! The VCA spill grouping is clever. Would love to see a follow up with some of your plugin and outboard choices.
2018 May 03
Mick is such a likable articulate easy to understand incredible talent, wish he would do lots more!;-)