Recording a Bass Drum with 1 Microphone

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Fab explores the best positions used to record a bass drum and compares the different sounds of the most popular microphones for that purpose.

-Overview of all positions with an AKG D112
-Best positions for Shure B52
-Best positions for Audix D6
-Best positions for Electrovoice RE20
-Best positions for Senheiser MD421
-Best positions for Beyer M88
-Best positions for Neumann 47FET
-Guided comparisons between the different sounds, mics and positions

The attached zip file contains the audio examples of every single microphone in every single position, in solo and in context with the snare and the overheads. Please download the files and use it to form your taste, experiment and help you choose which microphone you will be using next time.

Exercise files
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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

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2020 Jul 09
I got a D6 in my mic arsenal, but no I need a classic AKG 112 too. I loved the sound. The FET 47 outside blew me away. Just too expensive....
Ryan Lux
2017 Oct 04
Great video. Just for a dissenting opinion, I love the D6! D6 combined with another mic is great.
2014 Aug 25
Great Video- very helpful to start to develop a sense of difference in bass drum sounds.
2014 Jun 24
Thanks for this video!
Joseph Piccione
2013 Apr 28
"Fab"ulous to say the least. Thanks for the great video lesson. Joseph Piccione
2012 May 29
Thank You Fab for that; "viewing time limit for videos has been extended to 100 years". Your tutorials are the best in the business. And your sense of humour is great. A love that. Keep going. Now I am a better engineer. ---- Is it possible to make a tutorial for mastering.(the black art) I saw so many video,but they just touch the surface. Thank You in advance. Best Regadrds
2012 Jan 20
This the hell of a library! I ll be much more careful when choosing kick drum mics in the future. (certainly not the D6 lol!)
2011 Apr 14
Fantastic demonstration and very informative. This video gave me a whole new perspective on selecting the right mic for a kick drum. Downloading the sound files for reference will save you hours of guess work and help you acheive that sound you are looking for. Great Job !!! Priceless! TJ Walstrom Owner/Engineer @ Megastation Studio