Preparing Background Vocals for Mixing

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Background vocals are fun, but they can be frustrating at times: so many tracks, so little time.

Before actually mixing them, part of the professional sound you've heard in countless records is achieved by having a solid method in preparing them.

Your workflow and approach will be key to being able to shape them the best way for your tracks.

In this video, Fab unveils his method to keep things under control when your song is empowered by some beautiful (and no longer dangerous) background vocals.

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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

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2016 Dec 12
2016 Jul 09
Shazam! Lovely video :) wondering about those stereo track bvs (gringos) and if there's a video about that recording set up? Merci! Ben
2016 May 29
Great organization video! Love it when you get a session with more than 100 tracks. Instead of kicking and screaming, keep cool and organize:) Thanks for the tips!
Gary Ambrosino
2015 Dec 04
Ben, after looking at the menus I still can't find this command. HD only ? I'm using non-HD version of PT. tnx.
Gary Ambrosino
2015 Dec 01
Ben, thank you !!
2015 Nov 28
@Gary - At the bottom of the "assign track output" menu there's an option to create a "new track" that makes the aux, maps the input/output and names it all in one step, no secret commands necessary.
Gary Ambrosino
2015 Nov 26
Fab, one small spot you take a set of tracks, create an aux, map the tracks to the bus, looks like all in one step. Could you please tell about the command sequence that does this (versus create the aux, choose a bus, name it, map the tracks to the bus, etc.)? tnx.
2015 Nov 17
Please in Spanish or Portuguese! =)
2015 Oct 13
Please in Spanish or Portuguese! =)
2015 Oct 02
Please en français aussi! :)
2015 Sep 30
This was really great. Lots of very sensible, useful tips and strategies. I would love to actually see how the vocal bus was doubled for parallel compression, including input and output designations. That part actually raised more questions than it answered. :) Since I use Logic 9, I can't simply duplicate an Aux - but I could, for example, use AUX 8 and AUX 9, and "mult" Bus 5 to feed both. Thanks again — much appreciated!
2015 Sep 29
Sooo many great tips here! Thanks.